Wellness Real Estate Consultancy, Marketing, Planning, Design and Development Services by Dr Prem

Our dwelling space is the abode of wellness. You should get the right space for your well-being. Dr Prem Wellness Real Estate Consultancy helps you in building unique dwelling spaces with proper inclusion of wellness elements so that you live happier and longer. Our consultancy covers residential buildings and complexes, corporate offices, wellness resorts, wellness spas, wellness hotels, schools, and other commercial buildings,

These include:

  • Location selection and analysis
  • Market analysis of proposed wellness real estate projects supported by in-depth research
  • Developing wellness philosophy
  • Master plan creation
  • Brief of design and development
  • Designing of facilities and amenities
  • Construction guidance
  • Guidance on vacation rentals
  • Guidance on medical wellness real estate
  • Remodification of existing property to wellness real estate
  • Wellness branding, sales, and marketing strategies
  • Exclusive guidance and support for buyers and hirers.

Location selection and analysis

Not every site is ideal for wellness real estate. Dr Prem’s knowledge and insights will help you in identifying key determinants of wellness real estate with proper analysis to make your property appreciate in due course of time.

Our consultancy covers:

  • Landscape analysis – its special attributes, natural resources and other attractions.
  • Year-round weather and environment conditions.
  • Accessibility of natural light, clean water and fresh air.
  • Natural vegetation.
  • Distance from the main urban center and its accessibility.
  • Opportunities for additional landscaping to create provisions for wellness activities.
  • Accessibility of transport, materials, and workforce.

Developing the wellness philosophy

Each location and the target market are unique in features and requirements. Based on these, Dr Prem Wellness Real Estate Consultancy will help you in developing the wellness philosophy to build the business model and drive sales.

This will include the following:

  • Market analysis identifying key trends and influencing factors
  • Deep analysis of the project objective – residential, community living, leisure, vacation, relaxation, office work etc.
  • General wellness awareness and lifestyle of the target customers.
  • Identifying metrics related to enhancing well-being.
  • Positioning the target market
  • Identifying development components based on the location, facility, and its needs.

Market analysis for business feasibility

Wellness real estate market is booming. People are happily willing to pay a premium for one of their valuable assets, and wellness residence is not only for the rich. GWI reports wellness real estate industry growing at 6.4% annually worldwide could reach $180 billion by 2022.

Dr Prem & Associates market analysis will cover:

  • Wellness real estate trends, outlook, and market dynamics.
  • Traditional real estate trends specific to a location.
  • Extensive data-backed research reports on dwellers, local resources, and specific health and wellness metrics.
  • Research and analysis of prospective investors, buyers, and operators
  • Analysis of competitive players and their projects
  • Projection of ROI

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Brief of design and development

We will provide you a snapshot of the key development components of your wellness real estate project based on the established wellness philosophy. This document will serve as the basic guideline for architects, planners, and designers to create the master plan.

This will cover:

  • Proper identification of building components.
  • Detail analysis of programs and facilities to be included in development.
  • Size and space allocation constituting the entire project.
  • Synchronization of wellness into different components.
  • Wellness tech integration like IOT connected touchless systems, Telewellness, Telemedicine, and community-interaction solutions.
  • Brief analysis of workforce, material requirement and associated costs.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Master Plan Creation

A master plan is the pillar of wellness real estate development. With valuable inputs from our team of designers, architects, and construction experts, we will create an exclusive master plan for you.

It will cover:

  • Identifying the location of components to facilitate well dwelling.
  • Population density unique to a location and the lifestyle.
  • Wellness landscaping maximizing exposure to natural resources like sunlight, fresh air, clean water and minimizing exposure to pollutants.
  • Detailed design guidelines of individual facilities including positioning, designing, and material selection ensuring viability and sustainability.
  • Creating the pre-fabricated construction model with proper logistic planning for seamless construction process.
  • Guidance to measure outcomes of wellness real estate buildings and communities.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Designing of facilities and Amenities

This is the most vital part of wellness real estate development where each facility should be designed in coherence with your wellness philosophy. Regardless of the nature of your project, we will offer the best design satisfying your requirements.

We offer:

  • Customizable design plans based on your master plan
  • Exclusive design for different kinds of facilities ensuring the best sensory experience.
  • Allotting the number of facilities like the number of living units, wellness centers, salons, spas, clinics, washrooms, pools, gyms, dining areas, and all.
  • Designing pathways, gardens, lawns, and open spaces
  • Planning smart integration of facilities and living units.
  • Suggestions on construction and design materials.
  • Guidance on material procurement.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Dr Prem Wellness Construction


The construction phase of a wellness-centric project is crucial. Tech advancements have enabled a more sustainable construction without causing any damage to the surroundings.

