Guide to Innovative and Modern Wellness Programs and Therapies in Wellness Resorts, Wellness Hotels, and Wellness Spas by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Innovative Wellness Programs in Wellness Resorts

Wellness is the real wealth allowing us to live a healthy life in all aspects. Mental and spiritual health added to physical health makes us stronger, increasing the ability to fight off deadly viral infections. To cater to the demand from customers for wellness, wellness resorts worldwide, we have made a concerted effort to create innovative wellness resort programs.

These programs, designed with the help of physicians,Wellness Resort Consultants, alternative medicine healers, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, and life coaches, promise to improve quality of life. You learn to adopt with the holistic approach to wellbeing that is sustainable all throughout your life.

In this guide, you will learn about:

Guide to Innovative Wellness Programs in Wellness Resorts, Wellness Hotels, and Wellness Spas by Dr Prem Jagyasi – Innovative Therapies, Trends, and Updates

How would innovative wellness resort programs boost wellness resort business

fitness center in a resortInnovative treatments in wellness resorts are generating a great deal of interest in travellers who want to experience more than just spa facilities, and thus boosting wellness resort business. People are aware of integrative medicine available to them nationally and internationally. Wellness spas, fitness centers, spiritual destinations and now the trend of wellness which explores all three realms of a person’s health are being sought after.

The pandemic brought home the fact that being physically fit is not enough. Having overall health was the main factor in helping people overcome and cope with the stress which doubled as a result of the pandemic.

Dealing with grief (as there was hardly anyone who did not have a close friend or family member affected by Covid-19), maintaining relationships with family and children while being cooped up together, managing long distance relationships with parents and children who were away – all these have taken a toll on individuals. They are now looking for respite throughinnovative wellness ideas, accepting the fact that they will have to live with the virus forever. So, challenges to remain fit and well will be there all throughout.

As many wellness resorts are opening again after a long hiatus, they have come up with some incredible new innovations in their wellness programs to deal with the new challenge to wellness. Travelers are looking for holistic innovative wellness resort programs (Ayurvedic, Chinese and integrative medicines) to restore the energy-flow in the body, in wellness retreat in India as well as wellness retreat in world.

The growing need for innovative, integrated wellness programs

woman getting Ayurvedic spa treatment

Wellness tourists seek wellness destinations to enhance their sense of well-being with the various specialized treatments. The treatments such as Ayurvedic spa treatments, available in wellness retreat in India as well as in wellness retreat in world,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, yoga, meditation, cryotherapy are quite popular. However, there is now a new demand for integrated wellness that includes medical wellness, and these form the basis for innovative wellness ideas.

Personalized programs are suggested after the physicians and health practitioners in the resort take a look at the diagnostic results. Many wellness resorts have created unique integrated medicine wellness programs that can address Long Covid, Covid recovery, immunity boosting, PTSD, PCOD, weight loss/weight gain,aging, mental wellbeing, and more which you will find in this Wellness Therapy Guide.

The ongoing health scare has led to wellness tourists searching for alternative treatments in wellness resorts that can address physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, social, cultural, environmental imbalance in their lives. Coping with isolation is as important as learning how to self-manage diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, chronic skin conditions, etc.

Homeostasis is now about more than just biological homeostasis – it is about achieving a steady balance in an individual’s entire persona.

So, wellness programs which incorporate integrated medicine and alternative medicine therapies would help wellness seekers to rejuvenate in a much deeper, effective way.

This trend has been noted by wellness resorts and they have come up with some truly innovative programs. We have compiled a list of 100 wellness programs that might resonate with you, and which you could look for in your next sojourn for wellness.

Innovative wellness resort programs around the globe

1. Biohacking

biohacking is evolving fast

Biohacking, as explained by Wellness Tourism advisors and experts, is to make incremental changes to one’s lifestyle in order to enhance the performance of the body and mind. It is the art and science of changing the environment within your body and outside.

Practitioners of this new trend of wellness indulge in  Bulletproof coffee, intermittent fasting, Paleo diets; basically tweaking the diet and other life practices to conform to an individual’s biology, such as staying away from sugar added foods and adding nootropics or nutraceuticals such as L-Thiamine (stress reducing), Phenylethylamine (happiness boosting), ginkgo biloba, uber honey etc.

Deep sleep, sunlight, feeling the natural environment around, mind taming with meditation, cryotherapy and listening to binaural beats are part of biohacking, recognized as one of the highly-demandedinnovative wellness resort programs. Transhumanism i.e. enhancing body functions by inserting bionics and chips are part of biohacking too. Many of these programs are offered by resorts which can be found in Wellness Resort Guides.

2. Intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is a term used to denote fasting and non-fasting. It is one of the most popular wellness programs right now, as it is thought that it can be used to manage diabetes, obesity, hypertension and inflammation. It is getting included as alternative treatments in wellness resorts.

The 5:2 method, 16/8, Alternate Day Fasting, Warrior diet, Spontaneous meal skipping, Eat Stop Eat are some of the methods of intermittent fasting. All of these fasting methods stress that the outcomes are noticeable only when healthy food is eaten during the eating window. After fasting, if one eats unhealthy fats, sugary beverages full of empty calories and greasy foods, then intermittent fasting will not be effective.

3. Positive stress Cryotherapy, and Cryotherapy facial gaining popularity in wellness resort business


Cryotherapy is a deep-freeze extreme therapy where one has to stand in a freezing temperature of 130C or 266F for about three minutes. Protective clothing is worn to prevent frostbite, and the customer is monitored carefully throughout the process.

After the Big Chill treatment, there is a high energy boost in the body, as every cell in the body comes alive, and feel-good hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline and endorphins are released. It is one of the innovative wellness resort programs that jolts you out of your humdrum existence in an instant!

It is especially beneficial for positive stress or rather de-stressing, burnouts, sleeplessness, depression, and anxiety. It is one of the best facials that one could ask for, as it cures all warts and skin tags and reduces signs of aging.

4. Brain Hacking therapy

young woman spending time in natureBrain hacking is one of the innovative wellness ideas that is catching on fast. It is a groundbreaking therapy which uses technology to enhance mental wellbeing, improve the cognitive functions as well as processes of the brain. Some brain hacking approaches are metacognitive therapy, memory training, attention training and meditation.

