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Love – the ultimate bliss

Love - the ultimate bliss

Love, something so simple yet so complicated. Something so much in you, but yet so apart. It is just like the white colour, it can mix up with everyone easily and form all most all the colour but not even all the colours in the universe can come together to create it. The world, they say, was crafted out from some great energy, the energy of care, kindness, forgiveness and feeling of endless giving without expecting anything in return. All these humble feelings can be clustered together and defined in a single word, love. It not only defines Him- the creator, but also is the summary of a human life. Not many would accept it, but love is the only thing we all yearn for. But in the fast pace life, in the hustle bustle, we have lost the very essence somewhere, somewhere deep inside our own selves which at times, we do not want to see.

Understanding love

Loosing not only the relationships with the external world but also breaking up with the internal calmness, the huge voids of emptiness created in us are so deeply embedded that we cannot do a minute without letting the thoughts of pasts or worries of future conceive our minds. The only solution to all the problems is love and more love. Spreading the true love, kindness without expecting returns is the need of the world. Do not we want someone to love us in all you goods and even in our worse? Then how can we think of others to be an exception? Tolerating the lows of the person who can keep you in highs is now way going to harm the self esteem.

Accepting a person, in every manner consumes the inevitable sadder version of the life too. Love is not something which we do today and do not the other day. Love, knows no boundaries, it can only grow and grow and grow and if it does not. Then, I am afraid it never was love. The four letter word is not only restricted to the intimacy between the opposite sex but also refers to the warmth your family has to offer, the times you relish with your friends, the moments you cry out with others and even to the unknown bond with someone you met today and forced a smile on you in spite of the fact that you might never see them gain.

Problems with love

The words love and problem cannot go hand in hand as the love is the key to all the jamming problems. Love these days is not making people fall for other people but for lavished things! We often make relations as per the need of the situation and later curse it for not lasting long. It is not the love which has complications or which hurts, but we make it that way due to our lack of faith in this beautiful feeling, because the real love never thinks of anything else except giving. The spirituality talks all about it! to make the relations last longer, dust your hearts and pour some out as most of the relations break due to lack of attention as majority think it to be obvious and surprisingly have never let the other person feel it.

Ingredients in a good relation

The not much covered covert is to a good relation is to make your love feel through acts and expressing gratitude whenever possible. On the other hand keeping a little low in angry, as two negative only in mathematics can result in positive and never in real life. Waiting for the other to understand that also while understanding them back is what makes even the confrontation comfortable. Thus, showing the love rather than telling and telling the hatred rather than showing is what keeps the soul serine in a relation. We all are running an aimless race, living ‘me-less’ lives where the most difficult person to deal with is no one else but one’s own self, thus locate the problem in your own self and go through crystallisation before disgusting anyone else, that only can bring a feeling of understanding.

Also, talking things out is also a pump for the life of love in the heart of any and every relation as the silence is no more gold. Carrying regular talks to know what is going in each other’s life can even lessen the gap between the generations going on in the predecessors just like a legacy. Proving space, especially for teenage children is also a must, thus it is no less than non billable offense to carry awkward, desperate or interrogation like conversations, starting from a common topic of interest can prove to be a great help.

Love ‘me’

Love and affection is needed by all, but somewhere back at the mind, we all expect others to love us, which is not at all bad but we forget one person, that is our own self. If we cannot respect and love who we are, then no one in this world will be able to do that for us, as what we do with someone who has to be there with us always, we and the way we treat ourselves becomes how we want others to treat us. Do not misinterpreted, love for one’s own self to be something out of the box, you are also amongst the creatures of the came creator. You also, deserve the same treatment, others do. a genuine self love, far away from egos and unnecessary expectation, just a little love and kindness, no judgments and  being with one’s self when no one else is and treating everyone just the way you are, treating yourself just the way they. Being equivalent for all will make the life reach to the ultimate bliss, fill love and contentment.

The solution to all those unhappy voids, the feeling of emptiness is love, love for self and certainly for others and as well as the most superior being! The path of love was never easy and never will be. But it certainly is worth it!

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