Integrative Medicine Guide

Wellness is not just a disposition of the mind, it is a journey that we are on. For people who may be suffering from a type of specific medical condition, integrated medicine is turning out to be an important part of it this journey from illness to wellness.


After years of unsuccessfully trying to fight medical issues using conventional medicines and treatments such as surgery, several people realize that an integration of several methods and medicines are required for a speedier recovery. Instead of sticking to the same medicines such as pain killers which got stronger and forceful on the senses with the escalation of the illness, patients found that an array of non-mainstream approaches to medicine and health care can also be considered.
Complementing conventional treatments with unobtrusive medicinal practices and assimilating them together after rigorous scientific investigation brought about an amalgamation of therapies and medicinal practices. Even though the combination of some approaches such as Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, homeopathy and naturopathy are still viewed as unreliable or debatable among healthcare professionals all over the world, using natural substances as medicine and fusing them with several mind-body practices gave result to an approach of integrating medicine to promote wellness.

A guide to integrative medicine, its difference with functional medicine and why it facilitates better treatment

Integrative medicine is quite a new yet increasingly popular branch of the medical industry. It combines many different branches of…

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Statin Therapy: Does Its Benefits Exceed The Risks Involved?

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Demand Continues To Grow For Chinese Traditional Medicine

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Treat eczema naturally with these essential oils

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Manual lymphatic drainage massage

MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of gentle massage that ensures drainage of the lymph through natural ways.…

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Origin of traditional Thai medicines and homeopathy

Tradition Thai Medicine is a holistic system that employs massage, herbalism, yoga and spirituality. Thai massage is the most renowned…

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The difference between integrative medicine and biomedicine

Integrative medicine and biomedicine are two different branches of the healthcare system. Integrative medicine has now built a niche for…

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Integrative medicine successfully incorporates chiropractic with other treatments

Chiropractic is a popular complementary or alternative therapy that treats our body by working on the misaligned joints to cure…

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Integrative medicine is the choice of 80 percent cancer patients.

Being diagnosed with cancer can make someone feel completely helpless and vulnerable. It is a life altering disease which has…

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Integrative medicine is the hope for the future of medical industry

In the last few years, integrative medicine has got lots of attention from patients all over the world. It has…

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