Curated programs on Nutrition, spending time in nature, and physical fitness go hand in hand to make brain hacking a holistic therapy for the mind, body and spirit. Integrated wellness resorts are offering brain hacking to customers who want to keep their brain functioning at optimum levels, so that they might be highly creative and productive.

5. Personalised regenerative music

Tuning fork in sound therapyMusic heals in a multitude of ways. It heals the spirit, calms the mind and slows down the heartbeats. Personalized music therapy is one of the innovative wellness resort programs that includes one-one sessions with trained practitioners. A session involves lying down or sitting while letting the music penetrate deeply into the body. It is not always the favorite playlist or notes that you prefer to hear but guided regenerative music based on your specific needs and issues.

Vibrations are applied close to the body, using special tools such as tuning forks. Guests might have to participate in the therapy by singing or moving along with the music, or being still. This therapy has been successful in reduction of anxiety, pain, enhancing personal growth, and to bring about transformation.

Personalized regenerative music therapy has been successfully used for rehabilitation of addicts as well, and a savvy wellness hotel consultant will advise his or her clients to incorporate this therapy in wellness hotels.

6. Biomedicine

Practitioner using naturopathy with dietary supplements to boost health

Biomedicine is a comparatively new wellness therapy, and is a part of  innovative treatments in wellness resorts. Practitioners use naturopathy with dietary supplements to boost health. Biomedicine tries to look at diseases from different aspects, not just physical causes. Biomedicine tries to find the root cause and heal people from within. The lifestyle and environment of an individual is taken into account while planning individual biomedicine wellness treatments.

7. LED face masks

Led light treatment

Led light treatment was first used by NASA and then adopted by skincare clinics and wellness resorts. Now, this therapy is preferred for its ability to heal wounds, tame inflammation and other skin problems. Acne is treated using blue light frequencies, red light frequencies are used for anti-aging and forms the base for many programs in wellness resorts.

LED face masks are effective and safe for all types of complexions. It increases the production of collagen (thus maintaining skin elasticity) and acne management. Green light treatment is used for hyperpigmentation and melasma.

8. Microbiome programming


Microbiome programming therapy is offered in some of the world’s renowned wellness destinations and resorts. This program explores the genetic code of the microbiome of the guests. This profiling helps in the detection, prevention and treatment of infections.

Analysis of the microbiome has led to the cure of antibiotic resistant intestinal infections in some people. Microbiome health is connected to oral, gut and brain health. Wellness seekers can visit resorts that offer a host of diagnostic tests from immune profiling to microbial imbalance testing and take advantage of personalized wellness plans. Wellness tourism experts advising wellness resort planning are stressing on the inclusion of this therapy in their establishments.

9. Multi-sensory experiences

Thyme Herb Aromatherapy treatmentWellness resorts offer multi-sensory experiences as a mode of relaxation and connection to oneself and nature. The guests are in control of the experience designed for them, as they can initiate and control the experience to their liking. Innovative treatments involving tailor made multi-sensory experiences in wellness resorts such as this one are attracting wellness seekers on the lookout for new experiences.

Special visual and sound effects, vibrations, haptic experience, soothing aromas and music come together to create an unforgettable experience. These experiences are profoundly helpful in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression and are also used for learning, mind-body stimulation, and relaxation. The element of fun makes this wellness treatment involving the five senses leads to the development of stability, togetherness and stability.

10. Mindful Napping

Mindful Napping

Lack of sleep is the reason behind many physiological imbalances. The art of mindful napping as taught in wellness resorts teaches guests to take proper rest during the day. Guests can nap and unwind in a peaceful environment created for them.

Mindful napping reduces the heart-rate and mindfully breathing slowly lessens anxiety. The brain is quietened, no distractions are allowed during the sleep-focused session. Weight blankets might be used as an aid to napping. Mindful napping is also induced via guided meditation, and is one of the innovative treatments in wellness resorts that is popular for its stress-reducing effects.

Guests might join sleep retreats to experience mindful napping, as it enhances thought, feeling, connection, function, growth and resilience. Wellness Resort Planning should include this therapy, as it is the need of the hour for stressed out people.

11. Healthy Aging with Oxygen

Mother and son holding hands during hyperbaric oxygen therapy at clinic.

Aging is a process which cannot be stopped but can be delayed. Healthy aging programs in wellness resorts include oxygen therapy. Oxygen concentration increase in the cells causes rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin, blood circulation improves and immunity is boosted.

Thisis a healthy aging medical procedure wherein oxygen is introduced in minute doses into the veins. This extra dose of oxygen helps in formation of anti-inflammatory and vasodilating substances. Excess fluids and edema are flushed out and the body is detoxified.

The process takes place after comprehensive body examination, discussion, and measurement of oxygen levels in the body. The oxygen treatment is complemented with exercise, nutrition and meditation programs. Wellness Resort Planning should include healthy aging programs as people are always looking for ways to remain active and healthy as they age.

12. Circadian diet program

Woman using her phone under blanket in bed at nightThe circadian diet program is based on the circadian rhythm of the body. The circadian rhythms control the internal body clock. Wellness destinations are focusing on the circadian diet, and  innovative programs in wellness tourism focus on the body clock of people which has altered due to spending most of the time indoors, especially during the pandemic.

Blue light from phones, excessive use of devices for meetings and binging, light pollution etc has wreaked havoc on circadian rhythm. The circadian diet restores the circadian rhythm by well-timed eating schedules.

It entails eating in the daylight hours within a 12-hour window, starting with heavy meals and ending with lighter meals. Benefits are improved gut function, weight loss, better sleep, improved alertness, cell repair, oxidative stress reduction, inflammation reduction, anti-aging and protection from diseases. A wellness tourism expert will guide clients to visit resorts which offer wellness programs such as this one.

13. Self-guided wellness

immunity-based nutrition

Better than being treated is learning how to treat oneself. Some wellness resorts are providing guidance for physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and environmental wellness.

The guests can carve their wellness paths by learning how to relax, rejuvenate and rebalance themselves. How to attain mindfulness in performing day to day activities, attention to immunity-based nutrition, best way to be physically active, attain deep sleep, and cope with the stress of modern life is taught in self-guided wellness programs.

