Action Guide

Action fuels thought. It also tests our readiness to change. Getting things done requires taking action because vital things in life seldom happen on their own. Sitting in your living room, the world looks different. Stepping outside and facing the world will reveal problems that never existed till then, but it also opens up fresh possibilities and novel ways to overcome the hindrances.


It is easy to begin your plan-of-action with analysis. Analyzing things before we execute them is sensible, but we must remember that only actions have the power to create energy. Procrastination is only good till a certain extend because too much of this can develop a detrimental behavior of indolence which can be hard to break out of. Taking positive actions not only transforms an individual’s own life, they can also have a positive influence on others.
Doing new things each day creates positive chemicals in the brain, which has the potential to make us feel better about life. Opening the psyche to newer experiences not only broadens our cognitive horizons, it also gives us an emotional lift in the process. Whether it’s about chasing a dream or going on an adventure- the trick here is to get out of your head and start taking positive action.

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