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Dr Prem Travel & Tourism Guide, Consultancy & Magazine

A comprehensive, go-to travel guide for travelers with actionable tips, insightful suggestions, how to deal with advices, and useful hacks to help them find top travel destinations and prepare travel plan. For professionals, get usable info on various types of niche tourism in an easy-to-understand guide format. Curated and compiled by a global traveler with his footprints across 65+ countries, Dr Prem’s Travel Guide also prides itself in helping travel industry colleagues with travel business consultancy services, aside from content marketing and promotion.
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Chateau de Chaumont
Travel Destination Guide

Guide to beautiful countryside, exotic wine spots and chateaus in France

Talking about a vacation in France, the gorgeous Paris, Cannes, Lyon, and Versailles flash in our minds.  If your soul and eyes are weary of …

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10 Most unhygienic cities people prone to sickness shouldn’t visit

Quality of outdoor air is deteriorating. It is alarming that around 90 % of the global population is being adversely affected by it as revealed …

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A Complete Guide to Extreme Tourism by Dr Prem – Definition, History, Key Features, Planning Tips, Destinations and More

This is a dare for those enthusiasts having a strong cardio health with the right age not anywhere near the verge of senility. The extreme …

Bratislava Hotel Review
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Bratislava Hotel review – Impressive hospitality catering to all requirements of business events

Located in Kiev, or Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, the Bratislava hotel exudes European sophistication offered with the renowned Ukranian hospitality. It is a gorgeous …

Travel Destination Guide

Some Amazing Aspects of Ajanta and Ellora Caves- A Review by Malvika Shah

I have always been fascinated by ancient India.  We are truly a home to mysterious culture and a very rich literature. Our history encompasses epic …

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