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Dr Prem's Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass


Dr Prem's Medical Tourism & Wellness Tourism Masterclass


Dr Prem's Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Masterclass

World's #1 and Leading Medical Tourism Masterclass by Dr Prem | Workshop | Coaching | Training

A globally acclaimed, award-winning strategic leader and speaker, Dr. Prem Jagyasi has conducted several Masterclasses on Medical Tourism, Wellness Tourism, and Global Healthcare Marketing across the globe. Dr. Prem has also delivered keynote speeches and conducted a slew of workshops in over 65 countries. Below are some of the key topics discussed in the Medical Tourism Masterclasses and Workshops:
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Inviting all hospitals, medical tourism startups, medical tourism facilitators, healthcare startups & wellness centers to be a part of the masterclass conducted by Dr Prem Jagyasi.

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Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism - Latest Terms, Trends, Opportunities, Niches, & Challenges.

Nothing can stop medical tourism from growing. Global healthcare demand is at an all-time high. Pandemic-induced treatment backlogs will take years to clear. The global healthcare burden will be massive by 2030 with NCDs accounting for 75% of global deaths in 2030 up from 65% in 2013. Medical tourism is going through an interesting phase with newer niches and opportunities and competitive challenges.

Patient's journey in medical tourism

A patient’s journey in medical tourism starts long before they reach out to you. It starts the moment they come to know about you. Do you know the number of touchpoints a patient has to encounter before making a purchase? Surely, not. The simpler and more enjoyable their experience with these touchpoints, the higher the chances for conversion.

Key success strategies in medical and wellness tourism

Success in medical and wellness tourism rests on creating the best product as per the changing customer demands. Medical tourism is getting more complex with growing challenges in destinations, procedures, and customer behaviors. Patients will always look for comfort and convenience.

Strategic brand building and positioning in Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism

Your brand rests in your patients’ minds. How your prospective patients perceive you make your brand. The brand reflects trust and a great relationship. 46% of consumers will pay more for trusted brands. Brand building doesn’t happen overnight but with consistent efforts, it might not be that time-consuming. This is what Dr Prem’s medical tourism workshop is meant for.

Understanding the role of AI in Medical and Wellness Tourism Business

Do you know what is the biggest challenge in the medical and wellness tourism business? It is lead generation and conversions. More than 40% of sales leaders have seen major improvements in lead generation with AI tools. The future of medical and wellness tourism marketing rests on AI.

Patient Acquisition in Medical Tourism

Patient acquisition is a big pain in medical tourism. Patient acquisition costs going out of balance is one of the reasons for medical tourism business failure. Patient acquisition is very expensive for most businesses at the start. Dr Prem’s medical tourism workshop will show you the most effective patient acquisition strategies at an optimized cost.

Online Reputation in Medical Tourism

What people say about you matter more than what you are. 75% of healthcare consumers say online reviews and rating influence their decisions of selecting a physician or provider. One negative review can seriously impact your reputation. So, how do you think you can build online reputation in medical tourism?

Medical Tourism Facilitator business and matchmaking services

The medical tourism facilitator role has become more challenging with emerging trends that are creating confusion among patients. The need is for efficient matchmaking to facilitate a patient’s decision-making in selecting the best provider, treatments, and destination within their means.

AI-driven Personalized Patient Engagement

AI will truly revolutionize the way we will interact with patients in future. With artificial intelligence gradually taking over in some of the core areas of patient care, things are about to become easier to manage than how they are right now.

Advanced Content Management for Healthcare Brands

In healthcare branding, advanced content management is crucial for engaging audiences. With tailored systems, high-quality content, personalization, and compliance, brands can optimize their strategies, foster trust, and deliver exceptional healthcare experiences.

Digital Marketing in Global Healthcare, Medical, and Wellness Tourism

Digital Marketing readies your healthcare initiative for the challenges ahead, in terms of reaching out to appropriate audiences, creating a product-specific niche, and getting more traction for your products and services.

Medical Tourism and Healthcare Marketing

In a way, both healthcare and medical tourism are so intertwined that it’s usually become difficult for a new healthcare business to settle for the type of marketing they need.

Corporate Wellness Marketing

Definitely, not a new concept for bigger organizations across the globe, Corporate Wellness still remains to be an untouched area which usually doesn’t get the kind of attention it actually requires.

