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Welcome to Dr Prem & Associates Wellness Resorts Consultancy and Marketing services. We are a team of globally recognized consultants offering consultancy services to spas, resorts, wellness retreats and clinics anywhere in the world, headed by award winning wellness expert Dr Prem Jagyasi. Wellness spa and retreat industry has leapfrogged since last few years. Wellness seekers are growing in numbers and so are their changing preferences. Our passion for wellness helps in understanding your business and customers better.

We always keep abreast of the latest industry trends and create exclusive tailor-made services suitable only for you. Our consultation is not just a mere repetition of old models but a manifestation of our creativity and innovation. It is our raison d’être to create powerful and inspiring concepts that would make your business stand apart.

Regardless, if you wish to open up a new wellness resorts or wish to upgrade your existing wellness resort, our team of experts is here to do wonders for you.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Wellness, Wellness Resort and Wellness Center Consultancy, Marketing and Online Package

Services and Particulars

Wellness and Wellness Resort Business Consultancy, Guidance and Signature Coaching by Dr Prem Jagyasi & Team

Understanding the scope of Wellness, Wellness Resorts and Wellness Tourism – Terms, trends, opportunities and challenges. Identification of Possible Target Markets, Gap Analysis and Wellness Tourism Business Possibilities. Guidance of Demography, Geography and Niche Wellness Tourism Development. Strategic Guidance and planning, including Wellness Tourism - Ethical, Cultural and Legal Guidance. Read FAQ

Wellness Resort, Wellness Center  or Wellness Brand - Conceptual Design Plus Guidance on Structure, Design, Floor Plan, Layout.

Understanding the core requirements to finalize the conceptual design | Paid Visit to the Wellness site | Sharing the initial designs, floor plans, layouts, and rough cost estimates for Resorts or Centers or Personal Brands.| Analyzing the duration of the project and finalizing the same.

Wellness Resort  /  Wellness Center - Equipment, Instrument, furniture, Fixture, Design Guidance. 

Comprehensive guidance about how to furnish and equip the wellness center with details of potential suppliers and sources. Guidance includes design conceptualization, services planning, packages planning, interior conceptualization, theme designing, micro environment creation guidance. Read FAQ.

Access to Client Management Portal

Including 600+ Documents | 250+ Wellness Therapies |

100+ Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism Guides | 75+ Country Analysis | 25+ Presentations ETC | 50+ Medical Tourism Procedures | 25+ Wellness/Medical Visa Documents | Internal and External Research Documents | Sample Documents and Agreements. including Resorts/Center-Agent, Resort/Center-Facilitator agreement, Facilitator to Facilitator, Patient Consent Form, amongst other documents will be provided through the portal. Read FAQ.

Free Access to Training.DrPrem.com

Over 100+ Courses on Medical Tourism, Wellness Tourism, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Goal Settings. Including one Customized Training Certificate. Also includes one-time personalized training. Read FAQ.

Networking, Relationship and Pro Access of Directiory.DrPrem.com with Featured Listing.

Free Access to Leading Wellness Tourism Directory and B2B Platform with contact details of Key stakeholders including Wellness Resorts, Facilitators, Hospital, Referring Physicians, Agents, Resorts, and Support Service Providers. 1) See Contact Details of all Users listed in Directory. 2) Connect with them from our Platform, Send them Email or Connect them through their LinkedIn Profile. 3) Get listed on our platform with enhanced and featured services. 4) Selective One-On-One Introduction Emails and Personalized Networking. Read FAQ.

Marketing, Advertisement & Promotion

Guidance & Training about Strategic Target Market.

Strategic Online Marketing and Digital Marketing Guidance. Read FAQ

Review of resort and center with review article writing or media creation by Dr Prem

Website Development or Enhancement of Existing Website including  Domain, Hosting, Optimization, Content and Design Creation

Includes Wordpress Website Design and Development OR Optimization of existing websites or creation of new website on subdomain or design new pages.

Includes 1) Content Creation 2) Responsive design  3) SEO Optimized Website 4) FAQs 5) Contact Forms 6) Chat Platform 7) Google Translation or Multilingual ready platform addition of plugins 8) Hosting on Cloud server such as Google Cloud. Includes site Maintenance and Backup Plans. 

Includes Free Hosting Hosting and Renewable at a reasonable fee after a year. 

Incase client already has a website, our team will create content and share designs.

