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How about exploring the inner universe during this lockdown?

Lockdown is the blessing, I needed. It's absolutely wonderful to see how people in lockdown are turning out to be a professional cook, picking up forgotten brushes, and exercising like yoga masters. I know how many people are hating lockdown.Well,…
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Powered by Google Cloud and Managed by Flywheel DrPrem.com now loads in micro seconds.

I am proud to announce that DrPrem.com is now powered by the Google Cloud Platform and managed by Flywheel. Gone are the days when you wanted sites to load within three seconds, now they need to load instantaneously. DrPrem.com now loads within…
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Appreciation for my BMC, Mumbai Police and Nanavati hospital for great efforts for Mr Gupta's Case in Mumbai, India

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I (Dr Prem Jagyasi) am writing this message of appreciation for the efforts BMC team (in particular R South Ward) and private healthcare industry for the case of Mr. Ashok Gupta. It has come to notice that some people with vested information…

During Lockdown, we are locked but surely not down. Stay inspired.

Situations are temporary, Qualities are permanent. The situations we have today may not be the same one day down the line but the way you respond or cope with the situation and come through the other side stronger matters a great deal. It also…

7 Tips for Small Businesses During Times of Crisis. Podcast by Dr Prem Jagyasi.

Are you struggling to run your small business or professional services because of lockdown? Here is my podcast with 7 simple yet incredible suggestions to help you get going. Listen to complete podcast here 1. BE OPEN AND SUPPORTIVE…
Dr Prem Online Training - Leadership Courses

Dr Prem Launches Online Leadership Training Programs

Leadership is not all about influencing others and make them do or think along similar lines that you want them to; instead, this action or personality trait is the ability to garner required support and aid from your aides to accomplish a common…
two questions struck my mind on curiosity and meditation

Is it meditation that enhances a curious mind or is it the curious mind that wishes to explore meditation?

Recently two questions struck my mind on curiosity and meditation. Is it meditation that enhances a curious mind or is it the curious mind that wishes to explore meditation? A curious mind wishes to explore everything that triggers it’s…
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Is wellness taking over nightlife and parties

Is wellness taking over nightlife and parties?

A surprising trend caught my attention during the New Year holidays, a massive 500-600% jump in traffic to our online wellness magazine.  I was amused at this unexpected surge but welcomed this changing trend.  It is the fact; people are looking…

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