Don’t be afraid of the cold: Taking your Yoga practice outdoors in winter

Yoga practice outdoors in winter

The only way most of us think of combating winter woo is by staying indoors. Some of us might think of keeping warm with yoga and exercise inside the house. But if you really want to feel rejuvenated then you must resort to performing your yoga in the midst of snow laden trees.

Yoga tips for winter

  • Eat well cooked and less spicy food which will rejuvenate you
  • Use spices that have a warming effect on the body like garlic, ginger, basil etc
  • Early to bed and early to rise has to be your mantra
  • Do warm up exercises before performing the poses
  • Indulge in Surya namaskars and also do breathing exercises
  • Do stretches and exercises that are beneficial for the spine and the limbs
  • Focus on those poses which result in sweating and weight loss
  • Focus on stretches that tone the internal organs
  • Focus on yoga poses that will bring down stress
  • Increase samyak bhava or right attitude
  • Do a sankalpa or strong wishlist which you must strive and achieve
  • Practice vegetarianism
  • Good time to reduce liquor,smoking and beverages

Cold Yoga and meditation

On a day when the winter is at its worst you can try cold yoga.

  • Warrior poses which helps in generating warmth in the body
  • Triangle pose which helps increase concentration and helps improve your perspective
  • Tree pose helps in balancing and it surely is fun to be a tree in midst of snow covered real trees

Meditation is also a great way of staying warm in winter. Close your eyes in a relaxed manner and concentrate on your inner voice. It is a great way to do some self-introspection.

Winter Yoga Pose

  • Uttanasana

This is also known as the standing forward bend pose.Stand with the feet apart. Exhale and bend the waist and also the knees slightly.Clutch the elbows and try to keep the legs straight.Hold the pose for few seconds. This posture improves flexibility and is good for the spine,colon,pancreas and kidneys and the pituitary and pineal glands.

  • Supported Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This is also known as the bridge pose.Lie on a mat and bend the knees with the feet on the mat. Lift the hips and the thighs. Place a yoga block under the sacrum.Let the head,shoulder and arms remain on the mat. Hold the pose for few seconds.This pose is good for the digestive system, lungs and legs. It stimulates the thyroid glands. It has a calming effect on the mind.

  • Matsyasana

This is known as the fish pose.Lie on a yoga block.Place a pillow under the head. Widen the legs and open the arms from the shoulder. Hold the pose for a slightly longer time.This pose is good for the neck,chest,spine and in the treatment of rounded shoulders.

Things to consider

In winter, there is the possibility of getting stiff limbs. It is therefore important to do some joint activities before you begin the asanas in order to prevent any strain and injuries.Avoid yoga poses which involve reverse styles especially and concentrate only on those postures which generate warmth.

Do not lock yourself in the house on a cold winter day. Move outdoors and practice yoga and enjoy a warm and relaxed feeling on a cold winter day.With few precautionary measures,it is a great way to rejuvenate your mind and body.

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