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Dr Prem Travel & Tourism Guide, Consultancy & Magazine

A comprehensive, go-to travel guide for travelers with actionable tips, insightful suggestions, how to deal with advices, and useful hacks to help them find top travel destinations and prepare travel plan. For professionals, get usable info on various types of niche tourism in an easy-to-understand guide format. Curated and compiled by a global traveler with his footprints across 65+ countries, Dr Prem’s Travel Guide also prides itself in helping travel industry colleagues with travel business consultancy services, aside from content marketing and promotion.
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Indian landmark Gadi Sagar - artificial lake view through arch. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India
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Guide to Senior Tourism
Tourism Guide

A Complete Guide to Senior Tourism by Dr Prem Jagyasi – Definition, Interesting Facts, Essential Components, Planning Tips, Top Destinations and Many More

Senior tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism markets as today’s young blood move steady as a group towards senile decay. With their muscles ...
space tourism
Tourism Guide

A Guide to Space Tourism by Dr Prem Jagyasi – Definition, History, Legal and Ethical aspects, astronaut’s tips, pros and cons, and many more

Reaching out the unknown and unexplored has been the mankind’s pursuits ever since its evolution. A space industry events are no different from that. If ...
A Complete Guide to Tribal Tourism by Dr Prem
Tourism Guide

A Complete Guide to Tribal Tourism by Dr Prem- Essential Components, Activities, Destinations, Planning Tips, and Many More

Tribal tourism is an interesting trip to a rather primitive world where you are exposed to a culture quite different from your own. It is far ...
A Complete Guide to War Tourism by Dr Prem
Tourism Guide

A Complete Guide to War Tourism by Dr Prem – Definition, History, Features, Planning Tips and Destinations

War tourism is travelling to battle fields and frontiers where the traces of combat between the rival troops are still fresh as if the smell ...
Sculptures in the South Gate of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Travel Guide Popular

A Guide on Things to Do in Angkor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Dr Prem Jagyasi

Cambodia’s reputation in the global tourism market doesn’t need any special mention. Angkor Vat has been fascinating tourists since long. Nearly, 2.6 million tourists visit ...
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