Ohosiatsu is a system of medicine that uses physical techniques, exercise and meditation to reduce fatigue and relieve physical and mental tension and aims to bring about a state of balance. In this system, importance …

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Rosen method

Rosen method is a type of bodywork or an alternative healing therapy that uses gentle physical approach to provide relief and relaxation of the body and mind. In this, the muscles that are held are …

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Writing Therapy

Writing is considered as an effective way of expressing one’s emotions. It can help in realizing one’s real feelings and makes a person able to understand the real experiences. When a person writes it helps …

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Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes firm rubbing of the skin to remove the toxins from the body. ‘Gua’ means to scrape and ‘Sha’ means toxins in the form of …

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Heliotherapy is an alternative treatment in which diseases are treated using the electromagnetic waves of the sun by exposing the body to sun rays. This is a therapeutic use of sunrays to treat ailments and …

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