Reconnecting with nature in a meaningful way and incorporating gratitude in everyday life are other teachings imparted in programs in wellness resorts.

14. Psychedelic wellness

Writing a personal diaryPsychedelic wellness involves the use of plants and chemicals to achieve healing. This wellness therapy is part of a group of alternative treatments in wellness resorts that is always performed under expert supervision in different wellness resorts around the world. The conditions or the setting matters as to the kind of experience or outcome of the treatment.

Psychedelics are accompanied by ceremonies that aid in healing. Somatic healing, yoga, breathwork, creative expression, journaling, nature immersion, and group events are integrated with psychedelic wellness.

15. Mood-boosting Light Therapy

Mood-boosting Light Therapy

There is a remedy for feeling unhappy – mood-boosting light therapy. It is very effective in treating SAD or seasonal affective disorder which usually occurs at the onset of winter or winter. It works in boosting the happiness levels of pregnant and lactating women too, as they cannot have anti-depression medicines.

Light therapy boxes give off a bright light that mimics daylight. It eases SAD, sleep disorders, Jet lag, dementia and adjusting to working at night. It is an effective and safe treatment for those who want to avoid antidepressant medication. Light programs in wellness resortsrelieve common lifestyle problems.

A wellness tourism guide can guide wellness travelers to resorts which offer this therapy, to experience positive mood boosting experiences.

16. Sensory healing

woman in whirlpool spa

Sensory healing wellness therapy uses the five senses to revive the vitality of the body. Sensory impressions are used to alter thoughts and emotions. The energy of a person is uplifted and sounds, sights, feelings, smells and tastes are used to heal the body. Innovative programs in wellness tourism have been created to address emotional and mental healing.

Under the guidance of a counselor, and beautiful surroundings to address all the sense organs such as whirlpool spa, library, cafe, meditation area, sound area, guests can choose the type of sensory experience they need. Mostly, sensory healing therapy balances the emotional wellbeing of a person.

17. Happiness wellness programs – Joy for the sake of joy

A low angle view of a young woman hanging from monkey bars on a playground and smiling at the camera

Happiness is no longer a concept which is just perceptual – it has a deeper impact on a person’s wellbeing. One of the latest wellness innovative programs in wellness tourism trends is to provide Happiness experiences, focusing on contemplation, nature, community and happiness.

‘Joy for the sake of joy’ wellness programs are on the rise. Menus that are laden with serotonin boosting food and nutrition oriented to the well-being of the gut are offered.

Happiness fitness that is fun and simple is being offered in many resorts. Childlike play, trampoline fitness classes, and exercises that remind one of the school recess times (playing dodgeball, climbing the monkey bars), laughter yoga, simply walking in nature create a feeling of happiness that leads to wellbeing.

Feeling happy and lighthearted is the reason why many people seek out wellness hotels and wellness resorts. A wellness tourism facilitator can find out the resorts where these experiences are offered to better guide his/her clients.

18. Color healing

charging of chakras

Color healing makes the use of colored light to heal physical, mental as well as spiritual energy levels of the body. Color healing heals both physical as well as etheric bodies. Imbalance in the energy level of the body causes diseases. It is one of the simplest methods to cure illnesses.

Recipients of color healing do not have to apply anything on the body or consume anything. All they have to do is sit or lie under the colored light. The theory of color therapy is that the color photons with their specific wavelength enter the body and the cells of the body respond to them positively.

Each color (either red, green, orange, indigo, teal, yellow, and blue) charges the chakras which manifests as energy, happiness, creativity, motivation and relaxation.

19. Crystal Healing

Crystal healing

Crystals can restore the imbalance of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of your body. They have been used for healing for centuries, and now alternative treatments in wellness resorts have designed therapies based on crystals.

Crystals such as jade rollers and rose quartz are used in facials and massages, elevating the simple facial to a new, value-added experience. Crystals are placed on particular points on the body for impact, or sometimes underneath the massage table. Selenite which cleanses and clears, is kept to refresh the treatment room.

Amethyst, rose, clear quartz and aventurine are used in tandem with Tibetan singing bowls to clear the ‘chakra-center’. Some resorts integrate Crystal Healing with massage therapy to reduce stress and boost immunity. 

20. Body combing

Body Combing with jade combs

Originating from Gua Sha practised by the Chinese since ancient times, body combing is a trending, sought after therapy in wellness resorts.

Body combing uses crystal combs as massage tools to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation (by moving the ‘qi’ or energy) and tackle other issues. This alternative crystal therapy uses big combs made of jade and rose quartz to nourish and comfort the body, while simultaneously aiding in toxin removal and energy boost.

The therapist starts by applying mild pressure slowly increasing the intensity to tolerable levels. Arms, legs, neck, abdomen, buttocks and the back regions are massaged with the combs. Body combs can de-puff, smooth the fine lines of the face, and keep cellulite appearance under control.

21. Ear seeding for anxiety relief


Ear seeding is an inherent part of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, just as acupressure and acupuncture. Ear seeding has been practised in China wherein specific pressure is applied to ear points.

The seeds are made out of metal and Vaccaria seeds and sometimes swarovski crystals are added for the glam factor. The stickers on the seeds enable them to be attached to the ear, providing a gentle, continuous pressure to relieve anxiety.

The wellness resorts determine guests’ health objectives and place the seeds strategically for the best benefit, such as reducing anxiety, treating insomnia and headaches.

22. Immunity-boosting retreats

nutritionist and female patient on consultation

Immunity-boosting retreats are in demand right now as people focus on their body’s ability to protect itself from viruses and bacteria. The wellness sector has developed many immunity-based programs that include immunity-boosting nutrition, personalized diet plans, mindful eating and detoxification depending on the metabolism and goals of the guest.

Resistance building physical exercises which stimulate different glands that produce immunity-boosting hormones are offered. Destination resorts tap into the natural resources of the region to provide treatments such as thermal spas, salt caves, exotic herbs and more to boost immunity. Yoga, pranayama, pranic healing, and Reiki are also used to create wellbeing, which in turn leads to de-stressing and thus building a strong body and mind. 

23. Flexications

Yesterday's vacations are today's workcations

A result of the pandemic has been the WFH culture. People are working from remote locations and these could be anywhere. This has led to the growth of flexications as people want to work, relax and enjoy the beauty of wellness destinations.

