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Why Wellness Tourism Advisor

If you want to create memories and change your life with wellness tourism, you have come to the right destination.

Why at all you need to travel and which destination would you prefer to visit? How well do you know your needs? Are you sure your chosen destination will fulfill all your needs and objectives?  Travel is becoming more wellness-centric than ever. Whether you are an avid traveller, explorer, globe-trotter, or run a travel business, medical and wellness centre, our wellness tourism advisor team will offer you a broader perspective of travel that can fulfil varied health and wellness objectives. For wanderlust souls, it would be an eye-opener helping them to get the best of time and money.

People are valuing wellness more than anything else. Travelers, today, yearn to disconnect from daily stress and anxieties. They want to rediscover the inner connect and that with the family, friends, and surroundings.With our advice, you will be pleasantly surprised to evolve as a better image of yourself ready to fire on all cylinders. We aim to guide you with the best-fit all-inclusive wellness tourism plans taking the stress out of you.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Complimentary Wellness Consultation

tourism plans taking the stress out of you.

We strongly believe in wellness and support wellness tourism. We are always open to your queries and would be happy to help you. How aware are you of wellness travel? We would like to know about you and your requirements. Regardless of your needs, budget and location, Dr Prem’s wellness advisor team is always there with valuable wellness consultation.

Enriched with knowledge-based experience on various facets of wellness, we have helped travellers, patients, agencies and service providers with the right solutions. You can reach out to us for any kind of wellness or tourism-related service/support. With our vast global network of wellness and medical specialists, therapists, wellness coaches, experts, hospitality leaders, healthcare organizations, wellness providers, and travel organizations, we support your needs and purpose with the right solution for your wellness tourism needs. Feel free to reach out to us.

Complimentary Wellness Consultation

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Dr Prem Wellness Provider

Get the right wellness provider

What could you expect from your wellness trip? Do you have any specific health and wellness goals? Are you travelling solo, or in a group? How far are you willing to travel? Do you have any specific destination in mind, if yes, then why? What is your budget? You may or may not be sure of these. And selecting the right provider may well seem overwhelming in this crowded market.

But worry not! Whatever be your wellness tourism needs, Dr Prem’s experienced advisor team will help you to reach out to the right wellness provider. Our long-standing partnerships are only with those providers who share our philosophy and principles. Our experts take utmost care in assessing your wellness needs and recommend the provider who will be able to offer you a highly satisfactory wellness experience. Be it alternative medicine, spa treatments, anti-ageing therapies, mind-body wellness programs, cultural exploration, voluntourism, we will make sure you get the right provider.

Select the right wellness resort

Longing for an exciting holiday in a wellness resort but not sure of picking the right one? A wrong choice can spoil your objective of wellness tourism. Many travellers go for a random resort selection and end up spending heavily. Many are not even aware of how proper resort selection can make a big difference in their travel experience. Even if you have prior experience in a wellness resort spa, making a more focused selection will always give you better returns. With varied wellness resorts mushrooming here and there, it could be overwhelming to make the right choice. Offerings of wellness resorts are diverse which are mainly location-based, and it is quite likely to create confusion unless it is well-understood. With a rich experience of visiting and reviewing countless resorts all over the world, Dr Prem wellness tourism advisor team offers you the right need-based recommendations of resorts anywhere in the world for a transformative wellness experience in your chosen wellness resort vacation.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Find the right wellness tourism destination

Destination matters in wellness tourism. Each wellness destination is unique in its offerings, and it is not possible for all to have everything in fingertips. With years of thorough research and personal experience in diverse destination offerings, our team will work with you to find the best wellness tourism destination suiting your requirements and budget. The destination for a recuperating patient will not be the same for a person looking for sheer relaxation and rejuvenation.

