Wellness tourism offers a great opportunity to enhance your well-being while vacationing through structured programs. You relax and rejuvenate at your will without missing out on any pleasure related to your holiday. Nearly half of […]

A Short Guide on Wellness Tourism Planning

Medical wellness is an evolving healthcare practice aimed at sustainable well-being. Medical care and wellness cannot work in silos but need to be integrated for enhanced well-being. Therefore, the future of medical tourism lies in medical wellness

Medical Wellness – The Integrated and Holistic Approach

The global wellness tourism market is projected to cross $1 trillion by 2024 (GWI)heralding exponential demand growth for skilled wellness tourism facilitators. Who are they? What are the prerequisites?How can they bridge the gap in

A Comprehensive Guide to Wellness Tourism Facilitator Business by Dr Prem – Definition, Importance, Essential Skills, Market Identification, and Tips to Hire

Transformative travel is something to do with widening your mental horizon and getting insights from visiting places and people. It adds value to your life enabling you to make significant life modifications. It may bring about radical

hiking routes in Mont Blanc

On my globetrotting pathway, it is Slovenia this time that captured my heart. “Love” is ingrained in its name and so in its nature. Love is in the air – rightly describes Slovenia’s indefinable charm.

wellness tourism in Slovenia

Spas are an integral part of every wellness program and spa treatments are gaining popularity due to the many different health benefits they provide. This year we are witnessing several new trends, which make spa

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A wellness companion can be anybody, a friend, a domestic partner or someone from your family, who will assist you and travel with you on your wellness journey. It becomes essential for you as a


While opt for a renowned wellness tourism destination, hence it becomes more vital for all potential wellness tourists to analyze the quality of the facility and the qualifications of the therapists. Alternative medicines are not

Why evaluation of services is important when opting for wellness tourism

Every year, millions of tourists travel to a foreign country for wellness care. They generally visit developing nations in order to get quality wellness care at affordable prices. Visiting these developing nations for wellness tourism

How to protect against infections during your wellness trip
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