Note 1: Check Utmost Sample Work – demo.drprem.com |  theme.drprem.com Note 2: Ask for separate proposals for Advance customization or web application, mobile application or high end tech solutions. Note 3: Read FAQ

Finance, Funding, Investment Planning and Business Planning Report.

Guidance on How to get investment and funding for your project. Ultimate Funding and Finance Planning. With a Standard Business Planning report of 20 pages. Comprehensive Guidance on capitalizing available market opportunities.

Agreement Service Period,  Tools Period and Payment Terms.

All services and Agreement to be completed within the Mentioned period, excluding time taken by clients for review/revert and non business days. All tools such as training portal, client portal and directory portal shall be accessible for one year and renewable there after.

Monthly Paid Services

Paid Marketing and Lead Generation Services ( Monthly Separate Fees) 

Includes Social Media Banner Creation, Blog Writing, Off Page SEO, Campaign Creation and Lead (Enquiry Generation).. 

Note 1: Ads Actual Expenses are Excluded, which must be paid in advance separately. 

Note 2: Paid Marketing is an essential component of a successful marketing plan so ensure to have a paid marketing budget. Campaign creation is included but clients must have a separate budget for paid ads. Read FAQ.

Advance Package

Advanced Guidance.

Online and One-On-One in Our Office.



Yes, Access for Six Months

Yes, Six Months 

Free Pro Listing 

Access to Contacts from the Directory and Portal. 

50 one-on-one Email Introductions with Key Stakeholders including Hospitals or Facilitators or Resorts.



- Up to 10,000 words content.

- Designing of 15 Pages.

- Free hosting for one year

- Free Domain for one year


All services and Agreement  to be completed within 2 Month. 

Tools available for One Year..


- 12 Banners a month. 

- 3 Blog Posts a month

- Off Page SEO

 - Paid Marketing and Leads Subject to Marketing Budget.

Ultimate Package

Ultimate Guidance.

Online and One-On-One in Our Office.

Visit to the Client's Office and Location with an Invite.



Yes, Access for One Year

Yes, One Year. 

Free Pro Listing 

Access to Contacts from Directory and Portal. 

100 one-on-one Email Introductions with Key Stakeholders including Hospitals or Facilitators or Resorts.



- Up to 10,000 words content.

- Designing of 15 Pages.

- Free hosting for one year

- Free Domain for one year


All services and Agreement  to be completed within 3 Month. 

Tools available for One Year.


- 12 Banners a month. 

- 3 Blog Posts a month

- Off Page SEO

 - Paid Marketing and Leads Subject to Marketing Budget.

Please Click Here to Read Packages FAQ to Understand Specific Scope of Services.
Note: All above points are subject to *Standard Business Terms – https://drprem.com/associates/standard-business-terms-and-conditions/ also all plans are edited/updated regularly with added new activities and omitting outdated activities. The Packages FAQ section on our website provides the most updated information on packages, refund, liability, force majeure, best of ability services, payment terms, installments, completion, disputes, legal jurisdiction, online services, and so on. Please ensure that you are checking latest plans, terms and faq by visiting our website or contacting us at drprem.com/contact

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.


Our guidance and support include:

  • Market and project site analysis to identify the best-fit wellness services and products matching the resort’s objective
  • Creating wellness resort strategies, development and execution
  • Devoting adequate resource in research and thoughts into the planning and designing to ensure a superior customer experience
  • Conceptualization of wellness and fitness elements
  • Categorical planning of products, services and treatments in consultation with global healing and wellness experts

Converting existing resort or retreat into a wellness resort.

Recent research has shown, resorts and hotels with significant wellness offerings could capitalize the pent-up desire of leisure travel driving revenues and 65% higher ADR (Average Daily Rate) despite restricted travel. In 2020, major wellness resorts and hotels generated nearly 18.5% more revenue in F& B than those with minor wellness offerings and 40% higher than those with zero wellness offerings. The GOP (Gross Operating Profit) for wellness resorts and hotels is typically higher than non-wellness hotels.

Offering consultancy in hundreds of renowned global wellness resorts, Dr Prem has special expertise to convert your under-performing resort/retreat into a high-performing wellness resort.

