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How to deal with anger and depression


Emotional stability is one of the most critical aspects that determine sound health of any person. Today several people suffer from emotional diseases such as frustration; anxiety and depression, thanks to perpetual competition and survival of the fittest culture finding its grounds all over the globe. Here are some ways that can help you fight anger and depression.

Identify the emotion and ask for help

The most critical step is to identify an emotion and give a name to it. Once you have a word for a particular emotional state, then your inner self becomes more aware of it. This practice also helps in improving your ability to understand your feelings. One must remember that facing emotions and not running is very essential. The root cause that has triggered the emotional outburst is most important. People tend to shy away from asking help and consultation regarding anger and depression management. When you feel depressed then rather than isolating oneself, you should ask for help. This will not only help you share your feelings with someone but also let you have a better understanding about the same. Isolation fuels depression which in turns fuels anger, making you hostile in nature. If your family and friends are not able to understand and provide you with much needed support then you should seek help from a mental health professional. They will let you discover measures that will work best for you to deal with depression and anger.

Exercise and Medication

Exercising keeps body as well as mind fit and sound. It has been found that people suffering from depression tend to become lazy, self centered and inactive in nature. It has been observed that regular exercising helps dealing with depression. In addition, it also helps burn the surplus energy, leaving one calmer and sensible. Thus, one seldom gets angry. Yoga and meditation are also highly recommended as they heavily influence person’s mind and energy. There is no specific medication available to deal with anger; however, there are several medications to fight depression. Several anti depressants are available that are capable of regulating chemical serotonin. Such drugs include Paxil, Prozac, Celexa, Lexapro, Remeron, Pristiq, and Cymbalta to name a few. In case of adults and children, SSRIs drugs are recommended.


Being an aliment associated with emotions, anger and depression can be treated effectively by psychotherapy. There are several therapies including cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal therapies. Under cognitive therapy, the patient learns to think positively and how to overcome negative thought patterns. Depression and anger are found to trigger when ever one is helpless and unable to do something. Thus, cognitive therapy helps increase self esteem and confidence within a person, making him believe that nothing is impossible. Behavioral therapies focus on help one manage the emotional swings and symptoms better. Finally, an Interpersonal therapy allows you evaluate mood disorder due to relationships.

Mind/Body Medication

Healthy lifestyles changes can also help one deal with anger and depression. There are several mind/ body practices that lift up your spirits and fill you with energy. Doctors represent several medication as well as relaxation techniques. Physiotherapist recommends progressive muscle relaxation to fight anger and depression. Music, dance and sports like swimming also lift up ones spirits. Health bodies like WHO also recommends transcendental meditation, visualizations, yoga, tai chi, qigong and acupuncture techniques to deal with anger and depression. All these measures should be practiced under the supervision of an expert.

Self Actualization

Self actualization is one of the most potent techniques to not only fight anger and depression but also become a better human being. For self observation one must look within and introspect oneself. It’s been found that anger is generally deficiency motivated, where one longs to rectify a wrong doing. One should give up any such obsession as it fuels anger and eventually leads to depression. One must understand that unfairness do exist and remain prepared to face it rather than cry over ones ill fate. Once you understand that it’s you who is the master of your fate then feelings like self pity, helplessness and anger get subsided by confidence and courage.

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