Apart from the popular ones, lesser-known destinations with hidden wellness treasures offer great immersive wellness experiences much to the delight of wellness seekers. These destinations neither charge high nor are less attractive. Interestingly, these hidden wellness spots are much coveted by the crowd-averse wellness travellers. Our specialty in recommendations of exclusive wellness destinations lies in paying attention to your special needs. You never know that great wellness destinations have existed just a few steps away from your door!

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Wellness Coach

Wellness coach and therapist selection

Wellness tourism providers have many listed coaches and therapists in their programs. You will find a long list of different programs run by wellness resorts and centres. How exciting a program package may seem to be, it is prudent to cross-check the credentials and background of the coach and therapist while selecting a program in a wellness resort or medical spa. Since wellness therapies and treatments are not regulated in many destinations, the chances of falling into wrong hands are high. Certainly, you will not be willing to risk your health and wellness.  Who is the right wellness coach for you? What do you need to check with the therapist? What are the certifications possessed by therapists? What is the track record of the therapist or coach? Having a thorough check on these vital matters may not be possible for a naïve person. Professional consultation is a must. Our experienced advisor team will recommend best therapists/coaches with proven credentials and track record that would ensure the safety and efficacy of wellness treatments/therapies opted by you.

Plan exciting at-home wellness retreats and breaks

Not ready to take a long-distance wellness trip? No worries. Our guidance will bring you the most-desired wellness break in your cosy nest. Homecations and staycations are evolving wellness travel trends where you can enjoy wellness breaks either at your home or in any nearby place. Right from creating the perfect wellness space to live stream of virtual wellness sessions, we will get you connected with the best wellness retreat providers. You will get access to some great all-encompassing wellness programs to reboot your physical and mental wellness. Need something more exciting?  Get access to our creative tailor-made staycation ideas to enjoy the true essence of wellness travel without taking much trouble.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Bespoke Wellness Concierge

Our guidance on wellness tourism does not end with recommending providers, resorts, treatments and destinations. A wellness trip may need a lot more bespoke services specific for an individual, family, or group especially when travellers are looking for great wellness experiences beyond the home country or a patient recuperating from a major illness or surgery. Our tailor-made bespoke concierge services will take care of all your travel issues from arranging visas, booking tickets and accommodations taking care of your needs and budget.

Special features:

  • Airport pickup and drop services
  • Professional language experts
  • Planning travel and site seeing itineraries
  • Arranging local conveyance
  • Special healthcare assistance and support if needed
  • Helping with miscellaneous activities like guided tours, shopping, visiting treatment centres and other wellness activities.
  • 24X7 in-person assistance on request

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Wellness Tourism Guidance

Wellness tourism is not the same as leisure tourism although many take it as a part of it, the former needs more insightful planning. Planning guidance on wellness tourism will largely depend on the travellers’ objectives. It will widely differ from those travelling for sheer relaxation to those seeking recuperation from major surgery or illness. Based on specific objectives, Dr Prem wellness advisor team creates a meticulous start-to-end guide considering your health status, budget and proposed vacation duration. Often the recovery may not happen in expected lines and you need to be well prepared for that as well. Our expert professionals will help in fixing your logistics without creating any additional stress. We will also help you to secure the necessary funding from recognized organizations within your affordability range.

Wellness Tourism Guidance

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Wellness Program Selection

True, today’s wellness travellers are spoilt for choice. But it is important to select the right treatment or program be it alternative medicine, traditional healing, less-invasive surgeries, etc. for your health safety. The heavily crowded market will lure you with enticing offerings of curated wellness programs, health tours, wellness retreats, experiential travel, bespoke alternative treatments, holistic programs and so on. It can be really confusing to make out the best fit program considering its offerings and pricing. Assurances are plenty everywhere with limited guarantees in outcomes. Many programs are hyped and overpriced.