People are travelling out to domestic and international resorts alone or with their families to make the most of the WFH opportunity. Resorts therefore are ensuring that there is free Wi-Fi (the first requirement) connection to entice tourists. There are extended stays available for lower prices, fitness centers, wellness therapies to de-stress the mind after a long day of work, proper nutrition, beauty therapies, natural therapies, alternative medicine et al.

24. Spiritual Healing

energy healing treatment

Spiritual healing is a form of wellness that opens up the heart. Seekers want to self-reflect, contemplate and enrich themselves. Wellness resorts facilitate this by providing a serene environment and imparting guided meditation techniques, crystal healing, energy healing, tarot readings, astrology, breath-work and yoga. Many wellness resort guides are recommending spiritual healing to include in wellness resort programs.

In times of stress and crisis, human minds tend to bend towards spiritualism for peace and calm.

Creating harmony between the mind-body-spirit is the aim of spiritual healing retreats. College students, executives, retired people – everyone seems to be eager to explore their spiritual side, find inner peace and learn how to ‘live and let live’.

25. Building human connections (Satsang)

Men chanting at Ganga Aarti

Human beings need to have meaningful connections with other people to fulfil their social wellness needs.  Loneliness causes pain, depression and fatigue, according to many studies. Wellness resorts have created special programs oriented around socializing and building human connections.

Staying away from social media, group meditation and therapy, singing, chanting and dancing – known as Satsang enhances positive thoughts and creates the feeling of belonging to a community.

26. Meditation in motion

Handsome man exercising Tai Chi

Meditation in motion is about spontaneous movement while meditating. It increases life-force energy for the purpose of healing, longevity and vitality. Mediation in motion can transform anxiety, disease and stress into inner peace, self-confidence and holistic health.

There are different types of this wellness therapy such as Qigong, Kripalu yoga, as well as the practice of meditation while just simply walking. The free movement of the body without resistance, breath co-ordination and contemplation creates a sense of freedom and relaxation.

27. Innovative science-based relaxation therapies

vibrations caused by tuning forks

The definition of wellness has changed after the pandemic struck. Now, it is more about mental health, building up immunity, attaining inner peace, learning coping strategies, economic wellness and social wellness.

Relaxation therapies are veering toward touchless therapies that conform to the social distancing norms of covid. These therapies came into being before Covid, but now have gone mainstream.

Aquatic therapy, vibration therapy, hydrotherapy tables, infrared mineral light therapy, skin scanners, low-level cold lasers, hydrokinetic showers, hydromassage etc which require minimum contact are some innovative relaxation techniques that are extended to guests in resorts these days. And these are facilitating wellness resort and wellness hotel business.

28. Brain Fitness retreats/resorts

Brain Fitness retreats

The common perception is that we have to live and work using the brain we are born with, and be resigned to any brain health issues that might occur. Research has debunked that theory as it has been seen that it is possible to avoid brain changes and alter up to 70% of the genetic susceptibility to brain health conditions such as Alzheimers, by changing the non-genetic factors. A wellness resort guide or wellness tourism advisor abreast of emerging wellness needs will recommend wellness resorts and wellness hotels to include brain fitness retreats.

Brain fitness retreats/resorts provide cognitive testing, neurofeedback sessions, explanation of concepts such as neuroplasticity (challenging the brain so that the brain can adapt and change), wakeful meditation, brainwave modulation via AV entrainment, yoga, pranayama, nutrition and spending time in nature. This results in guests learning valuable techniques they can practice at home for continued brain fitness.

29. Sleep massages


woman receiving Sleep massage

Wellness resorts in the world cannot leave sleep programs from their menus. Sleep massages are a dream come true for people whose lives are disrupted due to lack of sleep or poor quality sleep. The increasing stress levels are to blame for sleep disruption.

Sleep retreats are a popular trend too. Sleep massages using aromas, oils and techniques promote the relaxation of muscles and nerves, and induce high-quality sleep in the guests. Care is taken to remove all interruptions during the sleep massage.

30. DNA Lifestyle Genetic Analysis and Basic Wellness Gene Tests

DNA Lifestyle Genetic Analysis

Wellness resorts and spas are offering personalized therapies depending on the genetic makeup of the guests. DNA Lifestyle Genetic Analysis and Wellness gene tests are carried out at the destination. DNA samples are collected from guests, and in some cases blood tests and skin tests as well, in order to recommend better wellness and skin health. Blood biomarkers in combination with genetic markers help to provide wellness therapies that are dependent on the unique biology of the guest.

31. Intravenous (IV) Nutrient Infusion Therapy

Redheaded beautiful female resting and getting IV infusion in spa salon

Intravenous (IV) nutrient infusion therapy has become a wellness offering designed to combat aging, control stress, boost brainpower, treat conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain and chronic fatigue.

Vitamins, medicine, minerals and nutrients are delivered through an IV drip while the guest relaxes sitting or lying down. This is done under the supervision of qualified medical personnel at the wellness resort.

This therapy can boost immunity, decrease anxiety, lead to deep sleep and boost mood.

32. Chelation injections


The accumulation of heavy metals in an individual’s body over a period of time can cause hardening of arteries, inflammation related problems such as osteoarthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, neurological problems, and so on. The toxins and metals such as mercury, calcium, cadmium, aluminum, copper, iron, lead from dental fillings, consumption of fish raised in farms, lead exposure, and certain vaccinations are not naturally expelled from the body.

Chelation injections are given to guests after a urine test is done to detect the level of the heavy metals. EDTA or ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid, is called the chelating agent which bonds to the toxic metals and these metals are then expelled from the body through urine.

33. Personalized supplement plan

nutrition expert

General multivitamins are not always helpful if they are not really needed by the body. Instead, personalized supplement plans can be beneficial as they address the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in an individual. Wellness resorts conduct blood tests to find out the deficiencies and design customized supplement plans under medical expert supervision.

Personalized supplements help in the case of people who have poor diets and busy lifestyles that hinder in eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits regularly. However, vitamins and mineral levels need to be tested from time to time, so that the dosage is optimum.

