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People are retreating to the traditional ways for treating their medical ailments, which has caused several therapies to come to prominence again. Therapies such as Trigger Point are fast gaining popularity. Trigger point therapy is […]

Trigger Point Therapy

Spa culture and bodily treatments have been the part of the traditional culture and have allured many a people to its enticing benefits. Indigenous spa treatments have been the treasured possessions of the culturally drenched

Therapeutic muds

Attribute it to the rising healthcare costs or the desire to remain fit; people irrespective of their geographical location are consciously thinking about adopting a healthy lifestyle. They are showing inclination towards healthy food, exercising,

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After a stressful and a hectic day, most of us would like to spend some time in a massage parlor. But, it is not possible for everyone so spend huge amount in a spa or

Swedish massage

A spa vacation can change the direction of your life and lifestyle. Spa is an ancient method of healing, as it is beneficial to remove impurities from the body and promote health. As people are

resort spa
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