Dr Prem’s advisor team of experts will guide you with important insights about the beneficial and possible side effects of various treatments that need serious consideration. Are the treatments offered evidence-based? Are the claims regarding efficacy of the treatment verified? Our team will also guide about various check points of probable hidden costs often remaining masked under marketing glitz.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Inspiring itineraries and retreats

We believe wellness is the way of life. It is of prime importance not only in our daily lives but also in different events that ultimately shape our life track. Wellness itineraries should be life-changing, for the betterment in all respects. Our expertise lies in creating inspiring itineraries and retreats for you so that you come back to us for your next trip. Our unmatched knowledge and exposure to various wellness destinations, treatments and offerings have enabled us to create inspiring and rejuvenating wellness itineraries exclusively for you helping you meet your wellness objectives.

Inspiring itineraries and retreats

Our popular wellness itineraries include:

  • Health and fitness retreats
  • Detox retreats
  • Yoga and meditation retreats
  • Anti-ageing retreat
  • Sleep retreat
  • Self-development retreats
  • Emotional healing retreats
  • Sexual wellness retreats
  • Digital detox
  • Wellness sabbatical
  • Wellness retreats for couples
  • Wellness Honeymoon
  • Alternative wellness retreats
  • Immunity-boosting retreats
  • Ayurveda retreats
  • Medical spas
  • Spa for men and women
  • Family wellness retreat
  • Wellness bootcamp
  • Pampering paradise
  • Rehabilitation retreat
  • Thermal spring retreats
  • Corporate wellness retreats
  • Seasonal retreats
  • Celebration retreats
  • Death retreats

We assign a specific retreat to you and recommend programs and activities accordingly. Each of these retreats are further customized to cater to your special wellness needs considering your preferred destination, budget and duration.

Planning premium wellness experiences

Rejuvenation and relaxation in wellness tourism do not only entail therapies and mind-body programs. Our knowledge and expertise will help you plan for premium wellness experiences besides enjoying in wellness retreats and resorts.

Hiking and trekking

We help you in planning the following activities in your wellness trips based on your health condition:

  • Hiking and trekking
  • Golfing
  • Mountain biking
  • Adventure trails
  • Skiing
  • Aquatic sports
  • Wine tours
  • Farm-to-table trips
  • Cultural excursions
  • Eco-tourism
  • Wellness cuisine trips
  • Voluntourism
  • Wellness excursions
  • Annual wellness packages

Our experience in various wellness destinations will help you integrate these premium experiences with other therapeutic programs in one package based on your interests and inclinations. You can also indulge in these activities exclusively as a part of your leisure cum wellness trip.

Telewellness Services

Unable to reach out to a trusted wellness tourism or service provider? Through our longstanding partnerships with reputed global clients, we will help you to get the best telewellness service provider for your wellness pursuits. You will get the most trustworthy guidance and wellness tutorials through regular virtual sessions with regular follow ups to support your wellness objectives. Whether you need it for regular wellness enhancements or to plan your trips, our recommended telewellness services will ensure your satisfaction. We will send your contact details and requirements to the suitable provider who will help you with all the needed support at a reasonable price. You can also sign up for all-inclusive annual wellness packages and enjoy substantial discounts for premium services and products.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Wellness Travel Insurance

A wellness trip is often not cheap owing to a lot many options. Therefore, getting it insured is essential like travel health insurance especially if you are heading to a foreign country.  But procuring suitable international insurance for overseas wellness travel is not easy. You also need to check a lot many things. Wellness travel may sound just like another trip but you are likely to be exposed to additional risks if you are opting for specific medical treatments, therapies or even wellness-related activities. Even cancellations could be very expensive because many wellness retreats take a substantial amount in advance. What are the ways you can ensure your trip? Will it cover medical treatments included in your wellness trip? What is the track record of the insurance provider? One has to check numerous details and it can be extremely time-consuming. An inexperienced eye can miss vital points. Our wellness tourism advisor services guide you with essential tips to check out as well as recommend international insurance providers who will offer the right plan safeguarding your interests. You will have your peace of mind with absolute assurance.

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