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Can viruses be friendly? We see viruses as unbeatable killers. Do they act differently? Phage Therapy (PT) or Bacteriophage Therapy is the answer.  Phages are beneficial viruses that kill harmful bacteria. These micro warriors ubiquitous […]

Guide to Phage Therapy – Concept, History, Application and Future Potential

Wellness resort and hotel businesses will not be the same despite the revival in global tourism. Increasingly demanding and more conscious travelers have changed the entire gameplan. In this scenario, lack of expert consultancy can

How lack of expert consultancy can be costly for your wellness resorts, wellness hotels

Yoga is aimed at calming the mind, promote tranquility in the body, and helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. The practice originated in ancient India and thereafter it has been adopted and modified by Buddhists and Jains. It is believed that yoga wa

most effective yoga asanas for weight loss by Dr Prem

Wellness resorts and wellness hotel businesses are poised to grow considerably with effective implementation of Sales and Leaseback model. After a prolonged lull in global travel, hospitality sector prefers to go asset-light strategy to free

Sales and Leaseback of Wellness Resorts

Ayurvedic treatments are contributing significantly to the wellness resort businesses all over the world. Seldom do you find a dedicated wellness resort or wellness hotel or wellness spa without Ayurvedic therapies in their spa menus,

Ayurvedic Treatments and its requirements in Wellness Resort programs

Wellness clubs are centers that offer holistic support to your wellbeing. We have embraced wellness to set the mind-body-spirit harmony. As we have seen recently, physical fitness when accompanied by mental fitness enhances our resilience

Wellness Club

The pandemic necessitated lockdowns by governments as well as self-curtailing of normal activities. Normal life was completely disrupted, leading to an upheaval of our mental, emotional, and physical states. Life has gradually returned to somewhat

Girl standing with raised arms near the waterfall

Covid-19 has shaken humanity to the core. Within a few days/weeks/months, it changed the lives of almost everyone throughout the world. It did not spare anyone – people living in developed countries, as well as

Microneedling skin treatment

Today we are flooded with information on immunity-boosting but we are missing the most important aspect -immunity balancing. The term ‘body immunity’ is not new. We are all aware of it but not conscious of

Immunity-balancing strategies for your wellness

In the era of wellness commodification, Anvi Ayurvedic School in Goa led by Dr. Renuka Yadav is on a great mission. A mission to spread the knowledge and awareness of Ayurveda making people realize its

Dr. Renuka Yadav, the founder of Anvi Ayurvedic School, Goa
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