Goal Guide

A heavy dose of resilience sprinkled with a dash of positivity, is viewed by many as the perfect recipe towards attaining the greatest goals in life. Setting a goal is easy but reaching it may be something else entirely. Keeping the goals realistic turns out to be the biggest issue for most of us. This does not mean that we should undermine our own capabilities because self-confidence goes a long way in maintaining a pro-active attitude, which is necessary for reaching those goals in life.

After making sure that the goals that we set are attainable, we must be ready to make certain changes in our lives. We must ask ourselves if we are prepared to get out of our comfort zone and face the world with courage and poise. We must also learn how to put ourselves first and grasp the concept of priority. Saying ‘yes’ to everyone all the time will prevent you from finding time for yourself and your goals.

You must be completely committed too, in order to thwart the demons of doubt and pessimism from our minds. Find inspiration wherever you can, even in quotes like these- “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it will be opened”

Action fuels thought. It also tests our readiness to change. Getting things done requires taking action because vital things in life seldom happen on their own. Sitting in your living room, the world looks different. Stepping outside and facing the world will reveal problems that never existed till then, but it also opens up fresh possibilities and novel ways to overcome the hindrances.

In short its a comprehensive Goal Guide including about aim, objective, target, desire, intention, intent, plan, purpose, idea, ambition, aspiration, wish, dream and hope.

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