The best places to visit in the Tampa Vicinity

The best places to visit in the Tampa Vicinity

If you were on the outlook for finding the perfect travel spot in the United States that has everything you wanted in a holiday- the Tampa-St. Petersburg area might be it. The place has some of the best beaches in the country, animal attractions, museums, science centres and great theme parks all within a 1 ½ hour’s drive. The weather is perfect and the cruise lines are also there. However, if living in the city is your thing then Tampa is the third largest city in Florida and has everything you might desire except mountains.

You can do anything from tanning under the bright sun or simply unwinding yourself, however, if you want to have a bit of fun and adventure then you can certainly opt for the following:


You would be able to find many options when it comes to beaches as you would only require a short drive from downtown Tampa. The Fort De Soto County Park is perhaps the best destination to head for as this beach has been ranked as the best by Trip Advisor and although there are nearly 2.7 million visitors in the park- the beachfront is however quite spacious and can accommodate a lot of people.

Amusement parks

Orlando, the largest recreational place in the world is just about an hour’s drive from Tampa. But apart from Orlando, there is also another beautiful park called Busch Gardens Tampa which has some great roller coasters and a Serengeti Plain where you can spot the African wildlife.

Animal sightseeing points

The Florida aquarium is another great place to visit and has been ranked as one of the best places in the world. There are many interactive exhibits there and the Eco-Tour is something that should not be missed. They also have some exquisite marine animals from the Tamba Bay and Gulf of Mexico regions.

Science centres

The Museum of Science and Industry of Tampa is a place that will keep your children occupied with its various interactive gadgets. You can also go and check out the Imax Dome. If you can to get a feel of local Tampa then do check out the Ybor City Museum- which is small but has a great historical value in terms of the history of Cuban immigration and the cigar industry.


The Tampa Vicinity is something that would cater to multiple tastes of the avid tourist who wants a bit if variety in his or her itinerary. From Disneyworld, aquariums and museums to the beaches and sunshine, there is a lot to explore in the area that would make it one of the ideal vacation destinations.

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