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Award Winning Global Speaker and Trainer

Recognized globally for his signature, captivating and engaging speeches and masterclasses, Dr Prem Jagyasi has delivered numerous keynote speeches and focused corporate workshops and masterclasses in 65+ countries. More than 1000+ international organizations have benefited from his expertise. Over 112550+ Attended Speeches, MasterClasses & Focused Workshop of Dr Prem.

Be it an informal speech delivered to young professionals or to seasoned professionals from diverse backgrounds, he makes it a point to get his audiences acquainted with all relevant information that deserves mention in his address.

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Global Healthcare Consultancy

The $12 Trillion industry needs guiding hands and support  from experts as Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Blockchain, Genomeds, Precision Medicine, TeleMedicine, 3D Printing and many more advance technologies entering into healthcare market.


World’s first and one of a kind Medical Tourism Directory and B2B Platform, with 5000+ entries of key medical tourism stakeholders and industry movers and shakers. Be the part of this growing industry.


Dr Prem Events is strategic event organization providing event consultancy, event marketing, trainings, workshops and coaching services across the globe. The event firm has delivered/partnered over 100 global events in 65 countries with leading event organizers of world.


We at Dr. Prem deals strive our best to find you the best deals and discounts from around the world. If you are someone who appreciates a good bargain then look no further, we have got you covered.


Our courses are designed to train small organizations and professionals, who want to boost their business game, advance career and live a great life with the perfect signature courses of “carve your life” approach.


Whatever web services you may ever need – Web Development, Mobile App Development, Online Reputation, Guest Posts, SEO, SMO, Digital Marketing or any Web technology solution, just connect.

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One content marketer understands the importance of writing compelling content, and has seen success in a wide variety of industries. Dr Prem, international speaker and web publisher, has focused on creating a portal of dedicated sites around everything from your sex life, to your home life, to your digital life. – Forbes

Forbes A global publication company

“Each day of your life brings a beautiful gift along with it. Even when you fail, you learn things that enable you to make wiser choices. You have nothing to lose at the end of the day. You would certainly find it hard to think of a struggle that did not give you a learning to move on in life.” – Dr Prem Jagyasi | Live Life Guide Quote on Huffington Post

Huffington Post Live Life Guide Quote

“It was a great chance to work with Dr. Prem as he is one of the professionals you will love to work with him, and gain knowledge from him, based on fact that he has worked with us in the project of Health & Wellness in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Prem is great personality who has the knowledge and never hesitates to share it with other”

Government of Saudi ArabiaHead of Wellness Tourism, Tourism Department

“You have (Dr Prem has) considerable knowledge about global healthcare and led a fine discussion during World Health Congress”

– Workshop Conducted by Dr Prem Jagyasi in United State

Mayo ClinicUSA. Director - OBD

“I have worked with Prem during launch of Dubai Health Festival. He is a very sharp result oriented professional”

– Dr Prem Jagyasi organised and managed several health festivals which were supported by Ministry of Health, DUBAI Health Authority and DUBAI Healthcare City

GE HealthcareUSA Marketing Director - HIT

“Dr. Prem is an innovative entrepreneur. He is Creative Writer and Inspiring Speaker”

– Dr Prem Jagyasi worked on several fronts with team of DUBAI Healthcare City including creating several festivals and events.

Medical Tourism Office - Dubai Health AuthorityEx Marketing Director - American Hospital, Dubai

Did you know Dr Prem and Associates have worked with over 2250+ Clients in over 35+ countries? Whatever service you may need, we are just one click away. Lets Connect. 

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Get Personalized and Specialized Training, Masterclass and Coaching with Dr Prem and Associates – A team of Prolific Industry Experts and Leaders. Partners for your success. 

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Live A Great Life Guide & Coaching with Dr Prem & Team | Carve Your Life

How to deal with stress at school as student and as teacher

How to deal with stress at school as student and as teacher

When it comes to dealing with school stress, children tend to take their school life seriously, in turn adversely affecting their health. Remember, if you do not control stress at the right time, stress will start controlling you. Check out the easy ways

Wellness Tourism Guide, Magazine and Consultancy by Dr Prem Jagyasi

A complete guide to understand evolving wellness trends

A complete guide to understand evolving wellness trends

Wellness trends evolving every year reveal a lot of interesting aspects that individuals are striving for.  The growing consciousness of wellness penetrating every stratum of the human pyramid is leading the trend-shifting. After all, wellness is for all. Every year Global Wellness Institute (GWI) devotes precious man-hours to come up with some surprising trends which …

Medical Tourism Guide, Magazine & Consultancy by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Medical Tourism During Covid Crises – News, Trends and Updates

Medical Tourism During Covid Crises – News, Trends and Updates

Listen to this article. For More Podcasts visit https://drprem.com/video Global medical tourism seems to be on the recovery path after dealing with severe blows of Covid-19.  Mass cancellations hit hospitals and the hospitality industry catering to foreign patients. The recovery though slow is promising.  Some light is visible at the end of the tunnel. Countries …

Dr Prem Jagyasi's Quotes

The problem with most of us is that we relinquish that little bit of control that we have over our thoughts.We let our minds feed on whatever we come across on television and in social media, and do not pay any attention to the type of information that we are swallowing.

The problem with most of us is that we relinquish that little bit of control that we have over our thoughts.We let our minds feed on whatever we come across on television and in social media, and do not pay any attention to the type of information that we are swallowing.

The food that we ear nourishes our body and ultimately becomes the deciding factor that determines whether we are healthy or not. In the same way, the thoughts that we ingest have a similar impact on our mental health. Although we might think that it is trivial, but the information that we consume on the …

Smart Tech Guide, Consultancy & Magazine by Dr Prem Jagyasi

A guide to Alugha: Creating multilingual videos easily

A guide to Alugha: Creating multilingual videos easily

Have you ever wished your videos were being watched by millions of people worldwide, irrespective of language? You can’t very well create videos in every language. Till now. With Alugha, viewers can have the option to change the language of the video, when the video is playing/streaming.This means that you have the choice to create …

Dr Prem's Life Improving Guide

8 SUVs That Will Get You on The Highway to Success

8 SUVs That Will Get You on The Highway to Success

There’s nothing quite like an SUV to symbolize your transition from a young adult to an ambitious, family-focused individual. Mercedes SUVs are an excellent way to go if you have the means, but there are plenty of other options to consider if you’re sticking with a more frugal outlook. There are also SUVs that cater …

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A globally acclaimed and award winning strategic leader and speaker – Dr Prem has proven credentials in public speaking, he has delivered 150+ keynote speeches, presentations and focused corporate workshops in more than 45 countries.

Invite Award winning Global Speaker, Leader, Corporate Coach to provide training to your employees. Dr Prem has delivered focused corporate workshops in over 65 countries. Here is quick video of Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Corporate Workshop.

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Carve Your Life Book: Live a Great Life with Carvism is a self-empowerment book for those seeking to find their true self, find meaning in their life and lead a fruitful and successful life. Scheduled to be published in India by Times Book Group, a division of the world’s largest English newspaper, The Times of India, this self-help book will be available at all leading online stores and retail bookstores in Feb 2019.


The team of Dr. Prem and Associates provides high-end consultancy, training, technology, and marketing services to clients across the globe.  The team consists of leaders, managers, researchers, authors, trainers, and experts from more than 40 countries, which further has exceptional experience and unmatched expertise to help your business grow.