Trigger Point Therapy can help deal with pain

Trigger Point Therapy

People are retreating to the traditional ways for treating their medical ailments, which has caused several therapies to come to prominence again. Therapies such as Trigger Point are fast gaining popularity. Trigger point therapy is designed to reduce the pain as the series of isolated pressure and release at the trigger point.

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The Trigger Point

Trigger point is a tight area within the muscle tissue that is known to cause pain at the other parts of the body. Trigger points, trigger sites or muscular knots are the hyperirritable spots that become the reason behind the acute pain in other parts of the body. Trigger point therapy is the combination of medical insights, perspectives, creative tips and tricks in order to treat pain.

This therapy is an effective measure to treat chronic muscular pain. This therapy is also quick, safe and a cheap measure that effectively responds to common pain problems. Trigger point therapy is helpful in reducing hip pain, lower back pain, and neck pain. These pains can be very irritating but can be randomized with the help of trigger point therapy.

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Untangling the muscle knot

Muscle knots are a small patch of muscle tissue in the spam that causes muscular pain. Knotted muscles in that small patch cuts the blood supply off that makes it even more irritating for the pain bearer. This entire circular process is medically termed as metabolic crisis. This is a very irritating situation and is a vivacious circle that continues in and about making the patient uncomfortable.

This process is also aliased as the sick muscle syndrome. Various trigger points collaborate together, making it an intense medical situation that is known as MPS i.e. myofascial pain syndrome. This medical ailment can be extremely discomforting and has some major side effects attached.

Although pains and aches are, a common complaint but they are not to be taken lightly. They need due clinical attention before they transform into something big and frightening. Muscle tissue being the largest body organ is extremely venerable and is subjected to daily wear and tear.

Left unattended, it can become a contributing agent to causing problems to other bodily organs. Thus, it has to be treated carefully. Palpation of hypersensitive bundle or nodule muscle fiber, which is often related to the pain being a trigger point, can be treated with a trigger point injection that is given with the help of local anesthesia with or without any added steroid. Trigger points can be treated by injecting them with tiny needles through the skin and at regular intervals. Trigger point therapy procedures also involves the application of a deep manual pressure on the sensitive pain causing trigger points, in order to relieve the patient from the discomforting pain.

Swedish massage

Equipments required in carrying out the trigger point therapy procedures are:

  • Alcohol pads for cleansing the skin
  • Lidocane or procane
  • Gauze pads
  • Gauze needles of various lengths
  • Syringe (3 to 5 ml)

The medicine is injected to the various layers of the skin and muscles that relieve the strained areas. This procedure also has some of the complications attached to it like an increased risk to skin infections, hematoma formation, vasovagal syncope, and pnuemothorax. Thus, it is of utmost importance to manage the procedure effectively.

The physician has to be very particular regarding needle selection, injection solutions, techniques of injecting, and many more. The post injection procedures are also to be followed with utmost acre and effectiveness. Since post injection soreness is expected in most cases, thus it is important to take due care of the patients so that they are benefitted from the procedures that they undertake as a part of the trigger point therapy.


Trigger Point therapy is an important measure that helps in treating the common muscular pains. It effectively treats the trigger points that are known to cause these pains and helps the patients get over the discomforting experience caused due to these pains.

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