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Call it an effort to stay competitive or attract clients with unusual sensibilities, the spas are experimenting with the treatments big time. Their innovation oftentimes pushes sanity to the limits. Nevertheless, not many seem to […]

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Men have seemingly taken a liking for the heady scents of incense floating in the air, jars of ominous lotions and other such things that one associates with a spa. Conventionally considered women’s territory, men

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As per the general trend, increasing number of healthy individuals are seeking to better their health and well-being while traveling. As of now, the wellness industry is anticipated to be USD 80 billion global industry

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Cruise ships with spas are becoming popular with those who wish to avail the benefits of holistic wellbeing that spas offers while traversing the vast expanse of water. In collaboration with sought after beauty product


What strikes your mind when you think about healing your body and soul, and getting some private, pampered and relaxation time? The answer would probably be a spa. The very mention of spa can instill

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If industry reports are something to go by, the global wellness industry, already a multi-billion dollar sector, is growing rapidly – even faster than travel in general. Reasons for its exponential increase are aplenty, but

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You must have noticed that when you apply a cream or lotion to your skin, it gets absorbed pretty quickly. This implies that your blood is contaminated with chemicals present in the cream or lotion

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Long ago, visiting a spa was considered a luxury limited to the wealthy people with loose purse strings. The trend has ever since grown to become a prosperous and expanding industry. The spa industry is

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Wellness is now a multi-billion dollar industry spread over the world. The trend of wellness is becoming more popular every year and a huge number of travelers from are visiting far-off wellness tourism destinations. The

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There was a time when people used to seek medical help only when they were ill and as soon as they recovered, the concern for health used to vanish. The perspective has shifted and taken

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