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How to deal with a narcissistic boyfriend

Having a narcissistic boyfriend may lead you to depression because you will always keep longing for their attention and will never get it. The following are a few ways which will help you deal with a narcissistic boyfriend.

if your wife is bitchy

How to deal with a bitchy wife

Women are bitchy, now this is a known fact. And if your wife turns out to be one, don’t be surprised, she is a woman after all. However, let us not forget that she is your better half as well. Do not forget the good things about your marriage as there are

deal with depression during the holidays

How to deal with depression during the holidays

Holidays can be quite depressing when you have not planned anything for them. During school times you are always busy and hence don’t know how time passes, however holidays are depressing sometimes when you have nothing to do. You can plan activities a

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