We offer guidance on:

  • Prioritizing construction of different phases of the project
  • Creating prefabricated technology for sustainable construction with zero pollution and safety hazards.
  • Assembly planning of building components
  • Effective logistics planning to save time and cost.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Guidance on Rental Programs

Wellness resort owners often offer sale and leaseback schemes. With the growing demand for destination vacation rentals, we provide consultancy on rental programs.

We help in:

  • Assessing destination or location attractiveness.
  • Creating suitable rental programs with proper risk-benefit analysis
  • Connecting with potential rental owners, developers, and operators.
  • Estimating annual expenses of buyers on vacation rentals
  • Projection of returns/ profits protecting the interests of invested parties.

Guidance on medical wellness real estate

Wellness real estate concepts and programs are getting more diverse with the growth of state-of-the-art medical wellness projects. Our experience and expertise in medical wellness integration is unmatched.

You will get exclusive guidance on:

  • Planning and designing of medical wellness facilities be it a new or an existing one.
  • Creating suitable medical wellness programs
  • Creating or redesigning spaces for effective running of medical wellness programs.
  • Integrating specific medical or wellness programs in the existing facility without huge capital expenditure.
  • Planning tech integration
  • Planning workforce hiring

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Redesigning existing real estate properties

Our expert designers and architects will help in redesigning your existing property to wellness real estate without any expensive remodification.

We help you in:

  • Redesigning interiors for enhanced sensory experience to support your well-being.
  • Special interior design for good health and long-term sustainability
  • Suggesting unique wellness designs specific to the property location, size, and orientation of the building.
  • Guidance on getting green building certification
Dr Prem Redesign Construction
Dr Prem Wellness Branding

Wellness Branding, Marketing, & Sales

Our expertise in wellness marketing and branding will help in improving your visibility among your target customers. Our strategic marketing plan will help you in creating an impressive brand image.

Our in-house marketing and sales team will help you in:

  • Creating a user-friendly dynamic website with attractive features and easy-to-use tools.
  • Setting up effective communication channels ensuring consistent business growth.
  • Promoting unique features and benefits of your wellness real estate project.
  • Building strategic partnerships with associated stakeholders like wellness service providers, healthcare providers, travel organizations, facilitators, media, influencers, etc.
  • Educate and increase wellness awareness among the target groups through digital and print media.
  • Adopting lean social media marketing practices.

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Dr Prem PR Stretegy

Our PR strategy will include:

  • Introducing you to international media, global wellness associations, local wellness clubs, groups, forums and communities, and local press.
  • Creation of press release
  • Arranging launching events

Exclusive guidance and support for buyers and hirers

End users are the ultimate beneficiaries of wellness real estate. Our exclusive guidance is aimed to take care of unique needs and demands of buyers and operators.

We help in:

  • Right property selection that staisfy specific wellness objectives
  • Identifying the wellness components and its benefits
  • Justified price evaluation and future asset appreciation
  • Selecting the suitable ownership structure
  • Networking with reputed wellness real estate developers and owners
Dr Prem wellness objective

Let Award Winning Global Wellness Tourism Expert and leading consultant help you develop wellness business strategy and planning for you.

Dr Prem Project Management

Project Management Support

Our project management support covers everything from pre-launching services to managing daily operations in buildings and facilities of all categories.

We help in:

  • Remodification and replanning of spaces and facilities as and when required
  • Pricing and revenue management in specific facilities
  • Supervised documentation of activities
  • Hiring workforce
  • Policy framing related to ownership, operation, and facility management
  • Creating a dashboard of wellness metrics
  • Cost management
  • Wellness auditing as per acceptable standards

Reach out to the global leader

Dr Prem’s Wellness Real Estate Consultancy is unrivalled. Dr Prem being the leading wellness expert brings strategic thinking and insights to the table ensuring the desired ROI. Championing the wellness purpose, he has the following achievements under his belt:

  • Extensive knowledge and insightful opinions on emerging design trends, tech solutions.
  • Business development in hundreds of globally reputed wellness brands.
  • Guiding in planning, designing, and running wellness resorts, wellness hotels, and wellness spas.
  • Guidance in planning corporate wellness resorts and corporate wellness hotels
  • Helping in wellness building planning and ‘wellnessification’ of existing buildings and complexes.
  • Great collaborative networking with wellness real estate dealers, designers, architects, and wellness experts.
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