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What is Agnikarma? Agnikarma is also known as ‘Dahan karma’. This therapy is based on the Ayurvedic principle for the treatment of certain diseases using heat burns. According to this principle, some diseases are not […]

A Complete Guide to Agnikarma by Dr Prem

Traditional Chinese medicines and therapies originated in ancient China and evolved over thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicines practitioners use herbal medicines and different mind and body practices like acupuncture and tai chi, to treat

A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Cupping therapy that comes from 1500 BC is one of the most preferred alternative treatments today. It is an effective way to reduce pain, improve blood flow, treat chronic diseases, etc. Cupping is also a

A Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy by Dr Prem

The way people travel has gone through so many changes over time from family holidays to the evolution of solo travel. People have started looking at travel as much more than taking a break from

Adventure Tourism

The world we live in today relies more on outer beauty rather than inner conscience. As such, it becomes rather easy for one to get swept away by the urge to look beautiful and resort

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As the people around the world look out for therapies to find cures to their ailments, a stream of alternative therapies is finding its way into the medical mainstream. Some of the east-world treatment therapies

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Men have seemingly taken a liking for the heady scents of incense floating in the air, jars of ominous lotions and other such things that one associates with a spa. Conventionally considered women’s territory, men

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The gentle galvanic currents have been used in spas by professionals for more than 50 years, in order to freshen-up and energize the skin.

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Arthritis is a very uncomfortable condition in which an individual suffers from intense joint pain and inflammation. Most people complain of severe knee pain and cannot walk or move properly. Experienced yoga experts recommend some


Worries and problems these days has become a part of our life. Even if you are physically fit, stress and tension makes you mentally weak. You feel like banging your hand on the wall or

Relax your mind and body with hot stone massage
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