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Many people consider ecotourism a thoroughly modern phenomenon, and believe that hipsters, who devoted their lives to the study of the environment and are dedicated to the protection of environmental sites and natural wonders, developed it. However, you’d be surprised […]

brief history of ecotourism

If you’re planning a trip to Bali, you should expect good food, great nightlife, amazing people, inspirational views, and thrilling activities. We chalk out top adventurous activities, tourist destinations and amazing beaches to include in your trip to Bali. You

adventurous activities in Bali

Ecotourism has become something of a buzzword with international travelers in the last four decades. Even the jetsetters are open to trying to be as uninvasive in tourism spots with delicate ecosystems which actually help these ecotourism spots create a


Flying from one destination to another is quite convenient and easy. The ‘economy’ flight sector has opened up the world for most people worldwide. So many planes flying worldwide have led to environment pollution, caused by planes and the airports


Yediburunlar is one of those tourism destinations, which proves itself as a stunning tourism as well as an ecotourism destination. It is a beautiful lighthouse located on an amazing cliff top location and a perfect place to spend your summer

Yediburunlar Lighthouse

Areas that are preserved, maintained, or managed for their cultural, natural, or ecological values are known as protected areas. These areas serve to prevent a loss, extinction, or damage to species, ecosystems, or cultural practices. Many protected areas have been

World’s biggest protected parks

There are many wonderful tourist spots in the southeastern parts of Asia. Foreign tourists flock to these places for enjoying a long and exotic vacation. What many people do not know is that there are many exquisite offbeat places in


The beautiful country of Philippines has been a tourist destination for a long time. It is also an abode for numerous volcanoes, which are active as well as inactive. Thousands of tourists flock to Philippines in order to look at

Visiting the scenic volcanic mountain peaks in Philippines - A nature lover’s treat

What is Diffrence between Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism? Ecotourism and Sustainable tourism are different in nature. Sustainable tourism is not limited to traveling to ecological areas, but it aims to reduce negative impact of human activity in a holistic way,

Poor strata of local community avail the economic development through Ecotourism that generate earning for them and thus form a source of restitution for disadvantaged rural communities. It promotes business partnerships between conservation authority, private sector and local residents and

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