A good night’s sleep can do wonders – it energizes and rejuvenates, leading to good health and productivity. Sleep deprivation is a condition that is no longer taken lightly. The global sleep economy is valued

Creating the Best Sleep Room at Your Wellness Resort

Did you know nearly half of the waking hours in our lives get wasted by remaining distracted? We don’t have any count of how much fun, pleasure, and achievements we lose due to this. This

Guide to Mindfulness by Dr Prem

Have you ever thought about how specific sound vibrations and frequencies can help in healing? Healing with sound or Sound Bath Therapy has become a popular wellness trend in recent years. Let me explain to

Review & Experience Of The Sound Healing Bath At Gmantra by Dr. Prem

Lifestyle changes in the 21st century have led to the growth of many illnesses and diseases associated with the mind and body. Growing work pressure and economic uncertainty forces us to neglect the well-being of

Guide To Yoga For Holistic Wellbeing

Yoga, the traditional art of discipline, is a living process that can be learned via the acquisition of knowledge and exploration. One can never understand yoga with visible attainment because it is quite static and

An Informative Guide to Yoga for Stress Release and Mind-Body Rejuvenation – Benefits, Postures, Relation with Meditation and Yoga Centers

The fresh gush of monsoon brings in cheers to the wilting body and mind. If the grueling summer takes a toll on your wellness, monsoon is the time to repair, rejuvenate and refresh it in

Enhance your wellness

Pain due to Fibromyalgia is way different than the common body aches that often leave the sufferer helpless. In this case, excruciating pain is felt in specific parts of the body due to reasons unknown.

Woman with shoulder or neck pain, stiffness, injury

Weight loss isn’t easy but for some it is way harder than others. Even after following diet and exercise weight loss programsreligiously, they fail to achieve desired results and their weight loss goals. Herein, alternative

Weight-Loss-therapies 1

The only way most of us think of combating winter woo is by staying indoors. Some of us might think of keeping warm with yoga and exercise inside the house. But if you really want

Yoga practice outdoors in winter
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