34. Cryotherapy and CoolSculpting

Cryotherapy is getting frozen for a few minutes

Cryotherapy is getting frozen for a few minutes in a special cryotherapy chamber. Localized cryotherapy is administered through ice massages, ice packs,  ice baths, and coolant sprays. Cryotherapy with probes inserted into tissue is used to deaden/freeze a nerve that is causing pain.

CoolSculpting is another use of cryotherapy wherein the stubborn fat cells in the body are destroyed by freezing. If a greater area of fat is frozen, then this is removed by liposuction later. Mostly, fat cells break down and get flushed out of the system.

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive, medical process of body-contouring, and takes about 4-6 weeks to show results.

35. High-Intensity Laser (HIL) therapy

High-Intensity Laser (HIL) therapy

HIL therapy treats inflammation, chronic pain and degeneration occurring in the body. Local biostimulation of the tissue accelerated regeneration of the cells while relieving pain. Wellness spas and resorts are offering it to guests who have joint pain, rheumatic pain and stiffness and muscle spasms. HIL therapy stimulates the body to self-heal, and thus can be useful as anti-aging treatment.

36. Red-light therapy

Red-light therapyHealing red-light was a NASA discovery and is now being used as a skin treatment option. It is a collagen-boosting wellness therapy that works by stimulating the skin’s bottom layer.

Red-light penetrates the skin and causes the production of collagen, thus reconstructing and rejuvenating it. It is a safe, non-invasive anti-aging procedure, rehydrating cells, reducing inflammation, and healing quickly.

Wellness resorts and spas are providing Red-light therapy to seekers who want to have a bright and younger-looking face without going through any painful surgery.

Reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, eczema, rosacea, acne are other skin benefits. Red-light also reduces joint pain and helps in managing obesity.

37. Non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facials

Non-invasive High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) facialHIFU facials effectively reduce facial aging. Wellness resorts and spas are providing dermatologist supervised HIFU facials/facelifts as there is no need for surgery.

The ultrasound delivers heat energy to the face directly, lifting wrinkles, lines and saggy skin. The process is fast, as there is very little downtime. The skin’s collagen is renewed and the skin tone and texture is renewed, giving a youthful look.

Face contouring is done with HIFU, tightening skin of the neck, reducing jowls, lifting droopy eyelids and eyebrows in a fast and effective manner.

38. Long Covid treatments offered in wellness resorts in the world

group of people practicing Yoga asanas

People who were infected with Covid-19 might experience symptoms for over 12 weeks. This leaves them fatigued and unable to function normally. Several wellness resorts around the world have started Long Covid wellness programs.

Symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, respiratory issues, sleep disorder, neurological and cognitive impairment are addressed with the help of Ayurvedic treatments. The covid post infection phase might be caused by lowered immunity and imbalance of the energies in the body.

Ayurveda, TCM, yoga, Pranayama, diet, herbal remedies, oxygen therapy, emotional healing programs, intravenous blood infusions, and Ya-Pao therapy is used to harmonize energies and build immunity. The guest has to stay for a longer period of time so that the therapies can take root and work. Every wellness spa and resort has a different program, uniquely designed to suit different individuals. Wellness tourism in India provides all these treatments, an amalgamation of tried and tested ancient therapies and modern developments to treat those who suffer from the after-effects of Covid.

39. Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit (Multisensory rain showers)

Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit (Multisensory rain showers)

A complete sensory experience invigorates the whole body to awaken the senses, in the Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit. The rain showers could be refreshingly cold and icy or be warmer, with a tropical temperature. This novel treatment is accompanied by sound and light to create a realistic sensation. The jets of water hitting the body lead to lymphatic drainage, that relieves swelling and improves general health.

40. Crystal Steam Room

Crystal Steam Room

Crystal Steam Room is a spa concept that uses crystals such as Amethyst and rock crystals. Crystal steam baths remove toxins and cleanses the body. It opens clogged pores and makes the skin supple and soft.

Crystal steam rooms are operated at temperatures ranging between 45-50 degrees celsius. The beautiful light emanating from the crystals makes the experience special and unforgettable. 

41. Salt Float

Salt Float therapy

In Salt Float therapy, a huge amount of Epsom salt is dissolved in water in a Float Pod. The salt enables floatation due to the salt. The salt seeps into the skin and hair contributing to healthier skin, hair and nails. Epsom salt can remove the chemicals accumulated in the hair and restore it to its pristine condition.

This therapy is highly beneficial for pain as there is no pressure on the body. During float sessions, the brain’s hemispheres synchronize and communicate easily, resulting in creativity, formation of non-linear connections and enhancing deeper reflections.

Salt Float therapy leads to deep mind, body and spirit relaxation, even as it allays depression and anxiety.

42. Cryoskin toning

Cryoskin toning

It is a method of freezing the fat cells that causes slimming. Wellness centers offer this therapy under the guidance of healthcare professionals. The areas of the body where there is stubborn fat such as the stomach, thighs, back and arms can be treated in a non-invasive manner. So while a guest is enjoying a relaxing holiday in a beautiful locale, he or she can take advantage of Cryo Skin toning to get a slim and fit body.

43. Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots

The reason behind continually feeling tired, lack of productivity, mood swings, lack of good sleep could be a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin shots are offered by wellness resorts to fulfill the lack of vitamin B12.

The vitamin shots are absorbed better by the body in the form of injections as they do not have to undergo the process of digestion and thus become diluted.  Vitamin B12 aids in red blood cell production as well.

The risk involved in getting vitamin shots is minimal, as it is water-soluble, and the extra amount is just expelled out of the body as urine. Vitamin shots could be the faster, more efficient way to boost energy, reducing stress and fatigue, and may even contribute to weight loss. 

44. IV infusion of NAD Coenzyme – anti-aging

IV infusion of NAD Coenzyme – anti-agingNAD with Coenzyme fuels the proper functioning of Sirtuins which are a family of protein molecules in the body. The sirtuins are crucial for antioxidant production and inflammatory response in the body.

The Sir2p protein is involved in the body aging process. The IV NAD Coenzyme therapy increases the effectiveness of the Sir2p, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and other aging symptoms.

In resorts, guests avail of this therapy while sitting or lying comfortably in a serene, peaceful environment.

45. Biomarker testing

Biomarker testingBiomareker testing measures any substance, biological process, structure and product of biological processes. The test can predict the risk for any disease or the outcome. Hormones, proteins, metabolites, electrolytes etc are examples of biomarkers.

