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lazy people in your life

Guide to deal with different types of lazy people in your life

While you are finding it difficult to manage your responsibilities within the limited 24 hours of a day, there is a group of people who have endless excuses to lounge all day long, and do productively nothing more than raid the food supply and do small-ta

how to deal with jealous, difficult and fake friends

Guide to how to deal with jealous, difficult and fake friends

While we all long for a happening friend circle, it’s not necessary that everyone in our friend circle is an honest, devoted well-wisher. A little jealousy among friends is not very uncommon, but it can prove to be disadvantageous for you at some point in


How to deal with a narcissistic boyfriend

Having a narcissistic boyfriend may lead you to depression because you will always keep longing for their attention and will never get it. The following are a few ways which will help you deal with a narcissistic boyfriend.

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