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9 Weird and funny do’s and don’ts in different countries

not to pick our nose in public

When traveling abroad, it is very important to behave politely and show respect to local customs. Some customs and traditions in some nations may shock you or make you laugh but it is not necessary that you show your disrespect towards them. Some actions and gestures in different countries may seem to be funny. So, here are some weird and funny dos and don’t’s in different countries which are very necessary for you to learn if you have plans to go there:

9 Weird and funny do’s and don’ts in different countries

1.      Brazil

gesture of giving thumbs up is considered as very offensive

Famous for their rich culture, carnivals and their lively dance called samba, Brazil is a world famous tourist destination. You may have heard a lot of things about this biggest South American country but many people don’t know that the hand gesture of giving thumbs up is considered as very offensive by the Brazilians. The same is applied to some Middle Eastern countries as well.

2.     Greece

waving at people

Waving at our friends is a normal and common gesture in most of the countries, but if you are in Greece, then you are highly advised to stop your habit of waving at people. Greek people do not receive well to the gesture of waving at people with your open palm because it is considered as an offensive gesture in their country.

3.      Germany

offensive with blowing your nose

In Germany, there’s nothing impolite or offensive with blowing your nose while having your meal with your family or friends. So, before making plans for dinner with your German friend, make sure he is not suffering from any cold.

4.      Japan

slurping sound while eating your noodles

We often teach our kids not to make sound while eating or drinking but if you are Japanese, then you were taught the exact opposite. In Japan, it is not considered as offensive if you make loud slurping sound while eating your noodles. In fact, this act says that you appreciate the cook for cooking such delicious food. But do not leave tips.

5.      Thailand

not to pick our nose in public

Since kids, we were taught not to pick our nose in public. Doing this is often considered as gross and impolite by the people around us. However, in Thailand, if you are picking your nose while talking to other people then it is not considered impolite at all but instead this act symbolizes good hygiene.

6.      Russia

try to impress her with flowers

If you ever meet a Russian girl and try to impress her with flowers, then make sure you send her flowers in odd numbers. Giving flowers in even numbers in Russia is considered as inviting death because they give even number of flowers only to the dead people as a funeral custom.

7.      Italy:


Do not order cappuccino in Italian restaurants after 11 am. This may sound really weird not to order a drink from where it has originated! But Italians have a sound reason behind this. Italians are firmly convinced that having milk after any meal will be troublesome for the digestive system.

8.      China:

Never gift a clock

Never gift a clock or an umbrella as a present. These two items according to the Chinese culture means separate or disperse.

9.      Turkey:

OK gesture

Never show the OK gesture (that is when your forefinger touches the thumb) as it is offensive in Turkey. This means you are signaling them as homosexual which is not considered good here. It is also not proper to point finger to somebody.

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