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How to deal with a broken heart

deal with a broken heart

A broken heart is hard to deal with and it can cause severe depression which may lead to isolation and loneliness. People may tend to shut themselves away from every iota of happiness and hence, in a way increase the somberness of their affliction. But instead of being a solivagant and a loner, people should shred the thorns out of their lives and earn their place in the sun.

Socialize regularly or go on a jaunt

When you feel downbeat, do not grapple the darkness of your room and sit idle for hours or cut off yourself from everyone. Your loneliness may wreak havoc with everything. It’s going to be a fool’s paradise if you think sitting back at home and recalling your sad past will solve all your problems. Just because someone broke your trust or left you, doesn’t at all mean that you have to funk sharing your thoughts with others. So, talk to your best friend or to someone who will allay your fears and will tolerate even your hogwash talks to make you happy. Tell them how did everything happen and how badly hurt you are. Then, you can get on your hobbyhorse with them. Spend quality time with your friends, family and neighbors. Try to vent out the aggravation. Their company will definitely enliven you and your anguish will fall away. You may try out the pubs, discos, restaurants, etc. Hobnob with people and sundry at the pub. Besides, you can live it up by visiting the social networking sites which will provide you generous leeway to get away with your gloominess. Keep aside your problems and try not to disgruntle yourself. Make a trip or a spree to somewhere for few days and don’t be in the blue funk about it. It will divert your mind from your depressive life, and you will be soon over the hill and on the mend.

Be your own best friend and be logical

You might be constantly hounded over in your thoughts by the ones who broke your heart. But, don’t care two hoots about this. Sometimes, problems are a bit too intricate to be shared with someone. And, so you may frantically try to fight with your pain in meek silence and heartrending sigh. However, bottling up of your feelings in this way will inversely affect your health. At this moment you need someone who is trustworthy. Someone who knows you and adores you. And, that someone is you. At the end of the day even if not a soul is there with you, never fail to remember you are forever and a day beside yourself. Tell yourself, “So what if somebody has hurt me! I know that I am strong and I will bear up. This is not the end of the world.” And, let me tell you that this is not my flight of fancy, as I believe, while talking to yourself you will be most comfortable and of course won’t be sailing under false colors. But, whosoever is the person you talk to, always be logically correct. Cook said: “Try to impose some reason,”; “Inject some reality.” When someone breaks your heart, you might feel that nobody loves you. You might think you are the most dim-witted person in this whole world. But, can you prove that even to yourself? Just because you have been dejected and hurt doesn’t really mean you are worthless or unwanted. Never think nobody loves you even if you have been dumped by the person you longed to be with, or betrayed by the person whom you trusted the most, or left alone by the person you loved the most. What about your parents, family and friends? Don’t they love and care about you? Think about all these and you will find that you are not that unfortunate!

Volunteer to a cause or event and be active

To take out of yourself, why don’t you help people worse off than you are? After you are flat broke, you possibly will feel that your life is a fate worse than death. You may have plumbed the depth of despondency, but working for a gracious cause will let you apprehend that how blessed you are. It is very true that you are distressed and it’s very difficult for you to forget everything. But, you have to fight against all odds by taking up responsibilities and remaining active. When you are depressed there will be a natural tendency for you to shrink away. At first you might not be able to fully concentrate on what you do. So, begin with the light works at home. Engross yourself into the things you like to do the most like singing, painting, watching television, going to the gym, playing games, etc. Get so much hooked on it that you forget your agony of despair. Try to enjoy yourself in your happy hunting ground. Allow your imagination and desire free rein. Whatever catches your fancy, just go for it. I suppose that it’s going help you forget the whole lot and spread positive ambiance around you. Little by little increase your activities. You will find your fretfulness getting washed away in next to no time.


If you really want to recover, then exercise religiously. Take a walk or jog with your friend or someone to avoid the ennui. You can also, hit the gym or do yoga or breathing exercises, meditate, take after-dinner walks. Studies have shown that a few minutes of exercise can make you happier, enhance your self-esteem and build your energy by releasing endorphins (chemicals in the brain). Thus, in order to be hale and hearty, follow a healthy lifestyle.

Visit a doctor

If you are too depressed, then visiting a doctor will be the best option. They might ask you to try out antidepressants, psychotherapy, talk therapy, medication or medication and therapy together. You may be required to keep consulting the therapists unless you find the one who best suits you and guides you perfectly. The types of therapy that can help you with your depression can be, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)/Psychodynamic therapy/Interpersonal therapy. Some drugs can also be used for your depression treatment. But, it’s always safe to consult a doctor for that purpose.

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