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How to Deal With Literally Any Type of Food Craving

Sudden food cravings may trigger another unhealthy schedule, lead to obesity, mood swings, and a lot more. Let’s discuss some ways of fighting the urge to eat like a beast.

1. Exercise regularly

Physical activity, in any form, right from running to swimming raises serotonin and lowers the level of cholesterol. According to experts, a thirty-minute workout session every day, averaging at around six times in a week or even a 10-minute walk will help quench unnatural food cravings. As an added bonus, if you perspire heavily, the water flushes out leaving you to feel a tad less bloated.

Researchers further opine that certain body-mind activities like tai-chi or yoga help in bringing calm, while at the same time reducing the cortisol and increasing the levels of serotonin. Additionally, massage sessions by expert therapists may produce, more or less, the same results. This is another reason why people feel sleepy after a particularly comforting massage session. Therefore, a dedicated exercise schedule is your first solution to those sudden food cravings.

2. Take supplements that help quench food cravings

If you raid the cupboards frequently during mood swings, then chances are that you are what scientists describe an emotional eater. While giving in to those cravings might help you for a little while, it does not take much time before the effects start oozing away. These sudden food temptations give your mood a quick boost. However, the initial relaxation over the guilty feeling creeps in. You succumb to yet another mood swing, this time feeling angry with yourself. And before you have had enough time to recuperate, the cycle is back again. Fortunately enough, there are some amazing stress-busting nutrients that keep your anger at bay while at the same time quenching the cravings. SAM-e and 5-HTP are two of them.

There are countless people who use such nutrients as weapons against food cravings. The question is how do they work actually? Well, they work by promoting the levels of two important brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin. This is very important since the dopamine and serotonin levels trigger intense cravings for high-fat foods and carbohydrates. However, with the levels under control, emotional eating becomes a thing of the past. Therefore, when it comes to having a healthy routine and fighting food cravings, 5-HTP and SAM-e are immensely effective.

3. Sleep well

Eight hours of sleep every day is the recommended amount if you wish to fight those food cravings successfully. Moreover, sleeping less can never be considered healthy otherwise. The requirement level for sleep varies from person to person. However, one should never underestimate the significance of getting good sleep. For a night of tasteful sleep, cut down on the level of caffeine, alcohol, or nicotine consumption prior to sleep. Also, avoid exercising before you retire for the day. Make it a point to unwind for half an hour at least before going to bed. How well you sleep also depends on the condition of the bedroom.

Therefore, be absolutely imperative about keeping it peaceful and dark. The hormones Leptin and Ghrelin work in conjugation to regulate our food cravings and thereby act as the main link between weight loss and sleep. Ghrelin regulates the food cravings and Leptin informs the body exactly where to put a full stop on eating. With the levels of Leptin and Ghrelin compromised, the result is a vicious cycle that makes us feel hungry all the time.

4. Drink lots of water

Yes, one of the most effective ways to fight bouts of hunger is drinking lots and lots of freshwater. Always keep a glass of water around, refill it on a regular basis and take a few sips as and when you find the time to do so. Additionally, you may also consider serving a glass of pure water during meal times. Carry a bottle of water along everywhere you go right from gyms to the workplace. Overdosing on pure water appears a bit difficult. If you can drink at least three liters daily, it would be healthy enough.

For people from hot climatic zones, five liters per day is ideal. Now, if you are currently undergoing intense physical activity in the form of training or running, then five liters is the recommended amount for you. If the tap water isn’t good enough, then get it boiled before drinking. You may also consider investing in a water filter. Drinking water on a frequent basis not only prevents dehydration but also fights back food cravings quite efficiently. A couple of glasses filled with freshwater can quench both thirst and unnatural hunger with utmost precision. Of course, it goes without saying that the water leaves the digestive system within fifteen minutes, but for that very little while, at least you can feel contented.

5. Eat a protein-rich diet

If you really want to fight those hunger outbursts, then infuse your regular diet with as much protein content as possible. Protein contains a Glycemic punch that is equivalent to a slow increase in blood sugar, a process that in turn prevents food cravings. Beverages generally have a high Glycemic impact to account for. Foods such as flour, corn syrup, sugar, or ones prepared using refined carbohydrates cause the blood glucose to rise first before bringing it down sharply.

Whenever there is a drop in the levels of blood sugar, the body craves foods. A majority of people feel their appetite has gone out of control. Foods that contain whey protein may also help people feel more content by getting the cholecystokinin production stimulated effectively. Research shows that people who had whey protein drink half an hour before the meal ate less as compared to the people who drank casein drinks. To put an end to those cravings, consider eating turkey rolls, tuna, dried jerky from one of the health markets around, low-fat cheeses, eggs, and whey protein shakes.


