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How to deal with angry girlfriend

deal with angry girlfriend

People who are in love fight often. This is not because they do not need each other anymore, but because they have developed soft feelings that hurt easily. As a fight can leave a permanent scar on any relationship, you need to develop loads of maturity and sensitivity to deal with an angry girlfriend. Here we are with some tips to help you deal with your angry girlfriend.

Be patient

Patience is the key to survive such critical situations where your girlfriend is furiously mad at you. Anger is an emotional outburst against anything unpleasant. So, let her vent all her feelings and emotions on you, even if it is about petty, unreasonable issues. Wait till she empties her mind, body and heart, and let her anger go. Once she is done with it, she will calm down and a tight hug will make things better and warmer. Just try to explain her if it wasn’t your fault, let her empathize and she will understand. If it was your fault that pissed her off, honest apologies would help. Beware she will know most of the times if you are being honest or not.

Avoid counter arguments

Never ever engage in arguments with a girl, especially when she is angry. Any explanation or statement to explain your situation won’t help when she is blown with anger as like any other human being she would have lost all sense of rational thinking at that moment. She being in blocked state of mind will not believe in anything told to her and defend her stand with aggression and arrogance. Thus, the best thing to handle such situation is to hold all explanations till she vents all her anger and pacifies a bit. Otherwise, any explanation might backfire making both of you agitated and angry.

Try to pacify


When your girlfriend is mad at you, try to pacify her. Think about something that will make her happy right from a bunch of flowers to soft toys. Try sending her a sorry card with some romantic lines and a sorry note inside. Giving her chocolates or inviting her for a romantic dinner will allow you to spend some quality time with her and make things better. If she has switched off her cell phone like many irritated girlfriends, try sending her apology messages, it will show how much you care about her.

Keep ego aside

While dealing with an angry girlfriend, it’s imperative to keep your ego aside and talk to her. Do not argue with her for the sake of it; rather try seeing things from her prospective. This practice will help you rectify things and learn a thing or two. Ego can worsen the situation as it makes you argue unreasonably to just prove your superiority. If you are not in talking terms after her emotional outburst on you, do not wait for other person to make a move. Remember, ego has no place in relationships and it only prolongs the fight. So, do not blame her and even if you have not done anything wrong, just let the fight go and try explaining things to her later.

Discussions and making it out

When the emotional blowout is over, a discussion is mostly likely to ensue. This is the time when you can talk with her, so try making most out of it. Do not kill time fiddling around or cracking jokes to make her laugh. Let her talk and be responsive in a nicest possible manner. Choose your words carefully for you may upset her again. Once she recovers from that phase, do not leave her unattended. Be extra nice and gentle to her for couple of days so that she understands how much you care for her. Learn from your experiences and always try to prevent future arguments from escalating. Last but not the least, avoid talking about the fight in the future.

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