Individuals suffering from cancer usually consider alternative treatments in addition to the conventional treatments they undergo to treat the condition. Alternative treatments offer some respite from cancer and its symptoms. They may not offer immediate […]

Happy and young cancer survivor after successful chemotherapy

A spa vacation can change the direction of your life and lifestyle. Spa is an ancient method of healing, as it is beneficial to remove impurities from the body and promote health. As people are

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If you are planning a vacation trip then you may consider incorporating some of the wellness programs into it to enjoy your holidays as well as usher in physical and mental fitness that will stay

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People these days have hectic lives and with it, stress levels are increasing day by day. It is extremely important to take occasional breaks and go out on vacations for relaxation and reducing stress. The


Originating in Japan and over 100 years old, Shiatsu is physical therapy, which focuses on holistic Chinese practices to correct energy flow imbalances in the body. Also called the “Finger Pressing Massage,” Shiatsu focuses on


Worries and problems these days has become a part of our life. Even if you are physically fit, stress and tension makes you mentally weak. You feel like banging your hand on the wall or

Relax your mind and body with hot stone massage

Destination spa gives you the tools for leading a healthier and a happy life and California is one of the best spa destinations in the world. California is a paradise for spa lovers as more

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With the growing changes in our busy lifestyle, many of us want to escape from the chaos of the real world to a secluded world of peace at least for a few hours. To this

Close-up of a Beautiful Woman Getting Spa Treatment.

Raindrop therapy is an alternative wellness therapy that is popularly used to treat and correct defects in the spine curvature. This therapy is non-invasive and acts powerfully to direct the spinal curvature correction.

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Rosen method is a type of bodywork or an alternative healing therapy that uses gentle physical approach to provide relief and relaxation of the body and mind. In this, the muscles that are held are

Woman Enjoying Back Massage
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