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How to deal with a bullying boss

deal with a bullying boss

No one is perfect in this world, and so is your boss. Most of us find it very difficult to deal with bullying and abusive bosses. They may put you in a no-win situation, they can be downright bullies, inconsistent, or unprofessional towards you. Here are some tips to deal with your bullying boss.

Identify the behavior

There are a few different ways in which all kinds of abusive bosses can be classified. First of all, there are constant critics who use several methods such as insults, put-downs and name-calling for bullying you. Using aggressive eye contact to intimidate is another noticeable characteristic behavior of such people. The next class of bullying bosses falls into the category of two-headed snakes who pretend to be nice on your face, while try to sabotage you on your back. People who are obsessed with the ‘control’ factor form the next category of bullying bosses. Their primary goal is to control your ability to network in the company, thus assuring their target’s failure. The screaming Mimis form the last category, such people are emotionally out of control and are of explosive nature.

Don’t take it lying down

You must understand that even you have the right to respond against the difficult management style of your boss. You will certainly make the problem worse if you let their bad behavior go. Just make sure that you stay professional in your approach. Confront your boss directly and professionally if you find out that he/she is bad-mouthing you to the higher-ups in the company. Try to present the evidence in writing from your source and then ask for the reason from your boss behind such sort of behavior. You can even consult your attorney if your boss is defaming you because such actions are illegal. Don’t act as a doormat if someone screams at you. Acknowledge your mistake honestly if you have actually committed it. However, also let your boss know that yelling at you is not going to make the situation better, in fact, such sort of behavior leads to a difficult work environment.

Take notes

Documenting your boss’s bad behavior is another effective measure in order to deal with his/her bullying nature. Apparently, there are two key advantages for this approach. First of all, this lets you in realizing the extent of the problem. All such events happening around you may seem trivial if they are taken in isolation, but the real picture comes out when all these events are considered as a whole. Secondly, you may need this information if you decide to take legal action down the line. In order to make sure that all the information remains fresh in your mind, it is very important that you document such incidents as soon as possible. If you are planning to report the behavior to your company’s human resources or to your boss’s boss, these documents can be very helpful. Try to have a face to face meeting with your boss regarding the problems which you have encountered. Chances are very rare that the problems will get resolved, however, if your boss denies to have a discussion with you, add that too to your documentation.

Know when it’s too much

Your boss may exhibit bad behavior sometimes and this is not a big issue at all as no one is perfect, even our bosses. However, if your boss is abusing you, it is completely a different problem. You must know your limit so that you can decide when to get out. For instance, if you start feeling nauseous just before the beginning of the work, if mental health breakups dominated in all your paid vacation weeks, or if you have started experiencing blood pressure problems just when you have started working for your boss. It will be best for you to leave the company when the constant bullying from your boss starts showing prolonged effects on your health. A decline in the confidence level also indicates that it is time to leave. Ironically, the perfectionists, high achievers, and workaholics are the primary targets of the abusive bosses because such people try to mask their own insecurities by striking out their employees.

Control your destiny

Your problems are not going to end even when you have left your nightmare boss, because then you need to explain the reasons to your potential new employers which made you to leave your previous company. While doing so you have to watch your words, otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your professional life. It will be best if you avoid dramatizing your old work situation. If this issue arises, gracefully sidestep it without going into the depth. When it comes to reference, it’s better not to give the name of your abusive boss. You can even consider leaving your previous job off your resume altogether if you have worked for your bullying boss only for a short period of time.

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