Corporate Wellness Guide

Do you know organizations are including wellness getaways in their contracts of CEOs and executives? They are even encouraging paid wellness leaves for their staff. The hospitality market is at an extraordinary moment of transition […]

Young attractive man practicing yoga doing Parivrtta Parsvakonasana exercise

The workplace is our lifeline for sustenance where we devote about 80% of our waking hours. To meet the ever-increasing demand of the workplace, most of us are enforced to extending working hours with very

Office syndrome

Ever wondered why Google is incorporating ingredients of outdoor nature in their offices all over the world? This is not only to earn green building certifications but mainly to reduce stress in the employees and

biophilic architecture

The Global Wellness Day is celebrated on 10th June. It is an occasion to rejoice for reasons not hard to comprehend but you may wonder why and how you should celebrate World Wellness Day. Considering

Global Wellness Day on 10th Jun
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