These biomarkers can indicate a person’s metabolic health and nutrition, muscle status, hydration status, endurance performance, cardiovascular performance, inflammation and injury status.

Biomarker testing can help to find out the level of fitness one has, immunity status and more.

46. Shamanic ritual

Shamanic ritual

Shamanic ritual wellness therapy is all about connecting to the hidden relationship between nature and individuals. With people spending more time indoors in concrete environments, there is a distance from nature, and people on the whole have forgotten that they are part of nature.

Shamamic ritual therapy offered in wellness retreats recreates the intrinsic connection between man and nature, thus building up physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The tradition focuses on 4 elements- prayers to appease spirits, communicating with the spiritual world through the rituals, purification and use of herbal medicines to achieve balance in the body.

47. Neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatment

Neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatmentNeuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatment reactivates the natural ability to reduce fatigue and induce a sense of deep relaxation. This therapy improves sleep quality and improves energy levels. Short power naps during the day and eight hours of sleep during the night rejuvenate the body.

Neuro-acoustic deep relaxation treatment promises restful, undisturbed sleep while reducing anxiety levels. With the use of carefully selected music and gentle vibrations, this therapy helps to overcome restlessness, trauma, and anxiety.

48. Electro mesotherapy

The Electro Mesotherapy is an innovative anti-aging therapyThe Electro Mesotherapy is an innovative anti-aging therapy. Nutrients beneficial for the skin to aid in the anti-aging process are delivered to the dermis of the skin, without puncturing the skin. This non-invasive method promotes skin repair. The method is based on the principle of electroporation in which temporary passageways are created using electromagnetic field.

The electromagnetic field generated reorganises the cell membranes and microchannels are created, that open for a short time only, and seal themselves after the treatment.

A brighter complexion, reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, skin tightening, and reduction in cellulite levels are the outcomes of this treatment.

49. VR meditation session

Calm relaxed couple meditating at home, VR goggles VR in wellness resorts is proving to be popular among guests. Guests can select the preferred environment/s and lapse into deep meditation. Environments such as beaches, spring, twilight effect and many more help the guests relax completely.

VR facilitates an escape from the reality and chaos of life, thus allowing to immerse in stunningly beautiful natural environments complete with sight and sound. Research to include the sensations of touch and smell is ongoing, promising to make VR one of the most successful meditation therapies of the future. 

50. Scream Therapy

A good heartfelt scream is probably the right medicine

A good heartfelt scream is probably the right medicine for those who keep their pain under wraps. Suppressing anger, frustration and other emotions leads to anxiety and depression. Scream therapy involves a person standing in the warrior pose and letting it all out by screaming as loudly as possible.

The cathartic release of pent-up emotions by recalling to memory some hurtful incident can help to mitigate the effect of those emotions. It is usually not possible to scream in the home or office or any kind of social setting. Wellness resorts provide a safe space for guests to indulge in this deep healing therapy. Voice coaches supervise the therapy so that the powerful screaming does not injure the vocal cords.

51. Trauma Recovery

people opted for Trauma Recovery therapy

The pandemic has affected the world in many ways, not only just physically. Almost everyone has been affected and emotional and mental well-being has paid the price. Wellness resorts and retreats are seeking to address this problem with emotional wellness programs such as Trauma Recovery.

Trauma in a person’s life should not be ignored, and usually it is not possible for people to overcome trauma on their own. Trauma therapy in wellness resorts is being sought out to heal from within, and regain balance in life.

52. Tattoo Detox

Tattooist makes a tattoo

Tattoo inks contain nanoparticles, heavy metals such as copper, magnesium and lead. It is difficult for the body to dispose of these pigments. Thus, the Tattoo detox helps to expel the pigments out of  the lymphatic system, and restores smooth functioning of the lymphatic flow.

The heavy metal tattoo detox might involve consuming detoxifying foods such as antioxidant spices and herbs, leafy greens, foods with vitamin C, onions and garlic, water and chia seeds. Chelation therapy and activated charcoal treatments are also used in tandem with this therapy.

53. Spa dentistry

Spa dentistry

Imagine fixing your teeth in the soothing environs of a spa! Spa dentistry is about essential dental services in a spa, with treatments such as aromatherapy, overhead Tvs, calming music playing as the dentist pulls out your teeth and more.

VR glasses and massage chairs take the anxiety and fear out of patients, and combined  with other fitness treatments, massage therapies, paraffin wax-hand treatments, complimentary snacks and beverages result in an overall sense of wellbeing.

Dental health is largely neglected by people due to the pain and discomfort perception of dental treatments. However, with spa dentistry, there is an option to care for the teeth in a stress-free environment.

54. Therapy Animals

Animal assisted therapy for your wellness

Animals are companions that boost positivity and emotional wellbeing. Wellness resorts are including animals as part of their therapy as their friendliness and unconditional love of animals bring about positive emotional transformation of stressed out people. Horses, dogs and even goats are used to provide relaxation and relief from problems such as PTSD.

Cuddling a dog or petting an animal releases feel-good hormones that combat stress. Pets were a great help to many during the lockdown period, and now when life is slowly coming back to normal, wellness travelers are seeking therapies which involve animals as part of therapy.

55. Extreme bathing

young man enjoying Extreme bathing

Extreme cold and hot bathing is a technique to jolt the senses into alertness. Natural hot and cold springs, saunas, cold and ice plunge pools can be found in some wellness resorts. There are therapists and guides to support extreme bathing experience.

Practised with mindfulness, nutrition, yoga, walks, massages,workshops, extreme bathing enriches the body and the mind. The hot springs which originate from deep within the earth contain natural warmth and minerals that connect to the environment.

Japan, Iceland, the US and some other European countries offer the best traditional and modern extreme bathing experiences. 

56. mfDNA (microflora DNA)

microflora DNA

Microflora testing is the future of personalized wellness. It tests the complex composition of microflora thereby reducing time required to market new wellness products or assess the properties of existing products.

Customized microflora chips can test hundreds of microflora samples, for example, before consuming probiotics and after. Currently, oral, intestinal, skin and vaginal microflora can be tested. Using this new technology, wellness resorts can develop personalized wellness programs.

