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When traveling abroad, it is very important to behave politely and show respect to local customs. Some customs and traditions in some nations may shock you or make you laugh but it is not necessary that you show your disrespect […]

not to pick our nose in public

My recent visit to Cappadocia in Turkey for attending a high-powered global conference on health and wellness was marked by pleasant surprises. Not only the country offers mesmerizing landscapes and an exquisite ancient civilization worth exploring, the underground cities built

turkey underground cities

Planning a wedding is quite stressful and hectic. The bride and groom hardly get any rest with so many rituals, ceremonies and parties that an Indian wedding entails. So after the wedding is over, you plan your honeymoon to get

Honeymooning Couples from India

Unique experiences enrich your life.  My stay at the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey was certainly an experience of that kind that enriched my thoughts and visions. The name itself conjures up a surrealistic charm where history and luxury mingled

Museum Hotel Cappadocia

To combine vacationing pleasure with business development, the potential of a destination requires a considerable research and exploration into possibilities, and the acceptance of such a destination by prospective customers meriting an investment depends on many factors. The good news


Who can say no to a piece of cake that looks absolutely delectable? Cakes happen to be one of the greater pleasures of life we tend to enjoy on an occasional basis. Be it festivals or events, nothing is complete

classic and traditional cake

Underground vacations could be an intensely thrilling experience. The anticipation of what could lie ahead on your way through a shroud of pitch dark environment would certainly give you goose bumps. Could prehistoric animals and other potential threats lying in

turkey underground cities

Christmas is a superlative occasion to celebrate! The iconic Christmas tree, the jingle, the chorus, the bearded Santa with his pack of souvenirs and of course the grand dinner and wine portray a very familiar urbane picture of merry festive

romantic Christmas holidays

The tradition of relaxing in a luxurious bathhouse goes back millennia. In Roman times, it was common practice for the more affluent to indulge in this activity. Today, bathhouses and spas represent a vibrant business. A bathhouse is meant to

The best bathhouses in the business

Visitors willing to visit a new destination every time might not find the right place to visit. At Cappadocia, you can easily enjoy the splendid cave churches, moonscapes and the fairy chimneys of Goreme. You along with your family as

Tour to explore× Cappadocia tradition and customs in Turkey
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