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Guide on How to Deal With Heartbreak (For Girls)

How to deal with heartbreak and jealousy

Break up or heartbreak is very natural, but it does leave most of us upset and depressed. Girls often find it difficult to handle the situation. However, we must learn to overcome our sad feeling and face a heartbreak decently. Here we have given some ways in which a girl can deal with a heartbreak.


Tips to Deal with Heartbreak as girls

The reasons behind heartbreak may be diverse but the feeling of sorrow is equal. Heartbreak can stir depressing emotions like extreme misery and excessive jealousy. It can truly be quite catastrophic for the heart where the ache of the past keeps rumbling in to form more commotion and emotional retardation. Here are some ways to deal with heartbreak as girls.


1. Let somebody in on your feelings

It will be wonderful if you share your sentiments with someone close to you. This has to be someone you completely trust and someone who understands what you are going through. You can talk it out on the phone or better still talk it out on the person. Go ahead, have a good cry if you want to. There is nothing more comforting than the shoulders of a considerate friend or family member. Do not shut yourself out at all. The end of a relationship is not the end of life. There are far better things in store for you. You just have to keep the faith and hang on to all your loved ones. Communication is the most important way to vent out trapped feelings.

Talk to your old pal, sister, or next-door neighbor. You can chat with a female if you feel more comfortable. Look for the person who is more sympathetic to talk with. It is not worth to talk with the person who has no clue what is running in your life. Take advice from people whom you trust. Your life doesn’t end with heartbreak. Try to start your life all over again, deleting the bad part of it. But make sure not to get too carried away with off-putting comments because it will depress you more.

Also, remember not to repeat you’re sad love story to your friends every day. They might get bored and irritated of it. So, once for all tell them everything about how you feel and free yourself from the pain of your break up. Your friends might also give you some suggestions on how to move on in life or say things that will help you to cheer up and forget your heartbreak easily.


2. Weep out your sorrows

Experiencing heartbreak can be really difficult and you have to get out of it as soon as possible. Getting rid of those painful emotions can be extremely beneficial for the body as well as the soul. Holler out as much as you can and as hard as you want to. There is nothing wrong in expelling your frustrations in the form of tears. Call up your mom or your best friend from high school and cry your heart out. This goes for all the tough guys too; shed those tears in private if you want to. You can bellow into your pillow or even in the shower. This is an ordeal for you and you have to get back to reality. It will be very difficult for you to dispose of your memories completely but you will feel tremendously light once this unhappy burden is off your shoulders.

Crying often lets out the hidden pain in our hearts. So, it is okay to have a good cry if you are feeling too upset after the breakup. Your tears will slowly wash away your sadness and make you feel light and relaxed. However, make sure you do not cry in front of him. It will only make you feel foolish later. Moreover, you do not want to make him feel important and also reveal the fact that you cannot bear his separation. Remember, you are crying because you want to relieve yourself from the painful feeling and not because you need sympathies or even want the man back in your life.


3. Break all contacts with him

You do not need to be in touch with a person who has hurt you and left you feeling sad and alone. So, after you have suffered a heartbreak, make sure you break all the contacts with him at least for the first few months. Although it can be difficult initially, but be strong and stick to your decision. This will actually help to heal your pain faster and make you feel much better. Keeping in touch with your former love will only rekindle your emotions and the separation might seem even more difficult. One of the best ways of avoiding him is to concentrate on developing other interests so that you remain busy and do not think about your previous relationship. Develop a hobby or join some activities to keep yourself busy and entertained. With these little efforts, you will soon find yourself being able to overcome your sadness.


4. Try to stay in a good mood

Your relation with the man was not the only thing in your life that mattered. There are a lot of other things to do and think of. You also have so many other friends around who want to support you and be with you. Therefore, do not spoil your mood just for a heartbreak. A lot of people go through this phase and are able to handle it with courage. It is natural to feel sad, cheated and bitter, but you need not show it to everybody. Behave normally and make your former love realize that you have a happy life even without him. Dress up well and take care of yourself. You will soon feel better and will also be able to create a positive environment around you.


