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Health and wellness tourism involves people traveling to different locations across the globe to benefit from a range of wellness experiences that offer healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. So, to answer the question ‘what is health […]

A Complete Guide on Health Tourism by Dr Prem

Alternative wellness tourism involves people traveling nationally and internationally for healthcare treatments and availing alternative therapies and medicines. Alternative medicine refers to medications used to treat or cure a physical ailment, though not in the

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Modern Thai therapies flaunt a unique blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Biomedicine; however, this fact never belittles the importance of Traditional Thai medicines and therapies, which Thai physicians and therapists utilize to treat

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History of Homeopathy It all started with a small dose of mandrake root that Hippocrates prescribed to one of his patients to treat mania in 400 BC. Later, in the 16th century, noted pharmacologist Paracelsus

History of Steam Bath

Some would argue that Hippocrates, the Father of medicine, pioneered the practice of Naturopathy around 400 BC. He formulated the concept of nature’s healing power, which formed the basis of modern naturopathic medicine; however, the


Once you prepare your budget and get ready to travel overseas, decide as to how you will make the payments. You can make your payment through various means. You can use your personal savings to

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The term ‘spa’ comes from the Latin phrase, Salus per Aquam, which refers to using healing power of water to enhance your health. In old days, people used to visit hot or cold springs to

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Protection against infections Millions of tourists travel overseas for wellness care every year, with a majority of them choosing to visit developing third world nations and regions in order to get quality wellness care at

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Since integrative medicine puts patient at the center of the treatment process, it highly appeals to international tourists who want to combine their trip with wellness programs. People are seeking to benefit from the best

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Integrative medical tourism involves travelling to far-off countries in search of therapies and treatments that accentuates on the doctor-patient relationship and uses the least invasive, least toxic, and least expensive methods. While conventional medicine refers

Integrative Medical Tourism
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