Acupuncture is an alternative form of medicine and is an essential element of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The fundamental technique involved is the insertion of needles into the body through identified acupuncture points. It is […]

A Complete Guide to Acupuncture by Dr. Prem

Traditional Chinese medicines and therapies originated in ancient China and evolved over thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicines practitioners use herbal medicines and different mind and body practices like acupuncture and tai chi, to treat

A Guide to Traditional Chinese Medicine

There are many ways and protocols to treat low back pain and related issues with acupressure. The cause for the low back pain according to Eastern medicine may be the stagnation on Qi in the lumber area due to trauma, entry and retention of cold or damp o

A Detailed Guide to Acupressure by Dr Prem

Cupping therapy that comes from 1500 BC is one of the most preferred alternative treatments today. It is an effective way to reduce pain, improve blood flow, treat chronic diseases, etc. Cupping is also a

A Complete Guide to Cupping Therapy by Dr Prem

Pain due to Fibromyalgia is way different than the common body aches that often leave the sufferer helpless. In this case, excruciating pain is felt in specific parts of the body due to reasons unknown.

Woman with shoulder or neck pain, stiffness, injury

Lyme disease has no dearth of complications, which make diagnosing and treating this condition difficult. It is a complicated infectionprimarily caused by a tick (from the borreliaburgdorferi species) bite and mosquitoes, fleas, spiders and mites

Dead tiger mosquito

Weight loss isn’t easy but for some it is way harder than others. Even after following diet and exercise weight loss programsreligiously, they fail to achieve desired results and their weight loss goals. Herein, alternative

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Defined as the damage caused to the nerve fibers in the body, diabetic neuropathy is a condition that is side effect of diabetes. Uncontrolled blood sugar levels in the body, if unchecked for a long

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Endometriosis is a medical condition that usually affects women of menstrual age. The condition is considered as one of the main causes for infertility in women. Endometriosis is said to occur when the body retains

Treat Endometriosis 2

Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that damages the body’s nervous system. The condition is said to affect the body’s nerves and the way they send signals to the rest of the body. It is usually

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