57. Global Onsen

Young happy woman swimming bathing in Hveragerdi Hot Springs on trail in Reykjadalur

Onsen are naturally occurring hot springs. In Japan, onsen have been an integral part of culture and society for millenia. Onsen is nothing less than a gift from the gods, and has numerous healing properties. The concept of onsen can be found in China, India and Europe too.

For a natural hot spring to qualify as an onsen, the water has to be free-flowing and has to originate only from a natural underground source. The height of an onsen also matters – the higher up it is, the better the health benefits.

The 100% pure water has several benefits for the body – flushes out toxins and relaxes the muscles, increases RBC, improves the skin and more. For the mind, the onsenendows a calm and serenity.

58. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Median Response)

woman watching ASMR videos

ASMR is the tingling yet calming sensation that some people experience in response to audio or visual stimuli. ASMR is not experienced by everyone, but those who describe it as starting at the top of the head, traveling down the spine and limbs, and feeling drowsy and relaxed. Everyone has their own ASMR experience which may or may not be similar to others.

It has become a YouTube sensation with millions of ASMR videos. Wellness resorts are offering ASMR in the form of sounds and visual experiences to relax their guests in a fun way.

59. Virtual Wellness Immersion


Virtual Wellness Immersion therapy has been designed to heal people from within. Guests can choose the environment, music, and meditation to be removed from the stress of daily life. VR technology is very advanced now and cost-effective.

The escape from reality actuates emotional, physical and mental pain. Even a short 20 minutes VR immersion experience has shown to be effective. Wellness establishments offering VR immersion are using it to treat anxiety, reduce feelings of stress, and encourage an optimistic outlook on life. VR with fragrance and touch will become a reality in a few years, thus making the VR environment as realistic as possible.

60. Spiritual Cleansing bath

use of rock salt in the bath water

Spiritual Cleansing bath is all about cleansing the aura. Ancient rituals that have been practised for thousands of years are back in vogue. The negative vibrations are removed from the spiritual body by using rock salt in the bath water. The bath usually takes place at full-moon or new-moon time.

Soaking in the special deep soaking tubs is a wellness experience that elevates the positive energy of the body. The physical and spiritual body connection is harmonized. Spiritual Cleansing bath uplifts the mental and emotional energy, and it is also thought to manifest creativity and abundance. 

61. Vibroacoustic therapy for sleep disorders

Vibroacoustic therapy for sleep disorders

Vibroacoustic therapy uses auditory and vibratory stimulation to match the natural rhythm of the brain. The synchronism of the natural and artificial vibrations and sound waves improves sleep quality and the hours of sleep also increases.

Vibroacoustic therapy addresses another major concern which develops due to poor sleep or not being able to sleep at all. The cognitive function and memory also improves with this therapy.

Due to the imbalance in wellbeing, chronic conditions, pain, anxiety, and stress, sleeping is difficult for most people. The effect of the therapy can take a few days to show, or it can be immediate. The microvirations in the cells retrieve the energy that is involved in various immunologic reactions.

62. Dopamine detoxification

Dopamine detoxification

Dopamine is the chemical that the brain releases when we perform some pleasurable activity. It controls the brain’s reward center. It is thought to play a major role in mental health issues such as ADHD and addiction.

Dopamine detoxing involves abstaining from the activities which trigger the production of dopamine. The period of detox or fasting can be just an hour (in the case of phone addicts who have to check their phones every 5 minutes!) or last for several weeks.

Though it sounds simple, it is best to detox in a supervised environment such as wellness resorts, especially in the beginning, as they can provide healthy alternatives.

63. Emotive programming

counseling is used to heal from within

Coping with emotional distress had to be done one one’s own. Talking to friends or relatives is not enough nor do they have the techniques to help. At wellness resorts, the focus is on healing after a heartbreak, or when there is emotional trauma. Rituals, yoga, counseling are used to heal from within and help to move on.

Divorce retreats teach how to function as a single person again. Finances, single parenting tips, applying for a job  – all these topics are dealt with helping the newly divorced with the nitty-gritties of life.

64. Biophoton Therapy

Biophoton Therapy

Photons or light particles influence certain processes in the body. Biophoton therapy aims to use photons on the cells of the body and energize them, and enhancing the body’s self-healing capacity. This therapy is used for chronic conditions such as arthritis, failed back syndrome, fresh wounds, etc. The therapy is provided in a sitting or lying down position, for 6 to 20 sessions.

65. Biorhythm Restoration/Treatment


The Biorhythm therapy restores the natural flow of your body’s biorhythm, linked to the magnetic field of the body. Disruption of the normal biorhythm makes you feel depressed, fatigued and worn-out. Biorhythm therapy is offered as part of wellness resort services in some resorts. The functioning of the body clock or irregular biorhythm may also have a negative influence on diagnostic tests, heart conditions, allergies, asthma and so on.

66. Coffee Enema

Coffee Enema

This is one of the wellness resort programs that is offered to cleanse the colon. It is an alternative therapy medicine which uses a mix of brewed and caffeinated coffee along with water, inserted into colon via rectum. This therapy detoxifies the body, and stimulates bile flow, production of glutathione which is an antioxidant crucial for the body.

67. Dry Floatation Therapy

woman feeling relaxed

Dry floatation has all the benefits of floatation therapy without you getting wet. Dry floatation involves lying on a warm and water filled membrane which lowers onto a bed. This therapy is available as part of the wellness resort services in many wellness resorts these days. It provide complete and utter relaxation and is considered to be one of the best de-stress, sleep inducing, muscle relaxing therapies out there.

68. Glutathione Therapy

Glutathione is delivered through IV infusionsGlutathione therapy is used to lighten the skin, improving pigmentation, scars, patches and melasma etc. Glutathione is an antioxidant that is beneficial for various health conditions. It is delivered through IV infusions while the therapist continuously monitors for reactions. Results can be seen 3 weeks after treatment begins.

69. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Man inside a cylindrical machine for hyperbaric treatment

This therapy involves inhaling purest oxygen in a pressure chamber. The treatment is used for decompression sickness, serious infections, to treat air bubbles in the blood vessels, and diabetes or radiation related slow healing wounds. When the blood carries extra oxygen through the body, then it helps to fight germs, and stimulate growth factors as well as stem cells.