Budgeting & ROI in Healthcare Marketing

Despite spending lots of money in Healthcare Marketing, most of the healthcare businesses fail to get the desired results. While improper budgeting is definitely one of the reasons behind the limited return on their investments, several other factors contribute to non-conformity between investment and the expected outcomes.

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Who Should Attend ?

Hospitals, Clinics

Doctors, Dentists

Wellness centers, Spas, Alternative therapy centres

Dental tourism facilitators

State Tourism boards & tour operators

Health Insurance Companies

Yoga centers Hotels Students TPAs

Key Benefits To Hotels/Resorts

Key Benefits To Medical Tourism Companies/ Facilitators.

Get tips on marketing & branding of your organization amidst right audiences
Learn to make key strategies while making marketing plan for better business development.
Get to learn right approach while dealing with international patients Gain insights on legal & ethical issues involved.
Overcome the challenges involved business development.
Learn more on health insurance & its key impact on Medical tourism industry.
Get success formula that seldom fails while working in Medical tourism industry.

Key Benefits To Tourism Companies & Tour Operators

Key Benefits To Hospitals

What is in store for an individual in Medical Tourism Masterclass?

As an individual, the Medical Tourism Masterclass by Dr. Prem Jagyasi is a perfect stepping stone for your professional growth. Whether you are a startup or an established company; the aim of this workshop is to help you get all the necessary answers you are looking for. Through this workshop you can improve and expand your.

Networking in Medical Tourism

As an individual, networking plays a vital role to help your business grow. Through the Medical tourism workshop by Dr. Prem Jagyasi, you will get to meet people who are within your field. This will help you to promote your brand or business and even enhance and improve your business networking. Proper networking will also help you to deal with the challenges and obstacles that come in while dealing with International patients.

Learn the latest trends in Medical Tourism

For any business to sustain any competition, it is important to be updated with all the changes and happenings in the industry. Through the Medical tourism workshop, you will be updated with the latest changes and movements in the healthcare sector. It will also help you to understand how to target the right audience in an effective way.

Understand the legal and ethical issues in Medical Tourism

In any industry, there are certain legal and ethical issues and limitations that you should be aware of as an individual. Through the workshop, Dr. Prem Jagyasi will highlight these issues and also give you solutions on how you can overcome them easily. This will help you to run your business in a better way without making any compromises in the quality of the services you provide.

How a business can gain from Dr. Prem Jayasi’s Medical Tourism Masterclass and Workshop

A business can sustain any competition when it gets the right kind of guidance. As an industry expert and consultant; Dr. Prem Jagyasi has been giving a helping hand for many start-up’s who want to enter the Medical tourism industry. This workshop is designed to help companies understand the nitty-gritties of running a company. Through this workshop, you will

Benefits for Hospitals and clinics

Hospitals and Clinics face the biggest challenge when they are dealing with any kind of patient. Not only are they obligated to ensure that they follow all the quality standards, but they are also responsible for the lives that come to them. The Medical Tourism Workshop by Dr. Prem Jagyasi helps hospitals and clinics to understand

This Masterclass and workshop is also beneficial for Doctors, Medical practitioners Dentists

Doctors, Medical practitioners and Dentists have to be on top of the game while providing any kind of service. The Medical Tourism Workshop by Dr. Prem Jagyasi is an opportunity to explore the various aspects and elements of the industry. It also helps you to understand and differentiate the difference between the information thought in lectures and books to what is happening real time. This workshop will help Medical professionals to
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A Workshop That Is Also Ideal For Established and Upcoming Medical Tourism and Dental Tourism Facilitators

Medical tourism facilitators are the bridge between patients and health care service providers. These companies play a vital role in the overall growth of the industry in many ways. The Medical Tourism Workshop by Dr. Prem Jagyasi is equally beneficial for those who have already established themselves in the industry. It is also meant for companies that are planning to venture into this sector and need some sort of guidance on how to do it. With the help of this workshop, you will understand

State Tourism Boards & Tour Operators Can also Be a part of It

The state tourism boards and tour operators equally play an important role in the medical tourism sector. Unlike general tourism, medical tourism is a specific service which has its own limitations and challenges. The ability to customize services that combines health, wellness and fun is very critical and requires a lot of attention to details. The Medical tourism workshop will help such entities to understand
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