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How to deal with a narcissist in court

How to deal with a narcissist in court

In a court, a narcissist cannot be ignored. This makes dealing with him much more difficult, be it for a lawyer, opponent, judge or family. So, the general rules of dealing with narcissism do not apply here. Here we have given some ways to deal with a na

Adult Daughter Comforting Worried Father

How to deal with a depressed father

If any of your parents suffer from depression, it cause a lot of mental and emotional stress on you. There must be a reason behind his depression try to analyze that reason. Here are some ways to deal with such a situation.


How to deal with grey hair

Grey hair is not the end of great locks. Remember beauty lies within you. Despite this being a well-known fact, you could get frightened by looking at those first few streaks of grey hair. But don’t let them stand out in the mirror to upset you. Read on


How to deal with diabetes(Version-2)

To deal with diabetes, you need to take care of some more things that could enable your body to cope with diabetes and make you remain healthy. Apart from taking care of cholesterol, blood sugar level etc, you need to take some more precautions and follow

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