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The call of Valentine is straight from Cupid, and 14th February has a special significance for the lovers around the world. Since the day is special having a lot to unfold between lovers in terms of romance and warm proximity […]

Ocean Key Resort & Spa, Florida

Golfing unwinds and gives you shot of energy as you swing your club and hit the ball that goes flying into the distant horizon quite out of the reach of your visibility. This has a positive impact on your psyche

Golfing destinations

Winters are always about snow, snow and more snow. While the initial days of the season can be fun filled, the cold will sooner or later, start getting to you. This would probably be the best time to pack your

Get frightened for fun!

US destinations are quite senior friendly and there are wide choices that come at a reasonable price and are easily accessible as well. These destinations are exclusive offering wonderful activities and exposures as if cut out for the aged. Let

senior travelers

Located in the heart of the idyllic and secluded Exumas chain, 70 miles from Nassau and 230 miles from Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Over Yonder Cay is a place that would turn your long lost dreams into reality. Known as Exumas

Over Yonder Cay to personalize your vacation

If you were on the outlook for finding the perfect travel spot in the United States that has everything you wanted in a holiday- the Tampa-St. Petersburg area might be it. The place has some of the best beaches in

The best places to visit in the Tampa Vicinity

We all love to enjoy and spend some time with our family and friends in water parks on a hot summer day. Water parks have been around for decades and it all started with the first water park in the

Best water parks in the US for those who love a splashy adventure

Almost everyone loves beaches! Thanks to beautiful sands, the perfect sunset, sparkling water and limitless sports opportunities, beaches offer ultimate relaxation and enjoyment. A perfect beach holiday is the one, which drains away all tiredness of the tourist with fresh

Best beach holiday destinations for thrill seekers!

The joy of snorkeling has its unique charm. The tourist has a splendid opportunity of viewing underwater flora and fauna with the snorkeling gear on. It is rather easy and doesn’t require the special effort and training as is needed

Top five snorkeling destinations for a thrilling vacation

Swimming with dolphins is always an experience worth enjoying. Apart from several world-renowned aquariums that let visitors swim with these friendly mammals, there are certain destinations around the world that offer visitors one of a kind interactive and educations dolphin

the world's smallest and rarest marine dolphin, Akaroa Harbour, New Zealand
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