Rosen method

Rosen method is a type of bodywork or an alternative healing therapy that uses gentle physical approach to provide relief and relaxation of the body and mind. In this, the muscles that are held are worked on to develop a sense of awareness and cause relaxation. This can also be practiced to create general awareness and to promote personal development.



A physical therapist, Marion Rosen, worked with patients having physical troubles owing to previous injuries and other causes. She realized that most of the patients, who suffered from injuries and other trauma, did continue to experience pain and discomfort even after the actual injury had subsided. She found that this was mainly because the stress that the injuries caused has remained in the body and the mind in the form of tensed muscles.


The basic concept of Rosen method is that the trapped energy within the tensed muscles should be released. The therapy aims at working on the tight muscles to provide relief and relaxation. A gentle touch by a trained therapist helps the muscles to release their tension and helps the person to appreciate the sensitive touch that can cause healing of their mind.

With Rosen method, the therapist helps the person to relax and feel better. Free movements that are aware of the surrounding and internal barriers are performed. The movements enable the person to move freely, naturally and remain relaxed. It also helps to improve flexibility, range of motion and supports the overall growth and development.



Rosen method is practiced by a trained therapist and aims at gently touching the person to develop a sense of awareness. This is practiced as therapy sessions as decided by the therapist. The person is made to lie on the massage table in partially clothed but covered with a blanket.

The practitioner understands the tightness in the person’s muscles and responds to the changes by using gentle touch and words. This touch is non manipulative touch and aims only at creating self awareness and to encourage the person to recognize their feelings. Any emotions that the person feels like sharing can be disclosed to the therapist during the process.



This therapy is useful in providing relief to patients suffering from negative feelings and stress. It helps to improve breathing capacity and range of motion. Other common ailments that can find improvement are headaches, arthritis, chronic neck and back pain, feeling of tiredness.

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