Exclusive features of this highly specialized service include:
⦁ Performance evaluation of the existing resort, retreat, or hotel by identifying its strong and weak performing segments.
⦁ Guidance in right integration of wellness services and amenities with minimum physical remodification and investment.
⦁ Suggestions for curated wellness programs and activities while ensuring operational sustainability.
⦁ Help in creating strategic marketing plans and marketing material based on your wellness resort concept.
⦁ Assistance in measuring ROI of new wellness integrations.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

SWOT Analysis Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Challenges

Wellness is a dynamic sector as customers’ likes and wants change continuously. The real challenge lies in creating the resort ensuring improving profit margin amid high competition. No two businesses possess similar traits. Therefore, there is no fixed SWOT analysis tool.  With years of experience in wellness consultancy, we have the eye to:

  • Unearth strengths and weakness that often remain masked or go unnoticed
  • Assess your position/performance in comparison to your competitors
  • Create proactive plans to face any challenges external and internal successfully
  • Anticipate changes related to regulations ,technological advancements and other geophysical factors and help you align with it to reap maximum benefits

Defining Corporate Philosophy at Wellness Resort

Your business philosophy shapes your business. Your clear-cut vision and beliefs create the perfect roadmap for you and your employees. Your customers should understand the purpose and intention of your business. This will be the stepping stone of your brand building.

We help you to:

  • Define the purpose of your business – Why you are here not What you are
  • Create an approach appealing to your target customers
  • Incorporate unique traits that will set you apart from others
  • Create a culture that will live and breathe your business philosophy by adhering to the values and principles
  • Deliver the right message without creating any confusion in the customers’ minds

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Developing Brand, Concept, Vision and Brand Philosophy

Brand building is vital for a wellness business. It reflects your vision, value and reliability. How do customers feel about your business? At the base lies the strategy that governs your brand positioning, its objectives, values, uniqueness and the overall brand experience. Our services and support cover a wide spectrum keeping in mind the needs of a growing digital savvy consumer base and the changing economy.
We help you to:

  • Create a brand design and logo
  • Create a brand strategy by adding your mission, vision and development of values from the wellness perspective
  • Positioning and repositioning your brand
  • Developing internal branding
  • Digital branding
  • Brand management

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Brand Logo Design Brand Intro Video, Brand Material, Brand Collateral Design

First impression matters in wellness business. The brand logo and design should represent your brand values and objectives. It should go with your position and offerings. The logo should help in creating your customers’ perception, the way you are unique even though you are new to the market. Clichéd logos do not generate desired customer response as trends emerge every year.

We provide support to:

  • Create unique logo ideas going by the current and emerging wellness trends
  • Design image ensuring enhanced acceptability
  • Choose proper fonts and colors
  • Create an introductory short duration video supported by engaging script allowing customers to have a look at your offerings

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Developing Wellness Website

Developing Wellness Website for Wellness Resort

A striking website is a must to catch your customers’ attention in the crowded market. Like your logo, your website should also resonate with your business values and offerings. Apart from being responsive, your website should inspire and empower. It should display clearly how your service can meet your customers’ health and wellness needs.

Our web designing support includes:

  • Building a responsive website with advanced CMS
  • Unique placement of information and menu
  • Making it user-friendly with easy-to-use navigation tools
  • Linking with AI APP
  • Creating Multilanguage support system

Developing Wellness concept

Wellness is a never-ending journey. Modern-day customers are looking for transformative experiences. Your resort should be built on these unique concepts. This is the first step to create a successful resort operation. It is this concept that would establish what products and services should be created aligning with the resort design and management. Further developments and diversifications would stem from this base.

How do we help?

  • Offer multiple concepts based on current wellness trends and customers’ preferences
  • Guide in Developing Spa Treatment Protocols,
  • Plan a range of wellness Journeys
  • Detailing of tangible Benefits of Wellness Programs through different journeys

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Developing Wellness Programs

Wellness cannot be achieved through selected services and products but thoughtful programming to help customers reach their wellness goals. To ensure outstanding delivery of wellness experiences for your customers, we:

  • Help in creating white label programs that will uphold the brand and identity of your resort and support your positioning
  • Help you with detail operation plans and customizable programs that will meet various wellness needs of customers on an individual basis
  • Guide in planning curated programs to serve a broader customer base
  • Help you in networking with experienced and market conscious wellness professionals and experts to facilitate in creating niche wellness programs
  • Create all types of materials for target customers purposed for lead generation and successful bookings
Personal upliftment

Guidance and redesign of the interior

Our network of expert designers and architects with a proven track record in resort and spa designing will help in creating a special wellness space for superior customer experience. Our aim is to instill wellness with a definite identity and character superimposing local influence and modern trends.

