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A comprehensive, go-to travel guide for travelers with actionable tips, insightful suggestions, how to deal with advices, and useful hacks to help them find top travel destinations and prepare travel plan. For professionals, get usable info on various types of niche tourism in an easy-to-understand guide format. Curated and compiled by a global traveler with his footprints across 65+ countries, Dr Prem’s Travel Guide also prides itself in helping travel industry colleagues with travel business consultancy services, aside from content marketing and promotion.
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Indian landmark Gadi Sagar - artificial lake view through arch. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
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Titanic Museum, Belfast, Ireland
Dark Tourism Guide

A complete guide to Dark Tourism by Dr Prem – History, Importance, Planning, Activities, and Destinations

The history of Dark tourism is long and interesting. It was a pronounced phenomenon during the middle ages. It assumed a huge proportion in the …

Dr Prem's Travel Blog

Garden Village Bled, an interview with the gardener Jan Bizjak

The extraordinary garden and greenery around the Garden Village Bled Resort owes almost every bit of its prodigious features to the man who had cared …

My Trip To Kurumba Resort
Dr Prem's Travel Blog

My Trip To Kurumba Resort – A Connoisseur Of Quality Stay At Luxury Villas and Châteaux.

My recent visit to Maldives has radically changed my notion of how good a beach front resort could be. I have been holidaying in resortsfor …

most scenic small towns in Austria appealing for tourists
Travel Destination Guide

Guide to most scenic small towns in Austria appealing for tourists

Austria is a panoramic country with some of the most bewitching landscapes described by mighty mountains and spectacular meadows. Whether you talk of cities, towns …

Travel Destination Guide

A traveller’s guide to see world’s most beautiful shopping malls

A shopping mall or a shopping center is the place where one or more buildings form a complex of shop to represent merchandisers, with interconnecting …

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