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Wellness resort marketing strategies need to be in line with wellness trends and notable shifts in customers’ likes and preferences. The purpose of visiting a wellness resort has expanded beyond a relaxing vacation and is […]

Wellness Resort Marketing and Promoting

Nestled just 70 km south of Manila in Lipa, Batangas, The Farm at San Benito emerges as a verdant oasis amidst 52 hectares of pristine jungle. This lavish sanctuary stands out as the crowning jewel

Embarking on a Life-Transformative Journey The Farm at San Benito

Wellness is more of sensory experiences. Understanding the need for sensory experiences and enhancing it through interactions with the surroundings is the cornerstone of wellness resort architecture. Dr Prem Jagyasi has travelled to 65 countries

Wellness Resort Design and Architecture

Wellness in Japan is second to none. According to GWI 2019 wellness report, Japan ranks 5th in the world wellness tourism market but is yet to post a remarkable growth.  While all Asian nations including the Philippines and

Could Japan be the next sought-after wellness destination?

Also dubbed as the Abode of the Clouds, Meghalaya is a region that is known for its stunning scenic beauty. Filled with lush green hills, fertile valleys, meandering rivers, sparkling streams and lake and striking

Seven Sisters Waterfalls, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya.

Carrying a baby is a humungous task for it brings with itself bodily changes, mood swings and influx of emotions. One feels most troubled and irritated during pregnancy. The changes in moods, unrest and discomfort

spa treatments during pregnancy

Philadelphia has emerged as a destination that has caught much of attention for being home to greenest and eco friendly spas and salons. Culturally rich Philadelphia is also a preferred location for the people who

Organic body treatments

Today life has become full of challenges at every step. The hectic routine has put the personal fronts in doldrums. In such a scenario, it becomes of utmost importance to find time for oneself. In

Organic body treatments

In the era where looks have almost become everything, it becomes necessary to pay heed to them. We today are consumed by the thought that how to fight the signs of ageing that comes rather

Microdermabrasion (4)

People are retreating to the traditional ways for treating their medical ailments, which has caused several therapies to come to prominence again. Therapies such as Trigger Point are fast gaining popularity. Trigger point therapy is

Trigger Point Therapy
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