Our support includes:

  • Guidance in incorporating wellness features in private rooms like suggesting organic bed, proper wall color and lighting
  • Wellness related interior suggestion based on therapies
  • Designing treatment-based rooms and chambers
  • Designing spas – exclusive or private as per the resort’s design
  • Guiding in designing special relaxation spaces like lounges, pool sides, garden and meditation space

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Equipment sourcing guidance and suggestions

Wellness programs are the cornerstone of your resort. It cannot run without the right equipment. Low-grade equipment wearing out fast multiplies your operating cost and creates customer dissatisfaction, which you should avoid by all means. Our strong networking with reputed organizations will help you with the right kind of equipment fitting your resort’s requirements.

We will help you:

  • By suggesting equipment specifications for treatments rooms, thermal areas, spas, relaxation areas, massage rooms, pools and other wet areas based on your offerings
  • With suggestion in maintaining optimum inventory
  • In equipment selection be it treadmill, yoga materials, workout tools or spa accessories
  • To connect with the right sourcing organizations so that you get the best deal

Developing Strategic Marketing planning, PR, sales and Business Development strategy

Our robust marketing team will offer all sorts of assistance in strategic marketing planning, PR, sales and business development so that you reach your target customer fast. We will create a strategic PR plan to improve your brand recognition and brand value.

We will

  • Help in building relationships with top-performing facilitators, practitioners and therapists
  • Help in getting referrals from clinics, hospitals, insurance companies and corporate organizations
  • Assist in setting up effective communication strategies to enhance your revenue stream
  • Assist in creating sales and promotional strategies covering all advertising channels
  • Provide extensive support in all aspects of digital marketing

Our PR strategy will include:

  • Introducing you to international media, reputed wellness associations and journalists reporting on wellness tourism
  • Creation of Press release and its distribution and management
  • Training to handle media
  • Training in crisis management

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Planning retail concept and support in planning retail products

Trouble in moving resort’s retail products is a common thing. Many resorts fail in this aspect owing to the lack of a comprehensive strategy and training in retail sales. We will work with your team guiding them with specific strategies and tools to improve mobility in retail sales.

We help in:

  • Proper planning of retail products. Anything will not sell in your resort.
  • Assisting your staff in gaining adequate product knowledge
  • Finding loopholes in your retail sales goals and strategies and fix them
  • Using performance management software to track staff meeting sales target and those missing them
  • Providing special training to underperformers to make them on par with performers
  • Inventory management
  • Devising strategies to attract loyal customers
  • Running bundle offers and promotions

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Guidance and support in Technology implementation:

Spa and resorts like other businesses need special software and technology to monitor performance and ensure meeting revenue and profit targets. Wellness business has been emerging with leading software companies coming up with customizable cutting-edge solutions offering significant benefits.

Our guidance in this area covers:

  • In selecting the best-fit CRM software
  • Implementing an integrated resort and spa management system
  • Installation of wellness software
  • Installation of automated customer service system
  • Creating mobile apps

Guidance in Project Management and Facility Management

Our guidance in project and facility management ranges from technical pre-opening services to managing day-to-day operations. We ensure our support will surpass your expectations.

We help in:

  • Effective collaboration and synchronized activities with different teams
  • Planning of space and facilities
  • Pricing and revenue management
  • Supervising and proper documentation of activities
  • Hiring human resources
  • Implementing operational policies and services as per recommended standards with continuous follow-ups
  • Performance review
  • Financial control
  • Quality auditing

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

Training and capacity building at Wellness Resort

Your staff needs specific tools, skills and resources to run the operation successfully. On-site training keeps your staff abreast of the latest developments. Our training also helps managers in setting up business strategies ensuring further success in future.  We assist in your staff training programs and periodic workshops and release operational observation reports.

Our guidance includes:

  • Improved practices in guest services for an enhanced wellness experience
  • Executive and leadership training
  • Workshops that strengthen your brand value
  • Wellness program customization and knowledge training
  • Technology uses and wellness services-oriented training
  • Creating strategies to step up revenue earnings
  • Training in performance improvement and grow accountability among staff

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy.

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