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Let award winning Global Technology Expert with associates in 35+ countries help you grow your online business. Dr Prem Guides and Magazines over 100+ websites with millions of page views, has worked in more than 35+ Countries with over 150+ international clients.

Web Design

As the era of technology is changing, new themes and templates are now available for the process of developing websites. However, a website will never attract the customers if they are not designed in a proper manner. We at Dr Prem Web Services look into the aspects of web designing

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Web Development

We at Dr Prem Web Services look into the deeper perspective of web development. We understand the requirement of our clients and help in developing the website accordingly. At Dr Prem Web Services, we go with the flow of technology and take use of the latest technology for developing the websites.

Online Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a process of comprehending and manipulating the person’s or a business reputation online. With the progress of online promotion and social networking, ORM has totally become a practice that is influenced by search engine results.

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Dr Prem Services

Dr Prem Web


We have the best-equipped Web management services at our disposal. We have developed entire structure to provide leverage to your growth plans big times. You can avail our services and reap the benefits of the most comprehensive, yet most affordable services available. Our multi faceted approach includes various features that comprehensively cater to all your needs. Since we run network of 50 website we have several plans for you to get immediate attention of the world. We are aware how your website can generate maximum revenue and reviews simultaneously.

Create/Develop new websites and Applications

To make your presence felt, you need a home base that allows you the freedom of operation. You by all means and intents need a good professionally designed website and applications that enhances your online presence. It has to be high on functionality; usability, content and it should be pleasing to the eye as well. Moreover, it should suit the ever-dynamic demands of the SEO world. We commit to do the needful and offer most effective, future ready site that reflects your business and it ethos to the optimum.

Manage existing websites

If you already have a website or applications but constraints do not allow you to invest much time and other resources, then we have a viable solution for it. We would manage it for you. Our dedicated professional team would evaluate it holistically. After rigorous evaluation procedure followed on various levels, the website and applications are marked for improvement.

Develop growth plans for your website and application

If you have a website and web apps, we have the growth plan in readiness to enable your site to scale new heights. You can rest assured that our professionals are working to develop a proper plan that caters to your the needs and aspirations.


    Dr Prem web network stands for credibility. The reader’s world over trust us for providing high quality, incisive and well researched informative websites and web applications.


    The organization has to its credit fifty niche websites that cater to the information needs of the people at large. That speaks volumes about our credibility. The organization runs and manage over 100 websites and web applications.


    The organization has a global presence. Dr Prem and associate members are in 35 countries spread across all continents of the world. Moreover, the company has the wherewithal to make forays into new territories. Being a part of the global service provider would take you places for sure.


    The company has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception a few years back. Its unwavering determination to grow even in the most unfavorable of predicaments has garnered respect and reverence from all corners.

About Us

Dr Prem’s team has ten year of experience in creating, managing and running websites and web apps. The web development paves way for the management aspect of your site. We provide comprehensive solutions for your website and web application management. Managing website and web applications may not be your cup of tea as many people may consider it cumbersome and time consuming. Therefore, we have come up with the most viable solution for your web management needs. To our credit, we have the most technically sound team of competent professionals with vast experience of the industry. Our team works round the clock to manage your website on professional lines and facilitate your visibility big time. Our work reflects in the positive results generated by your site. The sooner you avail our services the sooner the results would get visible.