70. Injection Lipolysis

Injection Lipolysis is a non-invasive procedureThis is a non-invasive procedure that some wellness hotels offer to their clients. It is an FDA approved treatment to reduce the fat under the chin or to eliminate the ‘double chin’. It is delivered through an injection which causes the death and disruption of fat cells. A visit to a wellness resort can help you relax and get rid of the pesky double chin and make one look years younger.

71. Intestinal Ozone Therapy

Intestinal Ozone Therapy

The intestinal ozone therapy delivers ozone gas to the gut, and is then converted into oxygen which eliminated the free radicals. It is extremely effective pathogenic microbes which promote healthy microbiota in the gut, thriving in the new oxygen-rich environment. The Wellness treatment decreases toxins, strengthens immune system, eliminates viruses, yeasts, parasites and bacteria and reduces chronic inflammation.

72. Matrix Rhythm Therapy

body cells oscillation

This therapy ensures that the cells of the body receive adequate amount of nutrients and oxygen, and the removal of metabolic waste from the tissues. The body cells oscillate naturally at the frequency of 8-12 hz, which might be disrupted due to various reasons. At some wellness resorts, the Matrix Mobile machine delivers phase synchronized vibrations and vibrating magnetic field into the body’s tissues.

73. Neuro Emotional Technique

stressed young man This is a non-invasive, medicine free technique to solve physical discomfort and pain, and a tool to help improve life quality. Certified practitioners deliver this therapy addressing the physical reactions caused by emotions or stress. Emotions are however not corrected or fixed.

74. Pressotherapy

Pressotherapy treatment - lymphatic drainage massage. Non-surgical hardware cosmetology or body sculpting in beauty salon

Pressotherapy is a lymphatic massage that is considered to give a slimmer look to the body, ease pains and aches and detoxifies the body. This treatment is available in some wellness centers or spas, which offer other cosmetic and wellness treatments. Pressotherapy is dispensed with the help of a machine which applies the right amount of pressure every time.

75. Touchless Facial

woman getting Touchless Facial

With Covid-19 still around, people are still shy of treatments which involve touch. People who love facial treatments are looking for touchless facials which would give the skin glowing result. Some latest tools make the need for touch redundant thus giving more safety as well as a satisfying skin treatment.

76. Psammotherapy

hot sand therapyThis is a therapy using hot sand. It was discovered by ancient Greeks and is practised in Morocco, Italy, Egypt and in some luxury spas of the world. The wellness seeker lies down on an alpha quartz sand bed. The heated sand flows over the body, enveloping it and gives a warm, secure feeling or wellbeing and relaxation. It helps to relieve arthritic pain, musculoskeletal pain, detoxifies the body and stimulates lymphatic flow.

Other benefits are relief from headaches, insomnia, fatigue, menstrual pain, emotional imbalances, and digestive problems. To deliver the therapy, the bed also tilts up giving an utterly relaxed no-gravity experience. Good wellness hotel planning should have this therapy option too.

77. Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing


Forest Bathing or Shinrin Yoku is one of the wellness programs which originated in Japan. The concept is to soak in the natural goodness of lush green forests and natural surroundings. The contact with Mother Nature has several physical, mental and emotional benefits, as all the five senses – seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting are stimulated.

Scientists have noticed reduction in levels of blood pressure and cortisol/stress levels, lowers obesity, and improves sympathetic nerve functioning. It eases mental trauma, tension and melancholy.

This therapy can be experienced in groups or alone, all you have to do is spend some quality time in nature. Some wellness centers provide Shinrin Yoku therapy teaching people how to immerse themselves in nature.

78. Floating Meditation

Floating Meditation

In the Floating Meditation, the person meditates while floating in a floatation tank. There is an absolute lack of outer distraction which helps an individual practice mindfulness, leading to beautiful, profound experiences. Floating gives a space where one can lie down, revoked from any pressure of discussion, thinking, participation in any activity.

The mind is free to wander while being completely in the moment and feel safe, relaxed and stress free. The nurturing, protective environment of the float tank allows one to indulge in deep meditation that can resolve problems such as creative blockages, alleviate anxiety and tension.

Wellness hotel planning should include investment and space for this therapy as visitors look out for anxiety relieving techniques.

79. Chromatherapy

Woman bathing in spa with color therapy

Chromatherapy is one of the wellness programs using colored lights in the shower or bath. Each color has specific benefits for the body. Colors can influence our physical and mental health, enhancing mood and wellbeing. Different colors send different vibrations to our brain creating feelings such as red hues stimulate circulation, increase comfort and appetite.

Yellow boosts nervous system, and orange increases happiness and cheer. Cool colors such as blue and green calm the body, and provide positive emotions. Purple offers tranquility and peace while white heals the body and purifies the spirit.

80. Laughter Yoga

Beautiful young woman sitting in lotus position on mat in summer parkA form of wellness exercise to boost physical, emotional and mental health. In 1995, Dr. Madan Kataria, an Indian physician from Mumbai developed this unique form of yoga. Since then, it is practiced internationally, in over 110 countries. Combining laughter exercises with Pranayama, these exercises drive more oxygen to the brain and body, making the practitioner feel healthy and energetic. Just ten to 15 minutes of Laughter Yoga reduces stress, improves immunity and keeps the mind positive. 

The intentional laughter is believed to be just as beneficial as natural laughter and aims to bring out the inner child, and cultivate joy and happiness. A regular dose of it helps to beat the daily stressors of life. 

81. Holotropic Breathwork

Close up image of young active woman lying on yoga matHolotropic breathwork or HB is a therapy which involves the control of breathing patterns influencing the physical, mental and emotional states. Quickened breathing patterns can alter the consciousness. 

The technique was developed by the psychiatrists Stanislav and Christina Grof and only certified instructors from Grof Foundation can lead the practice. The instructors have to complete a 600 hours training course. 

People who feel stuck in their lives, those who face difficulty due to unresolved emotional trauma and those who want to expand their consciousness participate in HB therapy. Often, the expanded awareness feeling happens through some type of catharsis. Every person’s experience is unique and different from others. 

The self-healing, self-discovery and self-exploration approach combines transpersonal psychology, consciousness research, and several mystical traditions from all over the world. Individuals can access parts of their consciousness with the help of music and quickened breathing.

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