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How to deal with trauma

Traumatic experiences are one of the most difficult phases of our lives. However, what is even more difficult then it is the post traumatic stress and depression that follows such experiences. Here are some tips that can help you deal with trauma.

Give yourself time

First of all, you must understand that you cannot get over this condition overnight, you have to give yourself time. Whatever is bothering you, you need to take that issue head on head. For recovering from a trauma, it is very important that you are able to return to your normal life and routine, however, this must happen in due time. You are going to end up with more stress if you try to burden yourself with other responsibilities during this ‘recovery’ phase. It will be best for you to take some rest and think. You can stop yourself from wallowing into bad feelings by keeping your mind alert and occupied, for instance, visit some of your old friends and you will certainly feel better. Before diving back into normal routine, make sure that you have fully understood and recognized your feelings. This way, you will be better able to concentrate when you return to your work and daily routine.

Rely on your support systems

In times of trouble, your family and friends can be your most important resources. Loved ones are invaluable source of comfort, you will certainly feel much better if you just spend some time with them or talk to them about your feelings. If you know and believe that they are always there for you, getting over your trauma will not be such a pain. There is nothing wrong if you are more in need of the company of your loved ones than usual, everyone going through such condition feels the same way. Allow your friends and family to give you support and comfort. No one doubts your abilities, it’s just a temporary phase of your life which will eventually fade away. In fact, during these times only you will get an opportunity to get even closer to your loved ones and discover new values for your relationships.

Talk about it

Studies have shown that most of the people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders hesitate in discussing their feelings with others. One of the most effective ways to deal with trauma is to share your feelings and talk about what you have endured, rather than just holding it back. That is the reason why the mental health professionals try to establish trust and comfort with their patients before beginning with the therapy, so that the stressed individuals can talk it out in front of them. However, this idea is not as simple as it sounds because in most of the cases, vocalizing the event makes it much harder to talk about. For this reason only, it is very important that you find someone who have been through the same ordeal or someone whom you trust enough so that you can share your feelings without hesitation.

Be healthy

People suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders often ignore their health during these troubles times, but this habit can land you into further troubles. Diet, sleep, and physical fitness are the three big and the most important components of healthy living. Unfortunately, all three of these get impeded because of the stress or depression resulting from trauma. We will suggest you to begin with exercise because physical activities ensure an increased appetite and sleepiness. Start with some light physical activities and then gradually build up to more intense levels. Walking is a great stress reliever and so is cycling and swimming. 20 minutes involvement in such activities will ensure that you stay active and healthy throughout the day. Follow the same strategy with diet and sleep, that is, begin with small levels and then gradually build up towards healthy goals. Try to make a distance with unhealthy practices such as smoking and drinking, as they will only add up to your stress.

Develop a hobby

It is time to get your mind on something else after you have thoroughly explored your trauma. For instance, try leaning a new language or taking an art class. You just have to find something which can signify a new chapter in your life so that you can divert your attention and concentration into this direction. Your hobby will provide you a healthy escape from your stressful thoughts. You can save yourself from added agony and trauma by enrolling yourself in hobby classes as soon as possible.

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