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The gentle galvanic currents have been used in spas by professionals for more than 50 years, in order to freshen-up and energize the skin.


Galvanic spa treatments are meant for clarifying skin. The electronic device is used for skin clarification. These devices create a current which opens the pores of the skin and lets water-soluble substances pass through the skin easily.

The main target while doing this is that skin is enabled to absorb better, and all the antiwrinkle substances and moisturizers effectively do their jobs. This method is also good for removing oil and blemish from the skin.


Galvanic Spa Facials

The galvanic treatments can be requested from the local spas, and the spa technician will use a small device, so that to create a current to stimulate your face.

Then, moisturizers will be applied to make your skin look fresh. All the creams and substances are better absorbed after the galvanic current is used.


Galvanic Cellulite Treatment

The galvanic current devices are also used on areas of cellulite in the body. The procedure is similar to the one done on the face. The current is applied on the particular part of the body, then, an appropriate cream or substance is used. The electricity is thought to be a good means to dissolve the fat deposits that make up the cellulite. The treatment can also be used on the other body parts.

The specialist- therapist uses the galvanic device on the skin of arms, buttocks, thighs and stomach. The galvanic treatment increases blood circulation, decreases fat stores and improves.


How does the Galvanic Treatment work?

There are two cycles – pretreatment and treatment.

  1. During the Pre-Treatment cycle the galvanic instrument and the Pre-Treatment Gel are negatively charged, driving the ingredients into the skin.The Pre-Treatment Gels containvanilla extracts, sea kelp and marigold, which sooth and tone the skin.
  2. During the Treatment cycle the galvanic instrument and the Treatment Gel are positively charged, driving beneficial ingredients into the skin.

The positively-charged instrument takes the negatively-charged impurities out of the skin.

The most important ingredients in the Treatment Gel include: Magnesium to promote cellular energy, Arginine, which promotes recovery from daily stress, Aspartate, which balances your skin’s pH, Vitamin E to moisturize and provide antioxidant protection.

Galvanic devices in the combination with Gels firms and tighten the skin, erase fines lines and wrinkles, eliminate signs of stress.

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