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In the era of wellness commodification, Anvi Ayurvedic School in Goa led by Dr. Renuka Yadav is on a great mission. A mission to spread the knowledge and awareness of Ayurveda making people realize its […]

Dr. Renuka Yadav, the founder of Anvi Ayurvedic School, Goa

People often spend huge amount to keep them and their family healthy and often get zero results. Alternative medicine offers you an advanced treatment with desirable results at highly affordable prices. Alternative or holistic medicine

holistic healing

Animal assisted therapy or AAT is a special kind of therapy that is provided with the help of well trained animals. This type of treatment aims to enhance a patient’s mental, social, emotional and cognitive

Animal assisted therapy for your wellness

Salt therapy aka Halotherapy, though an age-old treatment concept is very much relevant even today with medical experts championing its amazing benefits. More importantly, this therapy has made a great comeback as a popular wellness trend

Halotherapy, health benefits and useful tips

Visiting spa for better wellbeing is an ancient practice but people had fewer options and lesser accessibility. But in this 21st century, spa goers have swelled astronomically whether it is for better appearance or health.

choosing the right spa and spa etiquettes

Music is a magic in itself. It enchants the hearts and minds
of every people. It soothes our pain and busts our stress. It has a power to
heal which relieves all our miseries and make our mind relaxed. According to a
research, music has a deep effect on o

Wellness music meets music therapy f
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