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Health and wellness tourism involves people traveling to different locations across the globe to benefit from a range of wellness experiences that offer healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation. So, to answer the question ‘what is health […]

A Complete Guide on Health Tourism by Dr Prem

Covid-19 has shaken humanity to the core. Within a few days/weeks/months, it changed the lives of almost everyone throughout the world. It did not spare anyone – people living in developed countries, as well as

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A 365-day tourist destination Goa is accepted globally as an international tourist destination. It brings along hand in hand an array of features attracting foreign nationals and our very own local crowd. A seemingly separate

Goa's potential in wellness tourism business

A detox spa is just what you need in the synthetic modern world Today’s living has become a constant war with our own selves as well as with the components of the environment, which is

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Budget wellness properties can provide a real boost to wellness tourism as travel industry gets into the reset mode with fast-changing objectives. Wellness-centric travel is fast replacing the conventional leisure or pleasure travel with travellers prioritizing


In conventional medical tourism, the potential medical tourists have all the information they need to make an informed decision regarding the healthcare destination, the facility and the healthcare provider. On the other hand, wellness tourism


Alternative wellness tourism involves people traveling nationally and internationally for healthcare treatments and availing alternative therapies and medicines. Alternative medicine refers to medications used to treat or cure a physical ailment, though not in the

Wellness tourism

New Zealand offers you rich experience to share when it comes to wellness tourism. There is a good distribution of quite luxurious and expensive wellness retreats in New Zealand that would leave you recharged. The glittering sandy

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Asian countries have won the hearts of millions of wellness travelers through its exotic range of therapies and incredible plethora of traditional alternative treatments. Most of the spa therapies and wellness treatments offered in Asian

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A huge number of wellness travelers want to visit resorts and spas in faraway destinations where they can lose weight while on a vacation. For catering to their demands, several resorts and fitness centers have

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