5. Pack away his memories

All these years when you were together, you might have exchanged a lot of cards, gifts and letters. These used to signify your love, but are of no use now. Therefore, it is better to pack away all these memories in a box and keep them away. You also need to delete all the messages and mails that remind you of your former love. If you decide to move further in life, it is very important for you to forget the past as soon as you can. Do not keep brooding over a sad relationship. Try to focus on other interesting things that can cheer you up and help you to remain positive, strong and joyful.


6. Stay busy

It is always better to keep yourself busy. This will assist you in passing your time (which does not pass easily after heartbreak) and forgetting your woes. You can try out a new hobby or get back to your old ones. The motto is to keep your mind off your ex. You will be busy and doing something constructive. Hit your gym and workout like you never did before. You do not have to tear your ligaments but exercise will definitely make you feel good about yourself. It will also help in letting off a lot of steam. Remember working out will make you look fit and that’s what your ex should see. If you are not a fitness freak, indulge in other things like picking up a best seller. A good book is a perfect way to let your mind off your heartbreak. Do not touch a romance novel because it will make you feel more miserable. Go for the latest movie with your pals and gorge on popcorns and coke. This is a time where you have to make the most of your freedom.


7. Stay away from your past

The best way to steer clear of pointless misery is to avoid your ex partner. The past has brought you a lot of happiness but right now is not the time to remember them. Take all steps necessary to keep your mind off your broken relationship. De friend your ex on social networking sites and do not create fresh accounts to keep a track of what he is doing. Obliterate all mushy messages sent by him. Make sure you never drive past his house to see if he has a new girl friend with him. This will hurt you a lot and make you unreasonably jealous. Sometimes it will be difficult to avoid your ex partner, especially if you are colleagues or go to the same gym. You have to be polite yet distant. You cannot remain obsessed about your past love and keep pining for him all the time. It is time you look at the brighter side and go for that party you always wanted to go to.


8. Give some time to yourself

Emotions are really very complicated to deal with. People respond in a different way to love. The reaction to heartbreak is also different. A break up takes time to get out of your system and no one can tell when your broken heart will mend. Permit yourself to work through your shattered sentiments at your own pace. Do not be hasty and take unwise decisions. Even if you feel your life has lost its meaning and nothing can make you happy, remember that time heals all wounds. Combine reason with emotions to comprehend why you may have been in a relationship that was not good enough for you. This is the time you have to concentrate on yourself. Love will definitely find a way back into your life.


9. Do not be careless with your life

Going through a heartbreak can be a stressful period. This doesn’t mean that you have to be careless with your life. Do not skip your food that affects your health in a bad way. Avoid smoking and drinking as it can later make you more depressed. Instead eat lots of healthy food, have a good sleep, and exercise regularly try to make yourself busy. Make sure you opt for all those things that can keep you away from depression. Try not to think of the person who broke your heart. Avoid going to the places where you often visited with that person. Keep yourself motivated. Eat lots of chocolates. It is said that chocolates can help you fight depression.


10. Exercise regularly

Exercise is the best thing to do during the depression. Many people don’t wish to do this after a painful breakup. But, it will help you deal with the depression and stress that you go through at such difficult time. It has been proved in science as well that exercising not only helps in weight loss but can also help you deal with heartbreaks. The emotions like depression and stress come when hormone called endorphins are not released. By exercising, body releases such hormones while making sure that the person doesn’t feel sad again. While exercising listen to iPod, or use weight before hitting the punching bags. Look for the ways that can help in much needed distraction.


11. Find a New Hobby

Many people suggest that engaging in some work or hobby can help to cope up with depression and heartbreak. Try to bring some change in your life. Do your makeover, keep yourself busy at work. If you have some kind of hobby, make yourself good at it. Avoid thinking about heartbreak by focusing on something else that interests you. By keeping yourself busy, you give yourself some time to heal from the stressful problem.


Final Words

Heartbreak is one of the most difficult parts of your life. A broken heart can invite many deep reactions and negative emotions that may make you feel left out, alone, and sad. Extreme stress and sadness can also result in some physical pain like nervous stomach, chest tightness, and terrible insomnia. Follow the above-mentioned tips if you want to successfully deal with your heartbreak as girls.


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