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Introduction to travel medicine

More than 800 million patients travel abroad for various kinds of treatments. Since international boundaries are crossed more frequently, it has become necessary for potential medical tourists to seek pre-travel advice. As part of this advice, patients will be recommended to take precautionary measures to prevent them from contracting a foreign disease or infection. There is a long list of travel-associated medical issues, making this section on travel medicine crucial for every medical tourist to read and understand.

The concept of travel medicine includes pre-travel considerations, protecting against infections and prevention of foreign diseases. This concept holds an important significance in the field of medical tourism for many reasons because tourists are flying to foreign regions to avail healthcare and do not even consider the possibility of contracting another disease when abroad. This section will describe the necessary preparations you, the tourist, should have in place in order to prevent yourself from acquiring a potentially dangerous disease when abroad.

On many occasions the wise packing of necessary first-aid medications has proven to be life saving. Now, both government and non government organizations are working hard in order to spread awareness among global tourists regarding travel medicine.  Medical tourists recognize the importance of adhering to guidelines set by professional practitioners.

In developing countries where medical tourism is flourishing, not all patients from European and Western nations are immune to several complex issues. Examples of common travel medicine practices are the prevention and treatment of malaria, traveller’s diathermia, influenza and various other viral and bacterial infections. These infectious diseases, wilderness diseases, tropical cures, immunization and public health are all a part of the complex nature and development of travel medicine.

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