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Competition is part of any business and in order to sustain the competition, a business owner has to have the right strategies. Starting a business is not easy and running it requires a lot of patience, trial and errors and methodologies that helps the business grow.  Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Customized Corporate Workshop and Masterclass provides the necessary support that any business needs to pass through the various obstacles that come on the way.


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Dr Prem is an award winning strategic leader, renowned author, publisher and highly acclaimed global speaker. Aside from publishing a bevy of life-improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a web magazine network of 50+ niche magazines that attracts millions of readers across the globe. This far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 65 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert services to more than 150 international organizations. He also owns, operates and leads a web services and technology businesses, supervised and managed by his eminent team. Continuing the legacy of 15 years of love and patronage of millions of readers and half a million social media followers, Dr Prem Web Magazine Network, with 50+ web magazines, is one of the biggest, oldest and the most trusted Web Magazine Networks. Dr Prem further takes great delight in travel photography.

The importance of opting for corporate training workshops and masterclasses

Corporate training and workshops and masterclasses have proved to be very effective in many ways. Just as how change is constant; similarly, it is very important to ensure that your employees are trained in the right way. For a business to succeed, it is essential to invest time and energy on the right things. The constant challenges, meeting of targets, constant pressure to make sure that the business runs with a decent problems and the overall stressful environment; all contribute towards the downfall of a company. Some other important aspects of such customized corporate training workshops masterclasses and seminars includes

  • Analyzing the business needs and making changes that will be helpful for the company
  • Providing a scope of improvement without having to put in too much of efforts
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of the employees
  • Creating a positive professional environment

Why you should opt for Customized Corporate workshop and masterclass offer?

If you are looking for strategies to improve the professional environment; then this workshop and masterclass will help you out. Dr.Prem Jagaysi works along with your company to understand what your business needs. To design the workshop and masterclass, Dr.Prem first identifies and evaluates the present scenario of the business. With the help of this workshop and masterclass, you will be able to

  • Understand what your business needs to run properly
  • Learn different kinds of methodologies and strategies to improve the professional environment
  • Understand how to boost employee productivity
  • Get to know what the problems and challenges are with your business
  • Improve your business approach under the guidance of Dr.Prem Jagyasi

Highlights of the customized corporate training workshops masterclasses and seminars

  • Personalized Programs designed on the basis of client assessments and needs Innovative methodologies and activities for long term objectives
  • Location flexibility where the workshop and masterclass is conducted
  • Conflict management and alternate dispute management
  • Enhancing workplace performance by turning potential employees to performers
  • Learning how to tackle the strengths and weakness of each department and overcoming them

Benefits of the workshop and masterclass for Business Owners and Organizations

Dr Prem Jagyasi corporate training services are customized to help business owners achieve their goals and dreams. Whether you are a start-up or an established business; everybody stands to gain from the business training workshops and masterclass that Dr.Prem offers. As an owner, you will get to understand

  • How to boost your business keeping quality and customer satisfaction in mind
  • Get a good understanding of the core skills required to run a business
  • How to appoint a leadership team and delegate responsibilities accordingly
  • Rewarding and recognizing good performance and staff expertise
  • Understand how to set the right goals and achieve them
  • Learn about the various opportunities and challenges the business faces and the ways to address each of them

How this workshop and masterclass benefits the HR and  Management?

The management team of any company or business always has the biggest challenge of balancing things. They need to ensure that the employees are happy and at the same time achieve the set goals and targets. There is a constant stress on the management team which often tends to get heavy on the members. Dr Prem Jagyasi is a business trainer and motivational speaker who understand the pressures the management team faces. Some of his corporate training workshops and masterclasses are specially designed keeping in mind the needs of the management team. Topics covered in these workshops and masterclasses include

  • Understanding the various challenges that their respective faces and how to overcome them
  • Realizing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and the team overall and act accordingly
  • Setting small and achievable goals in order to achieve larger goals
  • Dealing with differences amongst team members that hamper the overall productivity
  • Customized workshops and masterclasses to improve work efficiency
  • Strategies on how to boost employee productivity
  • Strategizing incentives based on employee performance
  • Learn how to motivate and inspire the team members
  • Bring in a positive environment across the team
  • Mentoring and training the employees

Workshop and Masterclass benefits for employees

Employees are the backbone for any business. They are the first point of contact and the bridge that connects the customers and the company. Stressful environments can often hamper the growth and productivity of employees. As a motivational speaker and trainer; Dr Prem Jagyasi will help your employees to understand a few business and corporate training tips and tricks that will improve their productivity and efficiency. Through this workshop and masterclass, your employees will learn

  • Different ways on how to increase company productivity
  • Customized corporate training workshops masterclasses and seminars on how to work as a team
  • Learn to control their stress levels to improve their performance
  • Understand the different ways of how to deal with customers and create the right impact
  • How to come up with effective ways to achieve their monthly targets
  • Focus on the professional development
  • How to be an asset and not a liability to the company
  • Get along with everybody else in their team
  • Overcome differences or tackle problems in the right manner
  • Put across their concerns without worrying
  • Balance their professional commitments effectively

Dr Prem – A Truly Global Speaker

TEDx Talk by Dr Prem – You are not just a body in this universe, you are a gigantic universe within your body. This talk was given at a TEDx event where in Dr Prem spoke about 7 key points to carve your life – a lean way to live a great life. Dr Prem has proven credentials in public speaking, he has delivered 150+ keynote speeches, presentations and focused corporate workshops and masterclasses in more than 65 countries.

Living a great life is not restricted to a privileged few. A great life does not mean materialistic achievements like wealth accumulation, success in business etc. You can life a great life by carving your path, accumulating good traits and contributing. It is our aptitude and choices that can take us to the right track to live life to the fullest that we deserve.

Dr Prem’s Partial Travel Map including places he has traveled  to learn and share his experiences. Including Places where he has delivered keynote, speeches and conducted workshops and masterclasses.

The progress of the Medical Tourism phenomenon has had enormous impact not just for the patient alone but it has also influenced economic, social, environmental, business and medical sectors. Dr. Prem Jagyasi, renowned researcher and consultant puts light on both the positive and negative impacts of medical tourism which are more than obvious.

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About Dr. Prem Jagyasi

Dr. Prem Jagyasi is an inspiring public speaker who has customized his trainings, masterclasses, workshops, and seminars for many well established and start-ups. He is a business trainer and motivational speaker who believe in addressing problems from the root. As an owner of a company, he understands the hands on challenges that is faced by other owners. His masterclasses, workshops and seminars have helped people to achieve their goals, improve their working methodologies as well as learnt how to deal with various challenging and stressful environments. Dr Prem corporate training, masterclasses and workshops are designed keeping in mind every person’s needs and business requirements to create a positive, effective and result oriented atmosphere.