How to Deal with Sugar Cravings

Amongst all sorts of food cravings, sugar cravings are one of the biggest problems for many of us. It disturbs our life, self-esteem, hormonal system, and many other things. It creates fatigue. Go through the various tips which can help you get rid of sugar cravings.

1. Lacto fermented foods and drinks

Taking Lacto fermented foods can help with sugar cravings. Taking something sour counteracts the sugar cravings. Fermented drinks and foods are sour in taste which in turn counteracts the sugar craving and also the probiotic effect of fermented food products counteracts the sugar-loving bacteria in our body. Start taking yogurt, milk kefir, or coconut kefir which have a high probiotic effect. Lacto fermented sauerkraut and veggies are easily available in the market. Start off by taking homemade sauerkraut which is a healthy substitute. Taking sour foods is far more effective and healthy than taking sweet goods and will also help you fight your sugar cravings.

2. Munch on some good and healthy snacks

When you crave for sweet you actually need some calories in your body. Whenever you crave for something sweet munch on something which is healthier and will also counteract your craving. Munch on some good fat foods. Taking some good fats in your regular meals will be quiet helpful. Whenever you feel hungry and your blood sugar level drops feed on some good fat like nuts, avocado, etc. Sit down with a gentle brew of tea and add a bit of honey to it. You can also try your tea with some cream or coconut milk. This will give you the required calories without affecting your health and your weight.

3. Take regular meals

A major reason behind sugar cravings is the drop in blood sugar levels. One ought to have three proper meals and two snacks per day. If you are skipping your meals or eating after long intervals, you are more likely to suffer from the problem. The drop in blood sugar level will make you feel hungry and creates sugar cravings. Eating proper meals will certainly be easier than avoiding sugary snacks. Also, you must take care of the diet you are having. Your food should be properly nourished and full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

4. Amino acid helps

Taking two supplements can also help with sugar cravings. Mineral chromium helps you keep your blood sugar level stable but it usually gets used up quickly especially if you are having a high carbohydrate diet. By taking this back into your body by means of a supplement not only restores the blood sugar level but also help you fight your sugar cravings. Your brain uses glutamine which is an amino acid as a substitute fuel when your sugar level is low or when you have not eaten something recently. This glucose in turn stops the impulse that causes sugar cravings. This amino acid also avoids the overworking of the adrenals.

5. Enjoy natural sweets

Our body needs sugar and we must include some of it in our diet to live a healthy life. If you have a sweet tooth you can always satisfy it by taking in some natural sweeteners. Taking raw honey or maple syrup is a very good natural sweetener that can be added to your diet plan. Squash and some grains are also sweet but we actually don’t realize it because we want to have some high sugar products in our diet. Avoid taking concentrated sweeteners and instead, use natural sweeteners to fight your sugar cravings. You can actually limit your sweet intake with fruit but if you can’t help it then go in for natural sweeteners instead of artificial ones. Artificial sweeteners not only have a side effect on obesity but also do not help fight sugar cravings.

6. Combine foods

If it’s impossible for you to stay away from sweet temptations, you can use this method by combining your craving food with healthier food. You can dip your fiber biscuits in chocolate sauce or chocolaty ice-cream. You can prepare pastries with a dressing of oranges or strawberries. If you are a big lover of cakes, try to have fruit or dry fruit cakes only. Try to avoid icing. Mix some almonds with chocolates. In this way, you can have nutrition with your craving food. Use this trick only if it’s impossible for you to get rid of cravings. Drinking a lot of water in between your meals can also help.

7. Choose quality over quantity

If you face a severe sugar craving then go in for good decadent sugary food. Instead of going in for a king-sized candy bar try taking a good dark chocolate truffle. Enjoy your sugary food slowly and relish it completely. Don’t go in for your favorite sugary product as it will finally end up by ordering more. Incorporate small amounts of sugar in your diet and try to fill your stomach with something that is less sugary and much healthier. Try and keep it small rather than completely avoiding something.

8. Divert your mind

One of the good options is to divert your mind. Stop thinking about your sweet food and stop being a foodie. A walk in nature will suit them best. Some exercises and push-ups will also help. Normal cravings last for 10-20 minutes. If you are able to pass this time, you are able to overcome your cravings. Try to change your taste towards natural sweeteners. Switch to raw honey or sweet fruits, which are usually not harmful. Try to avoid cookies, muffins, cakes, and ice-creams. These things cause actual harm.

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