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Wellness Guide Homepage by Dr Prem Jagyasi offers guide on emotional wellnes, healthy living, wellness trends and places that offer better treatment.

A guide to your way to holistic wellness to beat any crisis

Holistic wellness means perceiving wellness as a whole considering every factor influencing our mind, body and spirit, a utopian harmony…

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A guide to immunity-boosting retreats for wellness resorts and guests

Great opportunities lie ahead for wellness resorts as immunity-boosting retreats pick up among other wellness travel trends. Fast growing metabolic…

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Latest Spa trends & how to make the right choice- A guide

If we speak of the latest spa trends, it is largely influenced by modern stressful lifestyle and unpredictable global crisis. The spa…

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Exploring Goa’s potential in wellness tourism business

A 365-day tourist destination Goa is accepted globally as an international tourist destination. It brings along hand in hand an…

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Top Wellness Tourism and Wellness Resort Courses by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Quick videos on wellness and wellness tourism Quick video: Introduction to wellness Global wellness market is valued at $4.3 trillion,…

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A guide to understanding the latest wellness trends

Wellness trends evolving every year reveal a lot of interesting aspects that individuals are striving for. A recent Mckinsey survey report…

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A Complete Guide to Wellness Resort Design and Architecture by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Wellness is more of sensory experiences. Understanding the need for sensory experiences and enhancing it through interactions with the surroundings…

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Guide to understanding different types of spas and their benefits

During ancient times, thermal and mineral baths were the best place for social gatherings. It was such places where people…

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Guide to understanding health benefits of a medical spa

Medical spas are the best escapades to relax, take care of you and discover the beautiful side of our life…

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Swaswara, Prakriti Shakti Naturopathy Clinic & Kalari Kovikalam Ayurveda Hospital Wellness Resorts – A distinctive approach to wellness

Swaswara,Gokarna, Karnataka Image Source : cghearth.com/swaswara Swaswara resort in Gokarna, Karnataka overlooking the Om beach is an experience on a…

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