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6 Ways To Instantly Get You In A Good Mood


There are times when we feel down. Things don’t seem to be going our way and we run out of energy. We may even feel anger and frustration. Sometimes we can feel like this for 5 minutes, 5 hours or even 5 days. When we’re out of it, we can’t always remember why we were in it in the first place.

But what are the best ways to instantly get out of this rut? What can we think about to instantly give us that life? That’s what this list is about. Below are just a few of the things we can do.

1. We are in charge of our emotions and how we decide to perceive a situation is how we end of feeling about it

No matter what happens, we decide how to react. We are in control of what emotion we want to bring to it, and depending on a conscious or subconscious reasoning, we make ourselves feel a certain way. In the moment after something happens, we have a chance to re-evaluate and not let this moment get us down. We have to understand that this feeling is not productive and will do more damage than good in the long run

2. Think about how stupid you’ll feel for letting yourself feel like this

We know what it feels like to get over our issue and get on with the day. We know what it feels like looking back with regret for ever letting ourselves get into the negative thought pattern. So therefore, whenever we get into this situation again, we only need to think about how pointless this feeling is and this will quickly let you shake it off.

3. Realise how lucky you are

Whatever it is you may have lost, however badly a situation turns out, you are STILL incredibly lucky. I am not talking about the work that has gone in to getting you to the point you are at right now, but I am talking about all the things you DO have. We should be grateful for every moment of being here and the quicker we get out of this, we sooner we can get on with enjoying our time here.

4. Be thankful for the lesson you can learn from this

We all want to be happy. We are constructing lives that will make us and keep us happy. If something happens that doesn’t fit, or it has made you feel terrible, change it and do everything you can to stop it happening again. If we perceive every ‘negative’ situation as a chance to learn something about ourselves and how to make ourselves feel better, there will be no negative situation and this will give you a silver lining in everything. Be thankful for the lesson and move on. Don’t dwell in it.

5. Take a moment to appreciate nature and the world around you

Whether you choose to look up at the stars, or at the nature around you, you cant help but see beauty in it. Think about how amazing everything is. Think about the fact that you are a very very very small thing, floating on a very very very small thing, spinning around a big thing, in the middle of a very very huge thing. Somehow everything that happens doesn’t seem so important anymore and you can decide to move on and enjoy yourself. Infinitesimal situations and emotions are not worth ruining your time over.

6. Do something good for someone else

Give away the emotion you want to have and you will get it in return. Do something nice for a loved one or a stranger without any expectation and you will feel better. If there is no one around, donate to a charity that you love. Call someone and give them a compliment or reconcile past differences. Give something good to the world and you will get it in return.

Infinitesimal situations and emotions are not worth ruining your time over. Take control and love your life right now.
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