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Guide to Ayurvedic Treatments and its requirements in Wellness Resort programs by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Ayurvedic treatments are contributing significantly to the wellness resort businesses all over the world. Seldom do you find a dedicated…

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A Complete Guide to Wellness Club by Dr Prem – Definition, Importance And Prime Features

Wellness clubs are centers that offer holistic support to your wellbeing. We have embraced wellness to set the mind-body-spirit harmony.…

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Guide to emerging Immersive Wellness Experiences- its benefits and importance in wellness tourism and wellness resorts

The pandemic necessitated lockdowns by governments as well as self-curtailing of normal activities. Normal life was completely disrupted, leading to…

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Guide to develop corporate wellness hotels or Corporate Wellness Resorts

Do you know organizations are including wellness getaways in their contracts of CEOs and executives? They are even encouraging paid…

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How will the Wellness Industry get a massive boost post covid era?

Covid-19 has shaken humanity to the core. Within a few days/weeks/months, it changed the lives of almost everyone throughout the…

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Guide on how to deal with loneliness and overcome it

Loneliness is a big deterrent to wellness.It is as dangerous as smoking fifteen cigarettes a day. Today, people are lonelier…

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Immunity-balancing strategies for your wellness – A guide

Today we are flooded with information on immunity-boosting but we are missing the most important aspect -immunity balancing. The term…

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Reinventing authentic Panchakarma Ayurveda, Dr Prem in an open chat with Dr. Renuka Yadav, the founder of Anvi Ayurvedic School, Goa

In the era of wellness commodification, Anvi Ayurvedic School in Goa led by Dr. Renuka Yadav is on a great…

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Guide to some popular wellness tourism destinations in Asia

One-third of the global wellness trips happen in Asia says Beth McGroarty, Vice president Research of GWI (Global Wellness Institute).…

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Wellness tourism : Understanding the basics

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), “Wellness tourism can be defined as the form of travel to maintain or…

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